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this article was published – September 15, 2019

When I arrived in Iceland, I requested political asylum at the airport, the Icelandic police were very kind to me and I was taken to an asylum center. Icelanders told me directly: Andrei in your case are only two solutions! Or you leave voluntarily or we can listen to you but you will  get a negative answer because you are a citizen of the European Union and we will have to deport you to Romania.

On my jacket I wrote my first and last name and the link to my blog and Icelanders also read what my story is! I have a special respect for the Icelandic police for the simple reason that they gave me money for the ticket (as a gift) to leave the country! I arrived in Iceland from Poland where I also received a negative answer! I left Poland in Iceland for the simple reason that Iceland is not a member of the European Union  and my last stay in Poland was a disappointment for me!

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For the simple reason that they were just watching how Moldovans and Romanians me!

The Poles understood that they were lied by Romanians and Moldovans when I arrived from Iceland to Canada and applied for asylum in Canada.

The way in which the Poles were lied by the Moldovans and the Romanians the same way Canadians was f..cked  by the Moldovans and the Romanians.

Before writing the way the Canadian and Polish Intelligence were f..cked by the FSB branch in Romania and Moldova, I will give a little introduction about the history of Moldova and Romania.

In December 1989 in Romania has been a revolution.  On one side was Ceausescu’s regime and on the other was Ion Iliescu.

Ion Iliescu  joined the Communist Party in 1953 and became a member of its Central Committee in 1965 and studied in Moscow State University ( Soviet Union)  and stayed in the group in the same table with Gorbachev. Ion Iliescu  had a leading role in the Romanian Revolution, becoming the country’s president in December 1989. In May 1990. Some wanted democracy and went out to destroy the Ceausist regime but the revolution was led by a communist.  Ion Iliescu  became Romania’s first freely elected head of state. One communist (Ceausescu) was changed to another communist (Iliescu).

During the Romanian revolution of December Moldova was in the Soviet Union and was called the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova.

During the the Romanian Revolution Iurie Leancă was working in the Soviet embassy in Bucharest and another individual by the name of Dumitru Diacov was the head of the office of the official Soviet intelligence agency TASS in Bucharest.(  Information Telegraph Agency of Russia in Bucharest.)  Those who have minimal knowledge of how the Soviet Union’s embassies worked during the Cold War know what these functions mean.

The Republic of Moldova gained its independence on August 27, 1991  and in March 1992 there was a war in Transnitria between Moldova and  Russian Federation. Transnistria remains until today a territory controlled by the Russian Federation.  In Moldova and in Romania people who had a membership card of the communist party they changed their name into socialists.

In Moldova, citizens who were against the Russian Federation died in very strange accidents and the rest who escaped were marginalized or isolated. While some were fighting for the Romanian language or against the Russians in the war on Nistru others dealt with privatization, buying companies that belonged to the state factories at very low prices. Former communists became capitalists!

Once the borders of the Republic of Moldova and Romania were opened, members of some organizations also came to Moldova / Romania  and those with whom they were discussing in Moldova were also former communists. Because they (former communists) controlled politics and business in Moldova.  I wrote only two names above, but such individuals are full of Moldova.

For example Vladimir Plahotniuc – when Moldova was in the Soviet Union, he was active in the KGB and his mission was to provoke foreigners through hotels with Moldovan girls. Those individuals were filmed with hidden cameras and then blackmailed.When Moldova became independent in 1991 Plahotniuc became a pimp.

Petru Lucinschi –  In 1992, he was appointed as Ambassador of Moldova in Russia. On 4 February 1993, he was elected as Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, being re-elected on 29 March 1994 for a new term. He held the position until 1997. Lucinschi was elected Moldova’s second president in November 1996. From 1971, Lucinschi was a member of the Executive Committee (Politburo) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Moldavian SSR.

Dumitru Diacov – Dumitru Diacov was a Moldovan MP (1994–2001, 2005-May 2009, July 2009 – 2010) and the president of the Moldovan Parliament (April 23, 1998 – March 20, 2001). He was president of the Democratic Party of Moldova (1997-June 2009) and later has been the honorary president.

