Jiangsu Provincial Government has set up the “Jiangsu Government Scholarship” for international students in order to promote the development of higher education of International students in Jiangsu, to further improve the profile of Jiangsu Education to the world, to highlight the brand of “Study in Jiangsu” and to make Jiangsu a preferred province for international students to study in. This scholarship will be provided to those excellent overseas students or scholars to undertake full time study in universities and colleges of Jiangsu. It will also include those non-degree program students and exchange students in accordance with educational exchange agreements and MOUs between the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the governments of other states, institutions, universities and international organizations.

1. Full Scholarship

A fee waiver of tuition, registration, laboratory experiments, internship, and basic textbooks.

Cost of experiments or internships beyond the program curricula is at student’s own expense.

Cost of books or learning materials other than required basic textbooks is at student’s own expense.

Free on-campus dormitory accommodation, or an accommodation allowance of CNY 10000 per year.
A living allowance of CNY1,500 per month

Scholarship recipients registering before the 15th of the registration month (the 15th included) will be granted the full living allowance of that month.

Recipients registering after the 15th of the registration month will only be granted half of the living allowance of that month.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students while in China.
* Subject to each institution’s tuition fees and charges. Details will be informed by each institute during the admission process.

2. Partial Scholarship

College student: CNY20,000 per academic year;

Undergraduate student / Postgraduate student: CNY 30,000 per academic year;

Duration: One academic year.

Non-degree program student / Exchange student: CNY2,000 per month;

Duration: 3 to 12 months (in accordance with the agreement).




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