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Update April 16, 2022

I was blocked on Facebook for 48 hours and received another restriction and only now I have the opportunity to post on Facebook! I am registered on several social networks but unfortunately, Facebook is the most useful channel for information to be read to more people!

What is happening in Ukraine is very important but Moldova is still in danger of being invaded and that is why I ask you to read this full article again.

I was right again when I wrote that diversionists are preparing to give Putin a pretext to attack Moldova!
The communist bloc with the socialists began to inform Moldovans through smaller protests, on social networks about the fact that the black and orange ribbon was banned!
The reaction of the Communist and Socialist Bloc was predictable, and even if they knew what the reaction of the Russians in Moldova would be, the PAS had adopted the law banning this ribbon black with orange.

The dice have been rolled and nothing depends on us anymore! They want Moldova to go to war, and not to give Moldovans a chance to defend themselves! This invasion could still be canceled, but it was not too late, but after April 14, it confirms my hypothesis that the Russians have no better plan to provoke Moldova into war with the help of the Party of Action and Solidarity and the Bloc of Communists and Socialists. I would say in a capitulation of Moldova! Because Moldova will not put up any armed resistance and it is desired that Moldova be donated to Russia by the diversionists of Moldova! They know exactly what they are doing, I guess they have an agenda that they received from the Russians!
A country of traitors and cowards with all their force institutions: the Intelligence and Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense! The first traitor to the country is Maia Sandu, the second on the list is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Popescu!

But there is more to blame for the disaster in Moldova it will also have external partners who have supported these bastards !!!!
Update April 17, 2022
For 11 years I left Moldova and in all these years I met many people who had the citizenship of other states and many times I met with the problem that people who declared themselves experts on the ex-Soviet space at least they didn't know Russian.

I often encountered the problem when I told people who called themselves experts that I also spoke Russian after telling them that I from Moldova. If the individual I am talking to does not realize that I speak Russian because Moldova was a "member country of the Soviet Union" I immediately rank him as an idiot because if you had been an expert on the ex-Soviet space you would have known that most states (except the Baltic) speak Russian!

The fact that you speak Russian, you are already suspicious of Westerners, especially Canadians and Americans! From their point of view, I should watch the news on CNN or BBC for what is happening in Russia and the logical question that arises and they do not know how to answer Americans and Canadians when you ask them: where do CNN or BBC journalists get news from Russia?

If you don't know the mentality and only know Russian, it's still a serious problem! Being an expert on the ex-Soviet space and watching Russian TV stations is a necessary thing and people who say the opposite are idiots who should be sent for a walk even if they are American, Canadian or from another democratic country!

I often wondered why the Romanians did not defend us, the Romanians between the Prut and the Dniester from the Soviet Union in June 1940 !?

I found the answer in the Carol I university library when I was a student and master student in Bucharest and from the discussions with the Romanian military and the Romanian politicians!

I wrote about this in the English article, which you can find below! But most of all, I was looking for the answer to the question of how the Georgians with 3 million men tried to resist in front of 140 million people on August 8, 2008 and which was considered the second largest army in the world and the Romanians did not even shoot a bullets to defend the Bessarabians!

How the Finns tried to resist in 1939 and the Romanians didn't even try! You look at the Ukrainians fighting heroically in front of the Russians, even if from the beginning many in Europe / USA thought that the Ukrainians would not resist and the Russians believed that in a few days they would conquer all of Ukraine!

When you look at the Romanian political class now, I see a lot of similarities with the political class of 1940 and you realize that if Romania had not been a NATO member it would have had the same fate as in 1940.

It is enough to look at the reaction of Romanians in the diaspora to a possible mobilization and see the difference between a Ukrainian and a Romanian! And my message to Romanians that we Moldovans speak bad Romanian is first and foremost due to your cowardice in 1940!

Before coming up with remarks about the Moldovan accent, spelling, etc.… you should be glad that we Moldovans still speak Romanian!