Guess who became the de facto president of the party?  Vladimir Plahotniuc  was the chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

Iurie Leancă – He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration from 2009 to 2013. He graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He was appointed  Prime Minister on 2013. How stupid you have to be to think that one who worked at the embassy of the Soviet Union to integrate Moldova into the European Union.

Activists from Moldova were also selected by former Communists who changed their political orientation and are now called Democrats, Socialists or businessmen.A person who has been a GRU member, KGB he will be loyal or blackmailed by the end of his life.

Communist Vladimir Voronin was the leader of the Republic of Moldova from 2001 to 2009. In April 2009 there was an anti-communist revolution in Moldova. Voronin and Plahotniuc were very scared on April 7, 2009. All the communist leaders were scared of the youth uprising! On April 7, 2009, Igor Dodon (member of the communist party) from 31 March 2008  to 14 September 2009  was  First Deputy Prime Minister and  Zinaida Greceanîi (member of the communist party)  was  the Prime Minister of Moldova from 31 March 2008  to 14 September 2009.

For more information about me open this link

In October 2015 I signed up for a work and travel program (It is a program for students to move to the United States and work during the summer holidays) . I was in the last year at the Faculty of Law at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest.

Romanians understood perfectly well that I want to go to the United States for other purposes than working during the summer. My goal was to talk directly with the Americans and without Romanian intermediaries.  The Romanians did everything tas I do not get  even to the US embassy for the interview. When I understand that I won’t even get to the embassy for the interview. I started calling the ones from the US embassy in Bucharest. I also sent them faxes and on May 7, 2016, on a Saturday, I went to the US embassy in Bucharest and submitted a letter.

I wrote that Igor Dodon will most likely win the next elections and we need your help to help us in the next elections. I didn’t get any response.

On 13th November the runoff of the direct presidential election was held in Moldova  Igor Dodon, the leader of the pro-Russian Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) was announced the winner, with 52.11% of the vote. In October 2016, during the presidential election campaign, Igor Dodon affirmed that Crimea, the subject of a territorial dispute between Russia and Ukraine, “is a territory of the Russian Federation”.

Igor Dodon was helped by Vladimir Plahotniuc and the Russians to become president!

Russians win in Moldova because Americans are very stupid to understand what’s going on in Moldova!

Russians Americans like children in kindergarten and the Russians will win every time because Americans, Canadians are either corrupt or stupid. I came to Canada in December 2017. I came to Canada to talk to the Americans and the Canadians directly and without Romanian or Moldovan intermediaries but they, the Americans and the Canadians started talking to Moldovans and Romanians who want to destroy me. I usually use diplomatic language, but the Russians fucked them like idiots on the American continent. I bought the ticket to Canada for the simple reason that it was the cheapest ticket. And when I had to leave Iceland to Canada I didn’t even have the money to buy a bus ticket to get to the airport. I started walking 30 kilometers in December from the asylum center to the airport,

I only went 15 because it was stopped by the cops and they took me to the airport. When I arrived in Canada, I had only $ 40 in my pocket and the $ 40 is written in brown paper. Brown paper is a temporary document for asylum seekers.

The Canadian activists were contacted by the Romanian activists and depending on the situation the Romanian / Moldovan activists told them that I am an extremist, that I am antigay, that I work for the Vatican, that I am racist, that I am gay, that I work in security services, that they came help me.

The Romanian intelligence services also contacted their Canadian colleagues! I previously said that most of the activists in Romania or Moldova are recruited by intelligence services and to help the Romanian / Moldovan activists according to the situation they told them that I am an extremist who uses force to overthrow governments, that I am Russian spy, Turkish spy , Polish spy in some situations said I am American spy or I work for the Canadian police!

Let’s talk about activists from Romania! Most organizations in Romania are funded by the Soros philanthropist! Soros was born in Hungary, and Transylvania was once Hungary and now it is part of Romania. Soros organizations in Romania criticize the most vehement acts of corruption committed by the Socialist Party in Romania! It is enough that Soros is an ethnic Hungarian for socialists in Romania (former communists) to blame him, he wants Transylvania to become part of Hungary. There are a lot of Romanian activists who came to Canada to me.

