As members of Doctors of the World-Médecins du Monde (MdM), we want a world where barriers to health have been overcome and where the right to health has been achieved.



We believe in social justice as a vehicle for equal access to healthcare, respect for fundamental rights and collective solidarity.


With our partners, the communities and their representatives, we help empower all socially and physically vulnerable populations to take action within their social environment, to become actors in their own health and to exercise their rights.


Our organisation is independent of all political, religious or financial authorities or interests. We are independent in the choice of our programmes and operating methods. We refuse all forms of subordination and foster dialogue with the people and the communities with which we work.


As a movement of committed and militant professionals made up of volunteers and salaried staff, we provide medical services, bear witness and – strengthened by our diversity – support populations seeking social change.


We seek balance between national and international action, between emergency and long-term actions, between medical and lay knowledge and between public funding and private donations.
This balance is a key factor in our relevance and our originality.

Coordinateur logistique (H/F) – Ouagadougou Urgent Burkina Faso

Coordinateur général (chef de mission) (H/F) – Alger ou Oran Urgent Algérie

Médecin référent (H/F) – Mamoudzou Urgent Mayotte

General coordinator (head of mission) (M/F) – Manila Urgent Philippines

Mental health coordinator (M/F) – Aden Yemen

Coordinateur plaidoyer droits et santé sexuels et reproductifs – Afrique (H/F) – Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Deputy medical coordinator (M/F) – Jérusalem Palestinian territories

Chargé de projet médical Bouca (H/F) – Bouca République Centrafricaine

Chargé de projet médical clinique mobile (H/F) – Bangui République Centrafricaine

Financial coordinator (M/F) – Yangon Myanmar

Logistician (M/F) – Maiduguri Nigeria

Animateur de prévention (H/F) – Mamoudzou Mayotte

Health cluster co-coordinator (M/F) – Erbil Iraq / Kurdistan

Logisticien Bouca (H/F) – Bouca République Centrafricaine

Consortium Mental Health & Psychosocial emergency manager (M/F) – Nablus Palestinian territories

Coordinateur médical (H/F) – Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Human resources coordinator (M/F) – Jérusalem Palestinian territories

Logistician (M/F) – Mekelle Ethiopia

Health program coordinator (M/F) – Mekelle Ethiopia

Roving emergency general coordinator (head of mission) (M/F) – Worldwide Worldwide

Coordinateur consortium (H/F) – Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Coordinateur logistique (H/F) – Bangui République Centrafricaine

Roving emergency administrative and finance coordinator (M/F) – Worldwide Worldwide

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