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About the New Voices Fellowship
The Fellowship offers development experts from Africa, Asia, and Latin America a year-long program of media support, advocacy lessons, training, and writing under the guidance of experienced mentors and trainers. On average, Fellows devote 10% of their working time towards the Fellowship over the course of the year.

The program helps Fellows sharpen their messages, elevate their stories, focus their media targets, and communicate their insights across a variety of media platforms – illuminating crucial perspectives for a broad worldwide audience in order to champion policy change.

Fellows come from a variety of disciplines, ranging from public health to education to poverty alleviation, agriculture, and community activism. All Fellows are experts in their field with a deep understanding of broad development challenges and a passion for communicating their views

The Fellowship Year at a Glance
Fellows meet in Nairobi, Kenya for a week-long intensive media and advocacy boot camp.

Fellows complete one-on-one remote work with their selected mentor. Fellows and mentors focus on the Fellow’s customized program goals, such as publishing op-eds, giving speeches, and working towards tangible advocacy and policy objectives.

Fellows meet in Aspen, Colorado for the Aspen Ideas: Health Festival and an intensive story-telling training.

Remote work continues as Fellows receive support to write, pitch, and publish Op-Eds, complete media appearances, advocate for their work and broader policy change, and share their stories with targeted audiences.

Fellows meet in Washington, DC for the Aspen Institute’s foundational seminar program. Fellows also explore advance advocacy strategies and prepare for their futures as Senior Fellows.

Fellows receive continued support from their mentor until the next class is announced. At that time, Fellows graduate to become Senior Fellows and receive continued guidance and support from the New Voices Alumni Coordinators.

Frequently Asked Questions
Still have questions? Here are the questions we hear most often. Be sure to email us if you need further clarification or have other questions we haven’t addressed.

 What happens if the pandemic prevents me from traveling?
We are adapting to the pandemic’s travel restrictions by offering remote training when necessary. The Aspen New Voices team is monitoring visa and travel conditions and adjusting events as needed. If we are unable to meet in person, we will deliver trainings virtually and look to reschedule travel when conditions permit.

 Will I be missing out if I apply in 2021?
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that good communication is essential to public health. New Voices Fellows bring frontline expertise on how to build resilient healthcare systems and communities, and that knowledge is vital right now. We are committed to continuing the Fellowship throughout the pandemic, even if that means adjusting meeting dates. We may not be able to gather together the way we would normally, but that in no way diminishes the importance or power of New Voices Fellows.

 Is the New Voices Fellowship only open to people from African countries?
No! We welcome candidates from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

 Will I get paid as a New Voices Fellow?
No, but we pay all expenses for the fellowship, and occasionally provide funds for Fellows to participate in media-related activities and conferences.

 How much time will I spend on the Fellowship?
The Fellowship year is organized around three major group meetings, each of which is approximately one week long. Health considerations will determine whether these meetings will be held in person or remotely in 2021. Regardless of whether we are able to gather in person, your full attendance at these sessions is required. In addition to those training weeks, most fellows estimate spending about 5 hours per week working on fellowship-related activities, including meeting with their mentors, taking part in interviews, and writing opinion pieces.

 Can I nominate myself for the Fellowship?
We ask that you find a mentor, supervisor or professor to nominate you, if possible.

 If I get many people to nominate me, am I more likely to be chosen as a New Voices Fellow?
No. It’s fine if more than one person nominates you, but this is not a popularity contest. You only need one good nomination so please do not ask multiple people to nominate you.

 Can I miss one of your meetings if chosen as a fellow?
These meetings are among the core components of this Fellowship, and are mandatory.

 I’m a journalist/PR professional/communications expert. Can I participate in this Fellowship?
We love communications people, but this fellowship is really for development experts, not journalists/PR professionals/communications experts. There are many excellent fellowship programs for journalists, and we encourage you to apply for them!

 What do you look for in a New Voices Fellow?
For some examples of what we’re looking for, check out the bios of our previous classes of Fellows. We like people with big ideas, who have a proven track record of implementing them. We also like people with strong personal stories and the ability to think critically about development as it relates to their own experiences. Finally, we’re looking for people who aren’t; shy about sharing their opinions and have strong potential in writing and public speaking.

 Is there an age limit for this Fellowship?
No. In fact, we look for people who have experience and recognize that often (but not always) this comes with age.

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