I look at some and understand that they don’t even know why they came or that it was lied to by the people who called them. I cannot know all the Soros activists, but I think that some of them have good intentions and simply do not know the realities of Moldova or Romania. I am not a member of any organization and I have not called anyone in Canada. No one has the right to record me or film.I don’t have a phone number and I don’t talk to anyone over the phone, Viber or WhatsApp. Nobody is allowed to speak or to sign on my name. From January 2018 to September 2019 I received welfare, social assistance. People who do not work receive social assistance. People who receive social assistance cannot do economic activities. Any economic activity is prohibited, it is illegal. Did Canadians know about this? Of course they knew! Because I came to Canada with $ 40 And because they also give me social assistance. If anyone says he has the permission to register me, call a Canadian cop or a Canadian prosecutor and and put me in front of this guy, and ask me: Andrei, you know this guy?  He is allowed to register you? Because a person will have to be arrested! I have no right to work and the person registering me will have to be arrested! There are two official languages in Canada: English and French. In Quebec, French is spoken and if you want to find a job you must speak french! I started studying French at the Yves-Ecrivain! and when I signed up for this center I didn’t even have the money to pay the tuition fee ($ 55) and in brown paper also writes the amount I had when I arrived in Canada ($ 40). It is enough to look at me and see that I look like a homeless Canadian activists were paid by Romanian / Moldovan activists To register me as if it were a game. The management of the center Yves-Ecrivain said that your activity is illegal. But Canadian intelligence has begun to blackmail them like independist. Romanians and Moldovans who provide services for Russians who came to Canada to me they f..cked Canadian activists and the Canadian intelligence service like children.

The Government of Canada, CSIS, the Canadian police know that the activity of Moldovan / Romanian activists is illegal but they do nothing!

All the Moldovans were Romanian who came to Canada and declared they are my friends, or family members, they must be suspected of espionage in favor of Russia and the individuals in the Romanian secret services who also came to Canada should also be suspected of espionage in favor of Russia. They you, Canadians for the simple reason that I am the only Moldovan who could predict that the Russians will take Crimea, I am the only Moldovan who was able to predict in May 2016 that pro-Russian Igor Dodon will win the elections and that Igor Dodon fears that a revolution in Moldova will not happen again, as in April 2009.You have to ask yourself the question: why are so many Moldovans who want to me! Why are they afraid of me!

And for the Soros activists, for the migrants from Latin America, the African community, Chinese, Arabs, Iranians, Filipinos, Indians, etc. I wrote the first name and the link to my blog PLOPANDREW.BLOGSPOT.COM on the shirt, jacket because you must to open the site and read information about me!

 Many Canadians have been remunerated by Romanians / Moldovans and now they want to deport me from Canada for the simple reason that they have taken illegal actions!

If you are going to deport me to Moldova or Romania, I will simply be tortured and killed!!

And the Russians will win again!!

There is not any game! There are only Romanians and Moldovans working for FSB,GRU,SVR!

a) J’ai parlé, j’ai écrit que personne n’avait le droit / la permission de parler / signer en mon nom, et tous les Roumains ou les Moldaves qui sont venus au Canada et se sont présentés comme mes amis et essayent d’obtenir des informations sur chacun  mon pas, ces individus doivent être arrêtés
b) c’est très simple de découvrir la vérité: appeler un policier canadien et me mettre en face de cette personne qui se déclare comme un ami ou un membre de la famille et dit avoir la permission de me filmer / enregistrer et demander: Andrei, vous savez  cette personne?  Andrei vous confirmez qu’il a le droit de signer en ton nom?
c) Je reçois de l’aide sociale au Canada et cela signifie que je ne travaille pas et que toute activité économique est interdite / illégale.  Par conséquent, le policier devra arrêter une personne!  Moi ou l’autre qui déclare mon ami ou membre de la famille!
d) La dernière fois que j’étais en République de Moldova le 28 septembre 2010, je ne suis plus retourné en Moldavie et je n’ai aucun moyen de connaître tous les Moldaves ni tous les Roumains!
e) Je ne suis membre d’aucune organisation, je ne fais pas de bénévolat et je ne suis payé par personne et qui est venu au Canada et déclare qui est mon ami ou un membre de la famille (de RO ou MD) et dit qu’il a le droit de parler ou de signer en mon nom devrait être suspecté d’espionnage en faveur de la Russie
f) Je comprends parfaitement que si je reçois le statut de réfugié, beaucoup de personnes se retrouveront sans emploi et certaines personnes devront être arrêtées!  La question qui se pose est la suivante: les Canadiens veulent-ils connaître la vérité ou préfèrent-ils être payés et menti par les Roumains et les Moldaves qui fournissent des services aux Russes?

