To be eligible you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  • Satisfy all academic and English language entry requirements for your chosen undergraduate, postgraduate coursework or Study Abroad program.
  • Be a new full-time student starting in Trimester 3 2020.

Read the terms and conditions below to understand all the requirements of this scholarship.


You don’t need to apply for the scholarship, we’ve kept it as easy as possible. Just apply to study at Griffith and we will let you know if you have been successful.


  • Apply to study an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program or Study Abroad program at Griffith University.
  • We will assess your application for eligibility.
  • If you are successful we will advise you in your Letter of Offer, in Tuition and other fees – Additional information.

Receiving the scholarship

  • Once you start studying at Griffith the scholarship will be deducted from your tuition fees prior to the Trimester 3 census date. You must pay the remaining balance of fees, based on your enrolment, by census date.
  • To maintain the scholarship deduction you must be enrolled full-time in at least 30 CP in your program, unless credit prevents full-time enrolment.


  • Griffith University academic and English language entry requirements apply.
  • Scholarship applies to tuition fees only for students commencing in Trimester 3 2020 and it will be applied prior to the Griffith University census date.
  • The scholarship covers 20% of tuition fees only for undergraduate, postgraduate coursework programs or the Study Abroad Program.
  • The 20% scholarship will be applied for Trimester 3 2020 enrolment only.
  • If a student is awarded a Griffith University scholarship that is worth more than 20% of tuition fees, the scholarship at the higher value will apply rather than this scholarship.
  • Students must be an International Fee Paying student to qualify for the scholarship and each scholarship deduction. Any change from International Fee Paying student status will result in the scholarship being withdrawn.
  • This scholarship is available to students studying onshore in Australia and those who are starting their Griffith studies from outside Australia due to current travel restrictions.
  • Should a student withdraw or cancel for any reason, the scholarship amount is non-refundable.
  • Excludes applicants for Higher Degree Research, Exchange studies, Masters Qualifying Program, English language programs at the Griffith English Language Institute, online programs (campus = online), programs delivered offshore, and students who defer commencement to 2021.

Ongoing enrolment requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in at least 30CP to receive the tuition fee deduction, unless credit prevents full-time enrolment.
  • Students must remain enrolled in the program for which the scholarship offer was made, which is stated on the Letter of Offer issued by Griffith International Admissions.
  • Should a student withdraw or cancel for any reason, the scholarship amount is non-refundable.

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