Would your organisation like to start or expand collaborations that contribute to sustainable economic, environmental or social development in the Baltic Sea region? The Swedish Institute provides funding for joint projects in which Swedish organisations meet transnational challenges together with organisations from the Baltic Sea region countries including Russia and the countries of the Eastern Partnership

Open for applications until 11 February


What is Seed funding in the Baltic Sea region?

The Swedish Institute seeks to strengthen Sweden’s relations and develop cooperation with the countries around the Baltic Sea and in our immediate area. Swedish organisations can apply for funding from the Swedish Institute in order to cooperate with organisations in the Baltic Sea region countries including Russia and organisations in the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries. The project activities that the Swedish Institute supports via ‘seed funding’ must be clearly linked to one or more of the challenges identified in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region. Projects including countries in the EU Eastern Partnership must also relate to this framework. Furthermore, projects should help create conditions for long-term, sustainable relations in the region.

  • A project can run for no longer than 18 months.
  • A project can apply for SEK 100,000 to SEK 500,000.

Who can apply?

  • The main applicant has to be based in Sweden.
  • The application must include at least three actors in three different countries eligible for support, one of which is Sweden (as main applicant).
  • Countries eligible for funding are  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden and Ukraine.

Workshops for Swedish main applicants

Swedish Institute will arrange workshops for Swedish main applicants 10 December and 14 January. The workshops will be held in Swedish. Find more information on the Swedish version of the website regarding Seed funding.

Project database

Have a look at our project database to get an idea of the kinds of project we support. The database is under construction and more project descriptions will be added.


If you have questions relating to our seed funding for Baltic Sea region cooperation, please find our contact details at the bottom of the page.

How to apply

1Call for applications opensDATE:19 NOV 20202How to write your applicationDATE:19 NOV 2020 – 11 FEB 20213Submit your online applicationDATE:11 FEB 20214Has your application been successful?DATE:30 JUN 2021

1. Call for applications opens 

  • The next call for Seed funding for cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea region opens 19 November 2020.

2. How to write your application 

  • Please find the application documents below. (Please note that the application documents are only accessible when a call for funding is open.) 
  • Before filling in the application documents please read the Instructions.
  • Upload and fill in the application documents.
  • Please note that the application documents are only accessible when a call for funding is open.
  • Save the completed forms on your computer.
  • Some documents can be found both in English and in Swedish. Some documents, which are intended only for the Swedish main applicant, can only be found in Swedish.

Important: for your application to be complete you must submit it online. (see step 3)

Application documents

  • Instructions (English)
  • Enclosure 1: Project description (English)
  • Enclosure 2: Organisation assessment and formalities (English)
  • Enclosure 3: Budget (Swedish/English)
  • Enclosure 4:
    • For applications in which an NGO is the main applicant, three mandatory enclosures are required: the statutes, the most recently adopted financial annual report/audit report, and the certificate of registration from the Swedish Tax Agency.
    • In the case of applications where a business company is the main applicant, two enclosures are mandatory: Form SKV 4820 which is filled in by the Swedish Tax Agency and a certificate of registration from the Swedish Companies Registration Office (or the equivalent). Contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office in good time before the call closes

There is no special template for these enclosures. The enclosures are to be attached as a joint document.

3. Submit your online application

  1. Click on this link to take you to the online application form  You can switch to an English version on the upper right-hand side.
  2. Start by creating an account.
  3. Fill in the online application form.
  4. Submit all the documents from step 2 (which you have completed and saved on your computer) via the online application form. Instructions in the online application form will guide you through the procedure.
  5. You can create and save an application in advance. This allows you to review it before you submit it.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email giving you a reference number. Please give this this reference number whenever you need to contact the Swedish Institute.

Important: for your application to be complete you must submit it online. Make sure that you submit by the deadline.

If you experience any problem when submitting your application in the online application form, you need to inform us by email to si@si.se before the deadline. 

4. Has your application been successful? 

  • We publish lists of the successful applications on the Swedish version of the website around four-five months after the deadline for applications.

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