All posts on the old blog / were imported to
Nobody has the right to say I didn’t know!

this article was published – November 18, 2019

I received a negative decision today and this after a pro-Russian government was installed in Moldova
Ok, I understand the Canadian activists, they  are selected by political correctness and they was lied to as kindergarten children and they were paid to lie.  All immigration service, police, Canadian government receive money from Romanians and doing illegal activities.
What do you think you can lie to the Russians!
The Russians fucked Canadians like kindergarten children!
And now I have only two options: to appeal the negative decision or to leave Canada!
For two years Canadians collaborated with Romanians!
The intelligence services from Romania collaborated with the Canadian services intelligence.
I have already explained in front of the commission at the hearings how the Russians work in Romania, but they (the Canadians) are so stupid that they did not understand anything! I’ll try to explain it again!
And how the Russians did in my case!
I have never been wrong in my analysis and for me it is enough to watch Russian TVs to do short, medium and long term analysis with all the plans of Russia
I studied at 3 universities and I attended many trainings, interships, conferences!
There are many analyzes, but let’s start with the most important analyzes!
In February 2014 I made the following analysis that the Russians will try to take Crimea and that they will try to do the same thing in Ukraine as in Transnistria!
I was in a room where there were about 40 people, including presidential adviser for Strategic Affairs, Security and Foreign Policy of the Presidential Administration and no one believed that the Russians would take over Crimea and no intelligence service in Romania did the analysis.
There are some people on earth who have done the respective analysis!
In December 2015, I warned the Romanian authorities about a possible scenario that could take place in Moldova as well as  the Crimean model, but was a person who has broken the Russians plan and that was me and I’m proud of that! And if the Romanians at the state level warned the Ukrainians about possible scenarios in February 2014, today Crimea was part of Ukraine!
But they didn’t!

The fact that there is a person who can ruin the plans of the Russians, and in order to destroy that person you have to call people from the FSB branch in Moldova, which is called the Information and Security Service of Moldova.
Next step, the FSB branch from Moldova sends challenges to Romania and the Romanian Intelligence Service knows that a Russian / Belarusian /  will come and will walk beside me.
Last time I was in Moldova on September 28, 2010 and since then I have not returned to Moldova.
from 2012 to 2016 I studied law in Romania and also my master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution
And let’s say that one morning when I go to university, a Russian sits next to my chair, and I don’t even know that individual and in the same place there is also a Romanian security officer photographing me sitting next to a Russian. !
In some cases a joint team is created,  between the intelligence service in Moldova and the intelligence service in Romania.
Both teams are in Bucharest, and the Moldovan Intelligence Service provided all the information received from the Romanians to Russia.
From the information received from the Romanians / Moldovans the Russians send again provocateurs (people I do not know) and when I become a spy of all services
The people who work on my file and because of the challenges and misinformation they send to the Moldovans / Romanians (who also work for the Russians) are promoted in their careers!
From activists to people who work for secret services, my nightmare begins to make my life so I hate the Romanians and send me in the arms of the Russians
I will have no other solution than to go to the Russians, and the people working in the counter-intelligence services in Romania and Moldova will report that I went to Russia because I was a Russian spy and the people from the counter-intelligence information will be promoted as they found a spy!
Then I was in the Czech Republic or Poland, the intelligence services in Romania as well as undercover activists try to bring me to Romania!
But when I get to Romania they do everything they can to give me Russians!
When I try to go to the United States, they do their best, to not even reach the US embassy in Bucharest and the closer I am to the US, they become more nervous.

