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Inorder to promote friendship and understanding between people in China andabroad, and develop communication and cooperation in aspects of politics,economics, culture and education, the Chinese government has created ChineseGovernment Scholarship in order to support excellent students, teachers andscholars and encourage them to study in China. Northeast AgriculturalUniversity is one of the universities which are responsible for educatingChinese Government Scholarship students. Currently there are more than 300international students, and most of them are enjoying different programs ofChinese Governments Scholarship here.Northeast Agricultural University (hereinafter referred to as NEAU),located in the city of Harbin, is a key leveluniversity of Heilongjiang province and is listed in the national “211 Project”and the First-class discipline construction universities in China. NEAU includes 17 colleges and 1 teaching department. There are 10 post-doctoral researchstations, 2 post-doctoral work stations, 10 first level PhD disciplines, 22 first level master disciplines, 1 PhD professional degree, 10 masterprofessional degrees and 72 undergraduate majors, covering the disciplines ofAgronomy, Engineering, Science, Economics, Management and so on.
1) Applicants must benon-Chinese citizens.
2) Applicantsshould be in health physical condition.
3) Applicantsshould be living abroad or previous graduates of universities in China.
4) Educationbackground and age limit:
– Applicants for master degree studies must havebachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.
– Applicants for doctoral degree studies must havemaster’s degree and be under the age of 40.
5) Excellentachievement in your area of study.
6) Comparativegood ability in research.
7) Applicants donot receive any other scholarship.
2.Application Materials
Applicants must fill in and provide the followingmaterials truly and correctly (in duplicate).
1) Application Formfor Chinese Government Scholarship (printed by CSC), the original document anda copy, filled in Chinese or in English. The applicants shall download theApplication Form online through, or www.campuschina.organd leave the signature in the required blank.
2) Highest diploma(notarized photocopy). If applicants are university students, they shallprovide pre-graduation certificates. Documents in languages other than Chineseor English must be included with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
3) Applicants forgraduate studies are required to provide undergraduate transcripts. Applicantsfor doctoral studies need to provide undergraduate transcripts and graduatetranscripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be includedwith notarized translations in Chinese or English.
4) A study orresearch plan in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words).
5) Applicantsmust submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professorsor associate professors.
6) Publishedacademic papersand academic achievements (not compulsory).
7) A copy of HSKcertificate (not compulsory).
8) A copy of thepassport.
9) Six 2 inch IDphotos with white background.
10) Photocopy ofForeigner Physical Examination Form filled in English. The medical examinationsresults are valid for 6 months. All applicants are kindly requested to takethis factor into consideration while determining the time to take this medicalexamination.
11)Acceptance letter from a supervisor (notcompulsory)
The above materials should be sent directly to theInternational Cultural and Educational College of NEAU.The application materials will not be sent backwhether the applicant is accepted or not.
Applicants shall submit the written application materials and applyonline (,;then click Application Online, the Recruitment Agencies Code of NEAU is10224, Program Category is B).The application materials should be sent to NEAU before March 31stof the year they plan to enroll.There is no application fee.
4. Categories of Applicants and Durationof Remedial Chinese Language CourseCategories of  applicantsDuration of  major studyDuration of  Chinese language courses
Master degree  students 31
Doctoral  degree students 31
The lessons will be taught in Chinese. Students whose HSKdoesn’t meet the requirement need to take Chinese language courses for one yearbefore they begin their major study. The duration of Scholarship will belengthened by one additional year for the students who need to learn Chinese.The doctoral classes of Horticulture may be taught in Chineseor English. For English-taught applicants whose native language or linguafranca is not English, they should submit an English-proficiency score, a scoreof at least 80 on the TOEFL Internet-based exam or 5.5 on the IELTS.
5. Details of the Scholarship
Full scholarship:1) Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, andfee for accommodation on campus;
2) Fee for Comprehensive Medical Insuranceand Benefit Plan for International Students in China.
3) Monthly living allowance is paid to thestudents by the host institution at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month):Master degree students: CNY 3,000 YuanDoctoral degree students: CNY 3,500 Yuan
4) NEAU provides free accommodation for Chinese GovernmentScholarship students. One doctoral student or master student shall live in oneroom.
1) Costs of the laboratory experiments or internship whichgo beyond the university’s arrangements will be the responsibility of thestudent.
2) Scholarship students shall get their monthly livingallowance from the date of registration. Chinese Government Scholarship students who enjoy monthly livingallowance should register at International StudentsOffice within a month notice, to ensure theywill receive their living allowance.
3) The new students who register before the 15th (15th included) of theregistration month will enjoy the whole amount of living allowance of thatmonth; those who register after the 15th will get half a month. Graduates willget the living allowances till 15 days after the graduation date set by NEAU.The scholarship will be terminated the month after students suspend theirstudies, quit or graduate from NEAU.
4)Scholarship students who have tosuspend their education due to illness should return to their home country forfurther treatment and rest. The international travel expenses of returning andcoming back should be paid by the recipient. The students, who are allowed bythe school authority to suspend their education, can retain their scholarship.The scholarship status will be reserved one year at the most; however, themonthly living allowance will be stopped during the suspension of education.The scholarship for students who suspend their education for reasons other thanillness will be terminated.
5) Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Planfor International Students in China are provided by MOE for the scholarshipstudents in China in case of hospitalizing for serious diseases and accidentalinjuries.
6) The scholarship is mainly supporting studenthim/herself; if the student consider bringing his/her family members, he/sheneeds to afford the cost of living for family members.
6. Approval and Notification
1) NEAU will review all the application materials and NEAU is authorized to make necessary adjustments on the specialties andduration of study.
2) NEAU can decide student’scategory and admission standard of international students who apply for themaster or doctor education. If prior Chinese study or other preparatoryeducation is needed, students should pass related examinations duringprior education period; otherwise he will not be allowed to start major study.
3) Applicants are encouraged to contact thedepartments and supervisors before applying andenclose the relevant admission or recommendation letter if need be. (referto the appendix: Chinese Government Scholarship Degree Programs).
4) Scholarship applicants accepted by NEAU of highereducation will be officially awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship withendorsement from CSC and submitted to MOEC for the record.
5) Students are not permitted, in principle, to changetheir specialties, institutions, or the duration of studyspecified in the Admission Notice after registration.
6) Students are not permitted to transfer to anotherschool after registration.
7) NEAU will send the Admission Notice and VisaApplication Form for Study in China (JW201) to relevant students orrelevant universities by August 15, so as to have these documents forwarded tothe awards.
8) New Chinese Government Scholarship students shouldregister before the deadline. Anyone who is unable to register on time should submitjustification and provide proof as well as seek permission from the InternationalStudents Office of International Cultural and Educational College. Otherwise, heor she will voluntarily give up the scholarship after two weeks.
7. Enrollment majors
Refer to the Chinese GovernmentScholarship Degree Programs.
1) Once any cheating or concealing act isfound in the application procedure, the application will be refused immediatelyand the scholarship qualification will be taken back as well. The cheatingaction will be reported to China Scholarship Council and Chinese Ministry ofEducation as records.
2) The accepted students should take partin the annual review in accordance with the Measures For the Annual Review ofChinese Government Scholarship Status. The details of Annual Review includeperformances (including the examination or checkup results of all courses inthe first term and the general performances in the second term of this academicyear), attitude towards study, attendance, conducts, rewards andpunishments received.

For more information please open this link
9.Contact NEAU
Tel: 86-451-55190155
Fax: 86-451-55190588E-mail:
Post Address: International Students Office 511, International Culturaland Educational College, Northeast Agricultural University, No.600 ChangjiangRoad, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. ChinaPost Code:150030NEAU Homepage:
Appendix:Chinese Government Scholarship Degree ProgramsMaster’s degree: 3 years education

Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering College
1.Hydrology and Water Resources
2.Agriculture Water- Soil Engineering
Resourcesand Environment College
4.Plant Nutrition Science
5.Environment Protection and Restoration
6.Agroecology and Climate Change
7.Resources and Environment Microbiology
Agriculture College
8.Crop Cultivation and Farming System
9.Plant Genetics and Breeding
10.Plant Pathology
13.Vegetable Science
Animal Science and Technology College
14.Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
15.Animal Production
Veterinary Medicine College
16.Basic Veterinary Medicine
17.Preventive Veterinary Medicine
18.Clinic Veterinary Medicine
19.Animal Pharmacy
Engineering College
20.Mechanical Engineering
21.Agriculture Mechanization Engineering
22.Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering
23.Agricultural System Engineering and Management Engineering
24.Management Science and Engineering
Economics and Management College
25.Monetary Finance
26.Industrial Economics
27.Human Resource Management
28.Agricultural Economics and Management
Life Science College
31.Developmental Biology
32.Biochemistry and Molecule Biology
Food Science College
33.Food Science
34.Grain, Grease and Botanic Protein Engineering
35.Agriculture Product Processing and Preserving Engineering
36.Food Fermentation Engineering
37.Animal Produce Processing Engineering
Electrificationand Information College
38.Computer Science and Technology
39.Agriculture Electrification and Automation
Doctor’s degree: 3 years educationWater Conservancy and Civil Engineering College
1.Hydrology and Water Resources
2.Agriculture Water- Soil Engineering
Resources and Environment College
4.Plant Nutrition Science
5.Environment Protection and Restoration
6.Agroecology and Climate Change
7.Resources and Environment Microbiology
Agriculture College8.Crop Cultivation and Farming System
9.Plant Genetics and Breeding
12.Vegetable Science
AnimalScience and Technology College
13.Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction
14.Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
15.Animal Production
VeterinaryMedicine College
16.Basic Veterinary Medicine
17.Preventive Veterinary Medicine
18.Clinic Veterinary Medicine
Engineering College
19.Agriculture Mechanization Engineering
20.Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering
21.Agricultural System Engineering and Management Engineering
Economics and Management College
22.Agricultural Economics and Management
23.Rural Finance
24.Rural and Regional Development
Life Science College
27.Developmental Biology
28.Biochemistry and Molecule Biology
Food Science College
29.Food Science
30.Grain, Grease and Botanic Protein Engineering
31.Agriculture Product Processing and Preserving Engineering
32.Food Fermentation Engineering
33.Animal Produce Processing Engineering
Electrificationand Information College
34.Agriculture Electrification and Automation
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