Because through the horror (deportations, organized hunger, permanent persecution) that the Bessarabians from 1940-1941 and from 1944-1991 went through, it is a miracle that we still speak Romanian! Cowards will always find a justification, but I agree with the Romanian military: that they had to defend the Moldovans in 1940! The fact that we speak Russian is due to this cowardice of 1940 and the political class in Romania (1989) and Moldova (1991)!

I don't think anyone has any illusions that Mariupol is lost! All the messages that the Russians are not yet attacking in the eastern part of Ukraine because of the weather seem absurd to me! The video images that are posted on social media indicate that the Russians are still bringing military equipment from the Belarus area that was destined for the conquest of Kiev!
There is another part of Mariupol where the Ukrainian soldiers resist but they will have no choice but to surrender or die heroically! Ukrainians demand exchange of prisoners: pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk who is being held under arrest by Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol!

Now I sit and think: if I were the Russians, what would I do? (I usually do this every time I do an analysis of the Russians) if Ukrainian soldiers who fought / fight in Mariupol will be released, they will fight the Russians again, and these soldiers are the elite of the Ukrainian army while Viktor Medvedchuk is a politician corrupt and a political corpse and no longer of any interest to Kremlin leaders

However, this corrupt politician was a public figure and the Ukrainian authorities will have to behave appropriately towards this politician and the Russians understand that very well! That the Russians are no longer interested in him, and one day this corrupt politician would have remorse, we might wake up with a suspicious death or years in prison! The complete conquest of Mariupol will lift the fighting spirits of the Russians and all the personnel on this front will be redirected to other battle fronts!

New technologies change combat tactics! The Ukrainians know the country very well and know where to wait for the Russians!

Passing through the field with Russian tanks proves that they are easy prey for the Ukrainians! Now the one who has the opportunity to shoot from greater distances will win and the Russians use aviation, artillery and then advance! From what I notice, the Russians use drones to "investigate" the area and if they observe Ukrainians with military equipment then they use heavy artillery and for more remote areas they use ballistic missiles!

They learned their mistake from the first days / weeks in which they walked in a column of tens of km without even having any protection! With drones investigating the area and artillery firing up to 40 km - 50 km, Javelin and NLAW are becoming useless! Because of the drones and Javelin / NLAW the Russians will fight from a distance!
Update April 18, 2022
The Russians accuse the PAS from being fascists / Nazis, that they have Romanian citizenship and criticize the actions of the PAS to ban the orange and black ribbon!

The actions of the Russians were predictable for me, but who is to blame for all these actions and who is trying to draw Moldova into a war so that Moldova disappears from the map of the world !!!

The people of PAS knew exactly what the actions of the Russians would be and what would happen next, which is why I call those in the presidency / parliament / government of the Moldovan Russian diversionists or Kozak's bitches because they fulfill the agenda of the Russians!

I ask everyone to read the article and then comment! Open your damn eyes once and try to understand what's going on! They are trying to create an ethnic conflict and for that, the Russians have their people in both parties, in the PAS and in the Bloc of Communists and Socialists!
Maia Sandu gave them the ideal pretext for the Russians to invade this country!
she is a Russian bitch and with all their network of Russians!
Read what I wrote earlier and what this guy says about Russian television!
Please read the full article! This deputy Odnostalco Vladimir from the Socialist Communist Bloc held several interviews today!
Update April 19, 2022
Instead of weapons, Maia Sandu gave the Moldovan army a battle flag! That's it, Moldovans are safe, they can sleep peacefully! Moldovans will go out to fight the Russians with the battle flag!

There is war in the neighboring country, and you as a country have no protection and you're still giving the Russians a pretext to attack you because you forbade them the orange ribbon with black!

The current leadership of Moldova has done nothing to ensure the protection of this state!

I have nothing to do with this organization, but often the PAS people in their publications quoted the sources from Rise! From 2001 to 2009, the Communist Party was in power in Moldova!