The challenges that Romania has made, the same challenges they have done here in Canada.
They risked the career of some activists to save the covered activists the Romanian intelligence services that collaborated with the Canadian services sent the information to the FSB branch in Moldova.
The information was taken over by the Russians, who also sent provocative ones, people I didn’t know and who were surprised by the Romanian / Canadian / Moldovan intelligence activists or services.
The Canadian intelligence services are so crippled and corrupt that they were fucked like kindergarten children.
Canadian police and intelligence services know all the people who were corrupt!
Because they also broke the law and took bribes.
Intelligence services so stupid I have never seen in my life!
I have no claims for activists because they are by their nature idiots and corrupt!
As is a football league with a ranking, so there is a ranking of the secret services!
All the intelligence services in the world have understood that Canadian services have been rubbed off as some children, but only they are trying to make it seem like everything is under control.!
The Arab, African, Chinese, Latin community have understood that they(canadiens) have been rubbed off by the Russians, only Canadians are trying to keep some apparent ones under control!
Everyone in the Canadian intelligence service had to be fired and to create a new team to investigate But they want to send me to the Russians!
Many people were promoted and now to admit that you were wrong is the biggest problem.
My message was very clear! Any person from Romania or Moldova, whether he is an activist or part of the intelligence services, must be arrested or at least suspected!
And my message to Canadians is this: I will not go back to Moldova or to Romania! I will go to Ukraine and I will fight in the war with Ukrainians against the Russians!
You are a people of lascivious and stupid people, and I will never respect you because you collaborated with Moldovans / Romanians who tortured my mother!
through my veins Ukrainian blood flows and I am proud of this!!
I will never respect you because you took money from Moldovans / Romanians who tortured my mother!
You are a nation of cowards and without dignity
Fuck you canadiens!

I want to congratulate the Russians! You fucked Canadians on their territory!

update/ September 29, 2020
My Moldovan passport expired in September 2016, my Romanian passport expired in July 2018 and Canadians now have only two solutions: give me documents or send me to the Russians

this article was published – November 18, 2019

In 2009 the communist party opened a criminal case against me for participating in the anti-communist revolution of April 7, 2009 in the Republic of Moldova.On April 5, 2009 I was candidate for deputy of the Moldovan Parliament.In December 2017, the Canadian police imprisoned me for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.From January 2018 until now I am under judicial control in Canada because of the criminal case that was opened to me by the communists.I have never seen such corruption and incompetence as in the Canadian Police, CBSA, CSIS and the Government of CanadaFebruary 2, 2021Plop AndreiHow to prove that Canadians received bribes? It’s very simple: for 2018, 2019 and 2020 I submitted documents to the Canada Revenue Agency that I received welfare.Every Canadian citizen or immigrant who is in Canada is required to file an income tax return.Now all you have to do is check the income tax return of the Canadians who collaborated with Romanians / Moldovans ( and these Moldovans / Romanians ( and you must also check the income tax return of these Moldovans / Romanians as well as the documents they submitted for the residence permit.) and considering that I have asked for protection from the Canadian state, this means that any collaboration with Romanians / Moldovans is forbidden.This means that Canadians who have collaborated with Romanians/ / Moldovans should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.Question: What will Canadians do to escape from prison?Anyone working for the police, CBSA, CSIS or the prosecutor’s office can check if a person receives welfare.Enter the identification number or social security number of the respective person and it appears in database: address, telephone number and also if he receives welfare.the criminal complaint I filed to the prosecution Canada after a year of silence from Canadian institutions was sent to about 60 embassies accredited in Canada and also to embassies accredited in Moldova.What bothered me the most was that even after filing the criminal complaint and publishing the sequences on the blog, Canadians continued to receive bribes from Moldovans / Romanians.I found at least 8 articles in the Criminal Code of Canada.I’m waiting for the hearing date now.

