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Scholarships for full-time study at TDTU

In the 2021-2022 academic years, TDTU offers about 200 scholarships to international students of foreign nationalities.

I. Number of scholarships and budget coverage

1. Undergraduate programs taught in Vietnamese language
This program offers 50 scholarships of 100% and 50 scholarships of 50% including tuition fee and dormitory fee. The scholarships are granted to eligible students to study a 1-year Vietnamese language course as a requirement and preparation that provides the students the language ability to study the next 4-year Bachelorā€™s program taught in Vietnamese language (Pharmacy courseĀ is added 1 more year).

How to Stop Missing Deadlines? Please Follow our Telegram channel ( @plopandreicom)

2. Undergraduate programs taught in English language
This program offers aboutĀ 50 scholarships of 100% and aboutĀ 50 scholarships of 50% including tuition fee and dormitory fee. The scholarships are granted to eligible students to study a 4-year Bachelorā€™s program taught in English language.

II. Scholarship application entrance requirements

– Applicants are graduated senior high school or equivalence students in the period 2020-2021.
– Your final year senior high school GPA is from 6.5Ā (scale 10.0). According to the applicantā€™s high school academic performance, the TDTU scholarship council at selects the ones with strongest academic performances to offer the scholarships until they are no longer available.
– For the undergraduate programs taught in English language, you must have a further IELTS 5.0 or above. Equivalent certificate of English language proficiency is acceptable including TOEFL iBT: 45, Cambridge Exams: PET/FCE 140, Cambridge BEC Pre. 140, BULATS 40, TOEIC (4 skills): Listening and Reading 550, Writing 120, Speaking 120. (The English language proficiency certificate must be valid within two year from the test date until 01 October 2021).

– For international students graduated in other countries or in international schools in VietnamĀ applying for the course Pharmacy, you need to meet further two requirements:
(1) Your final year high school GPA is marked as ā€œGoodā€ or above.
(2) The average Chemistry score of the final grade of senior high school or equivalence must be ā‰„ 7.0 (scale 10.0).
– International students who choose the coursesĀ including Architecture, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Industrial Design are required to participate in the aptitude assessment test before entering the Bachelorā€™s programs.

III. Range of majors for scholarship application

– For the Undergraduate programs taught in Vietnamese language, applicants choose 1 out of 39 courses. Scholarships for the courseĀ Vietnamese study ā€“ Vietnamese language major are not available.
ClickĀ hereĀ to view the courses.
– For the Undergraduate programs taught in English language, applicants choose 1 out of 12 courses from the Undergraduate Program taught in English language.
ClickĀ hereĀ to view the courses.

IV. Scholarship application deadline

– September semester: 15th June, 2021
– January semester: 15th October, 2021

V. Scholarship result announcement date

– September semester: before 30thĀ August, 2021
– January semester: before 30thĀ December, 2021

ClickĀ hereĀ to seeĀ How to applyĀ 

VI. Scholarships terms – conditions – important notes

1. Successful candidates are informed of your study eligibility and/or scholarship result via TDTU Admission Letter. Payment details are informed via TDTU Invoice/email.
2. Scholarship policies, specific conditions for scholarship continuity and other key notices of payments are referred in the TDTU Admission Letter and/or the Invoice.
3. The submitted TDTU application form and other documents for your enrollment are not returnable.
4. The scholarships cover only tuition fee and/or dormitory fee. The scholarships cannot be converted to money or transferred to any other people. The scholarships are offered by means of full or partial reduction of the fees.
5. Other costs are the responsibility of the applicants.
6. The admission fee is non-refundable.
7.Ā The scholarship recipients are responsible for paying for tuition fee of failed subjects. The scholarships are annually re-appraised up to your academic performance of the previous academic year.
8. The scholarships remain valid within the on-schedule training program period of the corresponding course.
9. TDTU Dormitory scholarship will permanently be terminated if you violate TDTU dorm regulation.
10. Failing obeying our admission instruction and the requirements for documents and payments, your course and/or scholarships will be considered null and void.

VII. Other information

1. Visa policy
TDTU plays the role as a sponsor to apply the visa for successful applicants. You are required to send the scans of their passport and other essential documents for the visa application and you will receive the visa at Vietnam Embassy/Vietnam Consulate General office in your home country or in another third country (if there is no Vietnam Embassy/Vietnam Consulate General in your country). This process takes around 1-2 weeks since the visa application is submitted to the authority in Vietnam. Any costs associated with the visa are the responsibility of the students.

2. Accommodation
Prospective students are arranged to accommodate in the TDTU dormitory inside the main campus on the arrival date. Cafeterias serving meals and drinks are available at the dormitory area.
Other fee and living expenses: clickĀ here

Scholarships for Joint Programs with International Universities

In the academic year 2021-2022. TDTU offers 02 tuition fee scholarships of 100%Ā in the Phase 1Ā for international students applying to study the program. For more information about scholarships requirements and the admission requirements, please contact us viaĀ Hotline: 0935035270 orĀ Email:Ā


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