The president, the prime minister and the speaker of parliament were members of the Communist Party!
Maia Sandu worked in the Ministry of Economy from August 17, 2005 until June 30, 2006!

Guess where Igor Dodon and Zinaida Greceanii worked during the same period and in the same ministry and who was Maia Sandu's boss? And why are you surprised that after Maia Sandu put her loyal man at the General Prosecutor's Office, Igor Dodon and Zina Greceanii are still not arrested?!?!

Excerpt from the interview with the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Irina Vereșciuk the show “Hour of expertise”, JurnalTV, edition from 18.04.2022 And the Ukrainians understood that Maia Sandu was giving the Ukrainians the knife in the back!

Knives on the back from Maia Sandu also received Filat, Nastase (Dignity and Truth Platform Party) and now we will receive all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova knives on the back from Maia Sandu!

Today, President Maia Sandu promulgated the law banning the wearing of the "Saint George" Ribbon!
Maia Sandu knows perfectly well the risks to the Republic of Moldova and yet she promulgated this law!
If the Russians gave her "prikaz" to fulfill their agenda, Maia Sandu fulfills!
As the Russians say there: приказ командира не обсуждается, а выполняется !!!!

Maia Sandu, even though she is considered liberal due to the fact that she was infiltrated by the communists, still remained a communist with the thought, but she learned to speak like the politicians of the west.

If you were educated, raised, funded, infiltrated and promoted by the communists, you can't think liberal!
Update April 20, 2022
Dorin Recean was involved in a scandal that he had a fake master's degree and if you enter the presidency's website the structure of the president's apparatus you notice that this individual has the position of Adviser to the President of the Republic of Moldova in the field of defense and national security.

Everyone's CV appears only Dorin Recean's CV does not appear!

The security of the Republic of Moldova depends on such idiots who have no education and skills in security and defense! I wrote earlier in an article (read below) that Ștefan Ţîbuleac (appointed without competition as head of the Supreme Security Council Service), that contest was rigged by the presidential administration! The contest was organized and this Ţîbuleac did not even participate in the contest and emerged victorious! Maia Sandu's cousins were both hired: one in parliament and one in government!

All the security of Moldova depends on some idiots who do not have the necessary education and skills! I also studied the CV of the Minister of Defense of Moldova and he has a very good CV, he is a good soldier but without political support!

I assume that the Minister of Defense has no one to talk to in the presidency, parliament or with the Prime Minister of Moldova! (Prime Minister Gavrilita in peacetime speaks nonsense and all citizens of the Republic of Moldova)
Update April 23, 2022
Maia Sandu gave the pretext to the Russians to invade Moldova!

The Russian Ministry of Defense outlined the tasks of the second stage of the so-called special operation in Ukraine.

One of the tasks is to establish full control over the Donbas and Southern Ukraine, which will allow the creation of a land corridor to Crimea and another exit to Transnistria, said Major General Rustam Minekaev !!

The Russian official says that Moscow has set as a priority the creation of a corridor to the Transnistrian region.

he added: "Control over southern Ukraine is another way out of Transnistria, where there are also actions to repress the Russian-speaking population. It seems that we are now at war with the whole world, as it was in the Great War for the Defense of the Fatherland. The whole world was against us. And now the same thing, they never liked Russia"

I think that now no one doubts that we have agents of influence of the Russian Federation in the Presidency, Parliament and Government of the Republic of Moldova !! These influential agents of the Russian Federation are still trying to fool the citizens of the Republic of Moldova !!!

On April 10, 2022, I sent over 1,200 emails to ambassadors, foreign officials, members of the European Parliament that Moldova will be the next country to be attacked by the Russians!

A normal reaction would have been if the officials who supported this leadership of Moldova were fired for corruption / espionage / incompetence because things were obvious !!! The truth is known but the cover-up of corruption continues !!!