February 6, 2021 – Update

The Canadians who collaborated and took bribes from Moldovans / Romanians are most afraid of my hearing (I will speak in front of the commission).And when I talk about Romanians / Moldovans, I mean all Romanians and Moldovans who came to Canada, and who collaborated on my case with Canadian institutions or Canadian activists and especially for Canadians, when I say everyone means everyone (regardless of whether they declare friend, sister or relative or being a member of an organization, I mean everyone, without exception).Because I am not a member of any organization and I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova. I repeat once again for Canadians: I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova and I am not a member of any organization.If there is a person who says that I would have worked for an institution or that I am a member of an organization, put me face to face with that person and everything will be solved in 60 minutes.But I know very well that Romanians / Moldovans are afraid because the prison is waiting for them and Canadians are not interested in doing this either because they will also be imprisoned for bribes.February 14, 2021After the hearing, the prosecutor will have to open criminal cases but if he does not do so, I will send the documents to opponents in the Canadian parliament to open commissions to investigate corruption in the CBSA, CSIS and the Government of Canada. I guess journalists will also be interested in corruption cases in these institutions.Canadians who have taken a bribe will do everything to get my hearing canceled or ,,something happened to me” until the hearing.First steps they will take: blocking my financial resources, blocking my bank accounts in Canada, blocking my social networks. ( It’s not the first time / they’ve done this before). In any case, if my social networks are blocked: you will be able to find me on the telegram account.

February 15, 2021

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has lost an appeal against his jailing for violating the terms of a suspended sentence.Navalny was detained last month after returning to Russia from Germany, where he was being treated for a near-fatal nerve agent attack. He has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the attack and says the charges against him are fabricated. And there is no country in the world that could put pressure on Russia to release him from prison. The Russians understood that if Navalny was arrested, then Putin’s system could destroy everyone. And those who still pose a danger to Putin will simply be destroyed. Let’s imagine for the moment that Navalny would come to the USA and the border, police, when they will check Navalny’s passport, would try also to interrogate Navalny even if behind him are other Russians waiting to check travel documents and also to demand the names involved in the protests against Putin in order to arrest them.Let’s be honest that it is absurd and that Americans will never do that.But how will Canadians do it?I can tell you how Canadians did to me ( I am not Navalny and Moldova is not Russia) They arrested me for the anti-communist revolution, to interrogate me while checking my passport, even if other tourists were behind me!I have been under judicial control for 3 years because I participated in the anti-communist revolution. I told Canadians: do not collaborate with any Moldovan or Romanian in my case (whether he says he is a friend, relative, activist or works for some institutions in Romania or Moldova) But they, Canadians are so corrupt and idiots that collaborate with everyone.All of them (whether they say they are friends, relatives, or that they work for institutions in Romania or Moldova) came with only one simple purpose: that I should not receive documents and for me to reach the Russians.Canadians, I know you took bribes from Romanians and Moldovans and that you are blackmailed and I know that you will avoid me being heard before the commission.Because of the blackmail, you will give me a negative decision.You know that I will be imprisoned in Moldova for the anti-communist revolution but because of the blackmail you will give me a negative decision. I will not be silent in prison in Moldova either! I will invite journalists to prison and I will talk about Canadian corruption.And for those at CSIS, my message is this: I will do my best that those from the CSIS be investigated by a parliamentary commission for corruption. If there were a few prosecutors from Singapore, in the Canadian government of Ottawa, CBSA and CSIS, only dogs and horses would remain free.You, Canadians are cunning and strong only in the face of immigrants but when it comes to acting against the Russians… And some are still wondering why Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus do not integrate into the EU.

Because of idiots and corrupt!

February 21, 2021

From 2001 to 2009 the Republic of Moldova was led by the Communist Party. The president of the country, the prime minister and the president of the parliament were communists!In the Moldovan government, ministers were also elected from the Communist Party. The deputy ministers were also elected from the members of the communist party!Maia Sandu from August 18, 2005 to June 30, 2006 worked in the Ministry of Economy and with Igor Dodon and Zinaida Greceanîi, Maia Sandu has known each other since the period when they were active in the same ministry, when they all worked for the communist party, and Igor Dodon was the head of Maia Sandu. It is good to look at least in the CV of the president to understand the relationship between today’s president of Moldova, Maia Sandu with Igor Dodon and Zinaida Greceanîi. Many of you might say that she worked for Moldova and not for the Communist Party! The same could be said of those who worked for the Nazi and communist regimes!The question is: can a person who worked for the communist regime integrate Moldova into the European Union?

