Our Mission & Values Guide Us

We advance human rights worldwide. We investigate wrongs, expose the facts, offer solutions, and pressure those with power to respect rights. We collaborate with people claiming their rights, learn from partners, and engage the public. Human Rights Watch upholds the freedoms and defends the protections that promote dignity, equality, and justice. Human Rights Watch is anchored by Guiding Principles that orient us in the world and by Core Values that inform our standards, practices, and treatment of one another.

Development and Outreach Department

Development & Outreach Intern
Copenhagen, Denmark
Manager, Development and Outreach
Miami, Florida, United States
Silicon Valley City Director, Development and Outreach
Palo Alto, California, United States

Legal Department

International Justice Program

Counsel, International Justice Program
Multiple Locations Considered

Operations Department

Global Human Resources Division

Recruitment Officer, Global Human Resources
Multiple Locations Considered

Program Department

Asia Division

Australia Director
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Crisis and Conflict Division

Research Assistant, Open Source Research
Multiple Locations Considered
Researcher, Crisis and Conflict
Multiple Locations Considered
Senior Editor, Crisis and Conflict
Multiple Locations Considered

Europe and Central Asia Division

Advocacy Director
Brussels, Belgium

Middle East and North Africa Division

Lebanon Researcher
بيروت, Beirut, Lebanon

Technology and Human Rights

Researcher, Tech and Human Rights
Multiple Locations Considered

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