All Poles (all without exception – politicians, people from the Polish government, intelligence, activists, etc.) who have collaborated with Romanians / Moldovans (all without exception – politicians, people from the Romanian / Moldovan government, intelligence, activists, etc.) in my file will ( in the summer and autumn of 2017 and which continues to collaborate until now) be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia and for corruption!
Update / April 24, 2022
When I wrote the article on February 14, "Why Moldova needs a general mobilization" It is no coincidence that I demanded that the Moldovan government be replaced by Moldovan soldiers who participated in NATO missions in IRAQ / Afghanistan.

Only these soldiers would have been able to defend the integrity of the Republic of Moldova !!! The current government is full of fools, corrupt people and traitors, just as it is in the Moldovan presidency and parliament, but the solution had to be taken: the resignation of Maia Sandu's government and advisers and their replacement by the military!

Parliament and the president are elected by the people, but their actions, especially those of Maia Sandu, had to be curtailed because there were sufficient reasonable suspicions that she was Russia's agent of influence.

But holding early elections would have been detrimental! the intelligence and security service (I write in lower case because they are stupid, cowardly, corrupt and I consider them the FSB branch in the Republic of Moldova) are only good at cigarette smuggling, smuggling with the separatist regime in Transnistria!

The FSB branch in Moldova is good at destroying all Moldovans who want Moldova to be a member of the EU and promotes its Russian agency in all structures that have any connection with the EU, USA, Japan South Korea and if there is a Moldovan who wants to integrate Moldova in EU and is not controlled by the Russian agency, they immediately throw all their forces to destroy this Moldovan citizen!

Whether they do it through undercover activists (they call themselves civil society) or through government representatives !!! The SIS was obliged to intervene to counter any danger that threatens the security of Moldova but they did nothing!

The Moldovan army was obliged to ask for help (military / financial equipment) to defend the integrity of Moldova but they did not! I posted posts on a group of the national army that the Republic of Moldova would be attacked by the Russians and everyone was shouting that no one would attack us and I was removed from the group! Now everyone is talking about what I started writing on February 14th!

Even after the statements of the Russian general that they want to make their way to Transnistria, the Moldovan authorities do nothing! Country of cowards with all their force structures! The prosecution, the SIS are doing nothing to defend this country from the Russians!

Because SIS is the FSB branch in Moldova! The director of the SIS is a visionless idiot, stupid and willing to serve any regime, whether it's Dodon or Maia Sandu!

Only "stukach" in this institution who are very good at "podstava"! During Plahotniuc's time, this institution brought people just like Plahotniuc: pimps, rapists, all kinds of bastards who use the institution's badge just to achieve their goals !!!

Update / April 25, 2022
Tonight, the headquarters of the so-called security ministry in Tiraspol was hit by several grenades fired from the launcher. I have already written about Transnistria and what the Russians will do and I really do not want to repeat myself!

Update / April 26, 2022
❗️ The Supreme Security Council will meet starting with 13.00, at the Presidency. After the meeting, at 15.00, President Maia Sandu will hold a press briefing.
look at CSS Composition !! Only the Minister of Defense has knowledge in the field, the rest are amateurs, miserable in the field of security and defense !!

How absurd the Moldovan government is: civil war inside Transnistria or conflict between interest groups!
Idiots per kg or wholesale shit on these CSS bastards. Only Ukrainian soldiers can save us from the Russians because these bastards want to give the Russians Moldova and then to flee to the EU and make statements there that how much they are against the Russians and that they have violated Moldova's neutrality !!!!
Update April 29, 2022
I don't think the Russians want to change this Moldovan government !!! They need such incompetents to lead Moldova !!! What this government does in peacetime could not be done by the Russians in time of war !!! What they have done so far has been perfect for the Russians !!!

To those who read my article, I repeat: The Russians do not want to change the government in protest!

Pro-Russians want to create tensions so as to give for the Russians a pretext to invade Moldova !!!!