February 20, 2021

Romanian Court Rules Basescu Was Securitate Informer

A Romanian court has upheld the conclusion of the country’s official body for the study of the communist secret police – that former president Traian Basescu spied on colleagues and others for the Securitate.

Former Romanian president Traian Basescu worked as an informer for the country’s notorious communist-era secret police, the Securitate, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday.

The court confirmed the conclusion of an investigation conducted earlier by the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives, CNSAS, which Basescu has disputed. He said he would appeal.

“I take as the verdict of the court as it is. I will appeal the verdict in a higher instance,” the centre-right politician told the private news agency Mediafax after the court ruling was revealed.

In June this year, the CNSAS started court proceedings to ascertain whether Basescu, president between 2004 and 2014, had collaborated with the political police during the communist regime of 1948 to 1989.

According to the Romanian Intelligence Service documents researched by the CNSAS, the Securitate recruited Basescu in 1972 when he was a naval student.

His file was destroyed in 1979 without being put on micro-film, after Basescu joined the ruling Communist Party of Romania, PCR.

But the CNSAS found what appeared to be handwritten notes by Basescu himself. It maintains that he informed on his university colleagues and various foreigners he crossed paths with during his naval activities. According to this version of event, now upheld by the court, Basescu worked under the code name “Petrov”.


In February 2014 I was in a room, where there were about 40 other people. Where there were about 40 other people, including Romania’s presidential adviser for Strategic Affairs and International Security.My presence was not mandatory! That evening I said: that the Russians will take Crimea from the Ukrainians and will try to do something similar as in Moldova with Transnistria ( separatist region supported by the Russian Federation)
I was about to be kicked out of the room, and Romania’s presidential adviser told me it was impossible and in March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea and from 2014 until now two separatist regions Donetsk and Luhansk (supported by the Russian Federation) fight with Ukraine.
If the Russians knew that the Ukrainians would go to war with the Russians to defend Crimea, Crimea would have been part of Ukraine today, but they knew that Ukrainians would not fight.
On December 22, 2015, two emails were sent by me ( Plop Andrei/ to:
1) the president of Romania (in the autumn of 2014 another president was elected)
2) Ministry of National Defense (Romania)

to allow / authorize an intervention to defend the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, because the army of the Republic of Moldova is too weak to face the 14th army with modern and better prepared military equipment. As a result of the protests on the Maidan, Ukraine lost Crimea, in case the Republic of Moldova could lose Transnistria (de jure and de facto) southern Moldova and northern Moldova.

due to this analysis, the Republic of Moldova escaped a war with the Russians. Canadians received from me the analysis of how the conflict should take place in Moldova, and the role of each political actor in Moldova.
( And the analysis that Canadians have received is sufficient but not complete / because Canadians are too stupid and too corrupt to understand.
As I wrote, In 2009 the communist party opened a criminal case against me for participating in the anti-communist revolution of April 7, 2009 in the Republic of Moldova.
On April 5, 2009 I was candidate for deputy of the Moldovan Parliament. In December 2017, the Canadian police imprisoned me for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.
From January 2018 until now I am under judicial control in Canada because of the criminal case that was opened to me by the communists.
Canadians do not understand when I tell them / write to them not to collaborate with any Moldovan / Romanian in my case,
Canadians do not understand when I write to them not to collaborate with any person from Romania / Moldova (whether it is a sister, friend, relative or working at institutes in Moldova or Romania) who came to Canada to analyze my file. Well, Canadians do not understand when I say all Romanians / Moldovans, without exception. Canadians in the Canadian government have a chicken brain and are too corrupt to understand! Canadians don’t understand when I write to them: that all (Romanians / Moldovans, without exception) were paid / recruited by the Russians to come to Canada and that I will not receive documents and to get to Russians. I still explain to Canadians: that in Canada only I have to stay ( just me) and find a Romanian interpreter who has been on the territory of Canada since 2016. The rest of the Romanians / Moldovans must be arrested! ( all without exception/ whether she says she is a sister, relative, friend, activist or works for institutions in Romania or Moldova)
Someone could write that the Russians were not going to invade Moldova in the winter of 2016. The same was said to me in February 2014 that the Russians will not invade Ukraine.

