The John Crook Scholarship presents a unique opportunity for first-generation university students with exceptional academic records to spend two years studying at St John’s College at the University of Cambridge. The purpose of the Scholarship is to enable exceptional students who did not consider Cambridge when applying to university, whether for financial or other reasons, to study at Cambridge after the completion of their first degree. 

Scholars are admitted as affiliated students and take the more advanced parts of a Cambridge degree course to qualify for a Cambridge BA (Hons) in two years instead of the usual three. Following the completion of their first year of study, some Scholars may have the opportunity to opt into a one year MPhil programme, if suitable, graduating after two years with an MPhil. The intention of the scholarship is to offer the Scholars the full Cambridge experience over a period of two years.

If you meet the criteria below, you could be eligible. The scholarship would cover all your costs, including fees, and would provide a grant of at least £3,800 quarterly for your living expenses for the duration of your course.

One John Crook Scholarship is awarded every year; if the competition is very strong, the Committee may decide to award two scholarships in the same round. 

Candidates need to be:
  • the first generation in their family to go to university
  • a current student, or recent graduate, with an exceptional academic record, from one of the eligible universities
  • a UK citizen, or resident in the UK with indefinite leave to remain in the UK*

*Note: If you meet the other eligibility requirements but you are not a UK citizen, or resident in the UK with indefinite leave to remain in the UK, then you may be eligible for the Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The John Crook Scholar will be admitted to St John’s College to study for a two-year Bachelor’s degree as an affiliated student, with the possibility of moving to a one-year MPhil in the second year, if suitable. The award will be for two years and will comprise a maintenance grant at the rate of at least £15,200 per annum plus payment of approved College and University fees.

  • The scholarship is open to all subjects apart from the ones which are intimately related to Law, Theology or Business.
  • There is not an affiliated version for BA degree in Architecture, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine offered at St John’s College.
  • Please note that, as per the residential regulations that apply to all students of Cambridge University, John Crook Scholars must live in Cambridge in order to be able to obtain a degree.

What are the benefits of taking a second 2-year BA degree as an affiliated student in Cambridge?

Cambridge University is respected world-wide for the excellence of teaching. Teaching in Cambridge involves lectures delivered by academics who are experts in their fields, but not only that; Cambridge undergraduate students also receive personal tuition in the form of supervisions on a regular basis. The supervision system is one of Cambridge’s greatest strengths; it allows students to explore their subject more profoundly and develop their own independent thinking, an invaluable skill for their personal, academic and career development.

Spending two years studying at Cambridge will allow you the time to adjust to the Cambridge educational system and at the same time reap the benefits of the full Cambridge experience. It is not only about learning; it is also about broadening your intellectual horizons and being part of a stimulating and diverse academic community.

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