Maia Sandu together with PAS created the opportunity for the Socialists / Communists to be arrested / beaten by the Moldovan law enforcement forces in order to give them a pretext for Russia to invade Moldova !!

All these actions (explosions) that took place in Transnistria is the preparation of the ground for war! I wrote earlier that as long as the Russians do not have a corridor to Transnistria, the separatist regime in Tiraspol will be very good but since the Russians will have a corridor to Transnistria, they will demand to unite with the Russian Federation or independence!

This is exactly what the Russians want what Maia Sandu says: that those who will wear the slow orange with black should be sanctioned / arrested / fined by the Moldovan authorities !!!

Maia Sandu is playing the Russian card! The Russians don't need this stupid government to bring down!
Update April 30, 2022
I also wrote in this article that I did many analyzes that were later confirmed such as the Russians taking Crimea or declaring independence for the separatist republics.

The main culprit in this invasion of Ukraine is Russia and then Ukrainian politicians are responsible. Gordon and Arestovici's statements about Transnistria seem like reckless statements to me!

You have to be damn stupid to declare that we can occupy Transnistria in a few moments or to declare that the Romanians or NATO have plans to attack Transnistria! Gordon and Arestovici should make their mouths shut and stop coming with such statements !!

Attacking Transnistria would mean that Ukraine would become invading and Ukrainians would repeat the mistakes of the Russians who thought they could occupy Ukraine in a few days and so Ukrainians say they could occupy Transnistria in a few moments !!

One is when you defend your country but it's completely different when you attack even a separatist region! As Ukrainians defend themselves on their territory, so will the separatist region (Transnistria) defend itself.

Are Ukrainians ready to destroy buildings such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, or entire towns and villages in the separatist region of Transnistria? Are Ukrainians ready to kill civilians? Even if they have Russian citizenship?

Dear Ukrainians! If you can occupy Transnistria in a few moments, then why not liberate Mariupol? Because your soldiers needed your help and try to find ways to liberate Russian-occupied areas and not deal with reckless statements / analyzes!
Update May 1, 2022
The first question is who should commit such forgeries? What was the purpose of these forgeries?
Because from the start it was clear that they would have no effect !!! And if such recruitment of young people is really needed, how will society react? There is no plan to defend Moldova and that is clear! That there will be no mobilization or that it will be too late, I also wrote about it!

I do not believe that the Americans will intervene on the territory of the Republic of Moldova to fight the Russians in the same way that the Americans did not intervene in Georgia or Ukraine!

Romanians will not enter Moldova alone against the Russians! Romanians will get involved if they are supported by allies! There are many Poles who even from the counterintelligence service that provides services for Russians and if they will be involved only in symbolic actions and without harmful effects for Russia !!!

My impression is that those who create such forgeries are also fighting them! When you have no work or your job is to create tension, diversion or distract from real problems or mislead!

The Moldovan army is not ready to face any attack from outside or even from Transnistria! Tiraspol controls Chisinau and that is clear to everyone! The Metallurgical Plant in Râbnița continues to finance the separatist regime and to corrupt the forces and the leadership of Moldova !!!

Update May 5, 2022
Many citizens of the Republic of Moldova are leaving the country because of the tensions in Transnistria and the fear that a war will start in Moldova! Lack of trust in the Moldovan authorities, lack of trust in the Moldovan army causes Moldovans to leave Moldova en masse !!!
I was one of the first in Moldova to write on February 14 that we need a general mobilization! I remind you that the war between Russia and Ukraine started on February 24th!
Update 6 mai 2022
I will never return to Romania or Poland until all Poles (all without exception – politicians, people from the Polish government, intelligence, activists, etc.) who have collaborated with Romanians / Moldovans (all without exception – politicians, people from the Romanian / Moldovan government, intelligence, activists, etc.) in my file will ( in the summer and autumn of 2017 and which continues to collaborate until now) be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia and for corruption!
F##k you #Poland, F##k you #Romania