I received the second negative decision today!Congratulations to the FSB, you won! you f#cked Canadians right on their territory!As I mentioned, the Canadians did their best not to be heard in front of the commission because they took bribes from the Russians through Romanian / Moldovan intermediaries! They gave me the second negative decision without speaking in front of the commission!Passports are both expired! And all I have to do is leave Canada!I’m going back to Moldova!February 24, 2021

When you receive second negative decision and all the passports are expired, this means that you have to leave the country. One passport expired in 2016 and the other in 2018!
When you do not have a valid document, you have to go to the embassy whose citizens you hold. All people in all countries around the world who work in immigration know this! And the picture in the emergency travel document is an older one! I have no reason to smile now!
I said the same thing in 2019 in front of the commission when I was heard.
As in case I receive a negative, I will have to go to the embassy to issue an emergency travel document.
with emergency travel document you cannot travel to another country, with this document you can only return to your home country.
Do Canadians know what will happen to me when I return to Moldova?
Of course they know!
Because in December 2017, the Canadian police imprisoned me for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.
From January 2018 until now I am under judicial control in Canada because of the criminal case that was opened to me by the communists.
But why are they sending me to jail!
Because they took bribes Moldovans / Romanians who work for FSB!
Canadians do not understand when I write to them not to collaborate with any person from Romania / Moldova (whether it is a sister, friend, relative or working at institutes in Moldova or Romania) who came to Canada to analyze my file. Well, Canadians do not understand when I say all Romanians / Moldovans, without exception. And the most important thing is that I said them and wrote them! Canadians don’t understand when I write to them: that all (Romanians / Moldovans, without exception) were paid / recruited by the Russians to come to Canada and that I will not receive documents and to get to Russians.
I haven’t been to Moldova for 11 years! I resisted as long as I could! But because of the corruption and incompetence of Canadians, I have to return to Moldova!
March 30, 2021

As I wrote earlier, in December 2017 I was arrested at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport for 10 days because of the criminal case that the communists opened against me in 2009.And the person who interrogated me and because of whom I was imprisoned for 10 days and was under judicial control from January 2018 until now is Eric Cournoyer. When I arrived in Canada from Iceland, I had not slept for 3 days, I was very tired and Eric Cournoyer had started to question me in front of all the tourists.Open this link to read about the interrogation and the example with Navalny.After I received the first negative decision I received from the CBSA itinerary requirements.I appealed that decision, but it was dissmised Without being heard.As the passports expired and the appeal was dismissed, I am forced to leave Canada, otherwise my stay in Canada will be illegal, and the steps that would have followed: I would have been arrested, imprisoned and I would have been imprisoned in Canada for 3 months until I was deported by the CBSA.How do I know this procedure? Because of those 10 days I was imprisoned in Canada in December 2017!All immigrants who were imprisoned went through this procedure!The CBSA office in charge of my deportation is located at 1010 Saint-Antoine Street West, 2nd floor, Montreal, QC, H3C 1B2.In this case, there are only two solutions: Either go to the embassy to receive an ermegency travel document to return to your country of origin or to be imprisoned for 3 months in Canada and then deported with handcuffs. What would you do in this situation? Guess who is the person who was selected by the CBSA to handle my deportation? The same person who put me in jail for 10 days: Eric Cournoyer! I want to remind you that in December 2017 that person worked at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and now works at 1010 Saint-Antoine Street West, 2nd floor, Montreal. The distance between the airport and the CBSA office on Saint-Antoine Street is 17 km. Do you think it’s a coincidence? No, he was selected to f*ck me (legally with documents)!What awaits me in Moldova I have already written! Open this link to read the whole article!I will never forget those 10 days I was imprisoned! I also understood that Moldova will never be a member of NATO or a member of the European Union! Why? Because of the corruption and incompetence of those in the West! If they don’t believe in their own values, why should I fight for those values!

April 9, 2021

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