Why Eyeglasses.com?

  • Lower Prices

    Prices are about 50% Lower Than Average Retail

  • Best Brands, Biggest Selection

    We offer 380 top designer eyeglasses brands, and over 200,000 styles of eyeglass frames. 

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  • Highest Quality Lenses. Perfect Lenses Guarantee

    Our lenses are all made by world leaders in prescription lenses.

  • Best Online Eyewear Store

    Most online eyewear stores are selling low price, low quality eyeglass frames and lenses. We don’t. And if you call us, we will answer the phone (email and chat too)

  • Replacement Lenses Service

    Mail those eyeglass frames to Eyeglasses.com, and we will replace the lenses, saving you a bundle of money and aggravation.

  • Free Shipping

    We offer free shipping in the US and to many countries.

  • Easy Returns

    We offer an easy 30-day full return policy on eyeglass frames. You can even order 4 frames and return 3 for a full refund.

  • Best Consumer Reviews

    Don’t take our word for it: Check out our reviews at the independent rating agencies, Shopper Approved and Trustpilot.

    How To Buy Eyeglasses Online

    You can order eyeglasses with lenses or just the frames only.
    If you just want the frame only, we ship it to you, and you can take it to your local optical store to have lenses installed.
    Need help? Call or email our customer service department. We do answer the phone! Upload your photo and use our Virtual Try On application. Try our Frame Search page to look through our huge inventory for frames with your specific needs, such as frame size, material, and shape.
    Still not sure? You can order up to three frames and return them for a full refund.

$40 off Oakley Eyeglasses with Lenses. Use promo code: Oakley$40

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