Update May 9, 2022
According to some sites:
"Over 25,000 people of the Republic of Moldova (pro-Russians) participated in the Victory March and the" Immortal Regiment "and this only in Chisinau! Such actions took place in Balti and in the south of Moldova!
There were fights between some people because of this march but because most of the citizens were informed in advance about the challenges of the Russians, the Romanian unionists and the Ukrainian refugees did not respond to the challenges of the Russians!
I'm glad I managed to warn about the challenges of the Russians before Facebook blocked my profile and page of over 50,000 and posted in some groups with tens of thousands of people!
After the government created the problem and their plans were revealed, they changed their strategy and praised the Russians' plan for not working! If I hadn't written on the site / social networks and sent emails to over 1200 diplomats, I would probably have organized destabilization in Chisinau!
All the strategies of the Russians are already known! Don't surprise us with anything!
The ban on the orange and black ribbon took effect thanks to the Moldovan leadership:
The Kremlin uses propaganda and declares that we Bessarabians are fascists and that the Russians here must be saved by these fascists from the government / parliament / presidency of Moldova!

Now pro-Russian Russians wearing black and orange ribbons today will receive police fines and they will complain again on pro-Russian television that they are being persecuted in Moldova!
Update May 11, 2022

Even if I am one of the best analysts in the ex-Soviet space, I will become a diaspora again and I will work in a field that is not my profession! I ask that the security and NGO bitches (from Moldova and Romania) not to follow me abroad again because I will work in a field that will have nothing to do with your activity!

Security and NGO whores in Moldova should not look for an excuse to follow me again and say again: that I want to save someone, that I want to investigate someone, that I am infiltrated, that I am fighting the mafia, the Russians, that I want to provoke someone or find all sorts of excuses to destroy my life because that's why you are paid by the Russians !!!

If you want to fight the Russians, go to Ukraine and fight the Russians there because you have donations / grants / salaries from Americans / EU and it's time to prove them in deeds not only in words or go to countries where you already have protection and look for all kinds of enemies!

The Russians have ordered you to destroy me, and I understand that it is fitting for you to be my mortal enemy in order to receive "grants" from the West! Russians are brilliant in Moldova: Moldovans do Kremlin politics with EU / US money!

I will become a diaspora again and I will inform all embassies again, European diplomats that I have not worked and I do not work for any institution in Moldova or Romania and I am not a member of any organization.

In 2009 the communists opened a criminal case against me because I participated in the anti-communist revolution and later because of this case I asked for protection in 5 NATO member states and they all refused me!

Moreover, the Poles and Romanians took bribes from the FSB (if you had told me that 11 years ago I would not have believed either) and they (Poles with the Romanians) continue to cooperate with the FSB and Canadians because of the file that Communists opened up to me, the Canadians imprisoned me for 10 days and kept me under judicial control for 3 years !!!

I will translate this text into English and publish the site, and inform you again: that no one has the right to speak on my behalf! Nobody has my consent to record or film me! Nobody has my signature or sign on my behalf! Those who speak on my behalf or say they have my consent to film or record, please consider them Russian spies!

The question is: If Moldova is attacked and I will be abroad, will I return or not !? My answer is a very sure one: I will not return because I do not want to answer for the mistakes of corrupt and stupid politicians in Moldova

Let the Moldovans go to war against the Russians, who took "grants" from the Americans and Europeans!

I once fought for values that Americans and Europeans themselves do not believe in! After the arrest of the Poles, the Romanians, the Moldovans who took bribes from the Russians, only then will trust be restored!

Hey, security and NGO bitches! Stay home and steal from the budget of the Republic of Moldova because you have all the power in Moldova !! Make fake contests and run for office: relatives, cousins, mistresses!

Keep bribing from companies that will win your project competitions and they will also make donations to your party !!!

All Moldovans know how schemes work and then you should not call us to fight to defend your luxury homes because we know that you will leave immediately with your luxury cars!

If I were 18-22 years old now I would probably be in Ukraine now and fight the Russians but the experience gained in recent years leads me to the conclusion that those who receive grants from Americans and Europeans have to fight with the Russians in Ukraine !!!

Keep smuggling cigarettes in Romania, smuggling with those from Transnistria! You have to earn money from all sides! You have the protection of force structures! Those in the EU / US close their eyes to what you do!
The Russians are still helping you!
Update May 14, 2022
I already speak #Romanian, #Russian, #Polish, #French, #English and now I have started to learn #Italian and #German! I downloaded the video from youtube and I’m learning now! in 2010 I learned 5 months of German and Italian it seems easy to me! I know about the relationship that the Romanians have with the Italians and that is why I ask the Italians not to harm my family and relatives in Italy! I do not believe in coincidences!
Update May 15, 2022
Everyone was wondering if the Russians could not get to Transnistria because the Ukrainians have s300 / Stinger which protects them from any Russian entry into Transnistrian territory!
Russian soldiers entered Transnistria from Chisinau International Airport as civilians and were taken to Transnistria! So far, it is estimated that up to 3,000 Russian soldiers have arrived in Transnistria!
Because of this, the Moldovan authorities did not join the sanctions of the international community to allow the Russians to reach Moldova through Chisinau International Airport! 3000 Russian soldiers conquer Moldova in 24 hours!
Thanks to Maia Sandu, Popescu and other bastards for losing the statehood and independence of Moldova!
The fact that the Russians can get to Moldova already seems plausible to me that the Russians would get to Transnistria through Chisinau International Airport! The Russian special services are ready for such scenarios!
the Russians are not so stupid as to send 5 people in groups to travel around Chisinau!
Obviously you don't come with weapons and military forms through the airport, in Transnistria there is enough weapons! And they don't all go the same way! I think that the routes are divided and enter through several “checkpoints”!
All Russians must be banned from arriving in Moldova! Just a chance to leave Moldova!

I do not rule out that these Russians will stay in the northern and southern part of Moldova to get information (although I am convinced that they know almost everything in Moldova) and to create diversion on day x or y
You can't ask the SIS to fight the Russians when they are the main smugglers with the Tiraspol regime! I also call those from SIS: the FSB branch in Moldova!

Update May 16, 2022
I don’t learn #Italian because I like #Italy or #German because I like #Germany, #Switzerland is the country where I want to live! Italian and German are the national languages ​​in Switzerland, and the #French language I already speak is also the national language!
Update May 17, 2022

I wrote about Mariupol in this article and I was right again! Moldovans providing services to Russians in Moldova will try to put me in jail so that I will not leave Moldova and be taken over by the Russians and destroyed! Moldovans will do everything possible to destroy me and for that, pro-Russians from Romania will help them! Because they want me to be destroyed so that I don't destroy the Russians' plans and that's why the Romanians (who work for the Russians) don't give me my Romanian birth certificate!

I have been a citizen of Romania since 2013 and the Romanians (who provide services for the Russians do their best to destroy me) denigrate me, humiliate me, invent / send all sorts of crap, shit about me so as not to ruin the Russians' plans! They follow me everywhere I go and if any opportunity arises for me, they immediately do their best to destroy me!

After (Moldovans and Romanians providing services for Russians) spent tens of millions of dollars to bribe officials from Poland, Canada, USA, Georgia so that I do not destroy their plans for the Russians and the fact that I will leave Moldova and will have to bribing officials from other states simply annoys them!

Because their strategies don't work anymore! The entire international community is informed and denigration strategies still work only in states where civil servants and intelligence have taken bribes from Russians through Moldovans and Romanians! Because they are blackmailable and corrupt and have become Russian whores!
I do not rule out that Romanians / Moldovans will say: that this is the plan, that we have come to help him / that we want to see who is following him / that I am working undercover / - you must know that there is no plan and that these people have only one purpose: they were paid by the Russians to destroy me!
I will continue to inform the international community about the strategies of the Russians and I will not stop until all the miserable people who took bribes from Moldovans / Romanians will not be imprisoned!
I also learned my lesson and before leaving the country I will inform the law enforcement agencies in the state where I will settle: the police, the prosecutor's office, the intelligence services that I have never worked for any institution in Moldova or Romania!
that I am not a member of any organization, that no one has the right to record, film, speak on my behalf or my signature and any person (and when I say any person I mean everyone without exception) who says otherwise or who will follow me, must be arrested immediately for espionage in favor of Russia!
Because once the officials have taken a bribe, they are blackmailable and compromised and will do everything possible to escape from prison! Putin needs people who are compromised and blackmailable!
The Poles and Canadians who collaborated (took bribes from the Russians through Moldovans / Romanians) are blackmailable and compromised and will be so for the rest of their lives !!!
Even if Poles, Canadians, Americans, English, Germans intervene to defend these Romanians / Moldovans whom I accuse of espionage in favor of Russia, you should know that 100% of this individual is bribed by Romanians / Moldovans and the only thing He's interested in getting more money, the rest is just cheap tricks to save himself from prison!
The information that the Russians are coming to Transnistria through Chisinau International Airport is true and is made with the help of the current power in Chisinau, the ruling ruling party PAS led by Maia Sandu!
Let's say I want to go to Switzerland and make a reservation by plane and until my departure there is another week or two that pro-Russians from Moldova and Romania will undertake?
They will come before me and call on their relations in Switzerland and if they do not have relations they will call on corrupt individuals such as the Americans or Italians to contact the Swiss intelligence services and local activists in Switzerland!
And one of the scenarios will start to say about me: that I am a Russian / Turkish spy / that I worked for the Romanian services and that I betrayed them / that I am undercover and following a mafia / Russians / Arabs / that I am suspected of terrorism / that I am gay / that I am extremist / Nazi - know that none of them are true!
I am not a spy, I am not a terrorist, I am not gay and I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova!
They (Moldovans / Romanians) will accomplish several things at once: they will bribe the Swiss, so that the Swiss will become compromised and blackmailed / destroy any prospect of progress for me / be isolated /
so that I don't analyze Russia and ruin the Russians' plans And for that, Romanians / Moldovans will continue to receive money from the Russians ( from intermediaries such as Indians (from Asia), Germans (gasprom affiliates).
they have received so much money that they can pay for it themselves so that they no longer need the help of the Russians.
They will also try to buy the house or bribe the owners of the house where I will rent a room! That's what they did in Canada, Poland, and that's what they'll try to do next! They will also send an undercover activist who will try to ask me all sorts of provocative questions and of course be filmed and recorded!
When their plans didn't work out: they kicked me out of the apartment or room so I could rent a room again and bring in another undercover activist, and obviously they would tell the Swiss that I knew that undercover activist and that was the plan! (Obviously they lie and the people they send I don't know).
If I try to get hired by the company, they will try to buy the company! And the most interesting thing is that they organize accidental meetings in Moldova with people I know to take the opportunity to ask me provocative questions or how they do it now to challenge me to fight and be imprisoned!
Another cheap challenge: people I don't know walk past me and greet me and make another wink to look down at a piece of paper.
My message for any intelligence service: arrest him immediately! This gesture is a provocative one to mislead you! To create the illusion that I would be undercover / that I am a spy and thus you will be deceived like children in kindergarten!

I was blocked from YouTube channels that earned me $ 300 a month or Facebook pages (one of 95,000 likes and one of 15,000 likes) which brought me a profit of between 350 and 400 euros per month!

Do you know who blocked these pages for me? Exact! Romanians and Moldovans with the help of Americans who provide services for Russians!
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Plop Andrei: Moldova will be the next country attacked by the Russians!