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Traineeships in the Secretariat – Schuman Traineeships

The Schuman traineeships are paid and can be undertaken at one of the European Parliament’s official places of work – Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg – or in its Liaison Offices in the Member States.

These traineeships are named after Robert Schuman, one of the main architects of the European integration project, responsible for over 70 years of peace and prosperity in Europe. He proposed pooling French and German coal and steel production into what would become the European Coal and Steel Community, the first of the European Communities, which grew to become the European Union.

Why should I apply?

A Schuman traineeship will enhance your education and your vocational training. It will provide you with an insight into the work of the EU institutions and the European Parliament, a crucial forum for decision-making and political debate at EU level.

The Schuman traineeships may be undertaken in a wide variety of fields, such as EU internal and external policies, finance, law, multilingualism, administration, infrastructure and logistics, communication or IT.

There is now an additional reason to apply for a Schuman traineeship in the European Parliament: the Schuman Recruitment and Development Programme!

The European Parliament is an equal opportunities employer; candidates without distinction as to gender, sexual orientation, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds or disability are encouraged to apply, with reasonable accommodation available for successful candidates with disabilities who may need them.

As part of Parliament’s commitment to honouring journalists who were killed during the exercise of their work, the Directorate-General for Communication offers a number of Schuman traineeships in memory of Ján Kuciak, the Slovak investigative journalist who was murdered in February 2018.

Can I apply?

Applicants for a Schuman traineeship must:

  • be aged 18 or over;
  • be nationals of a Member State of the European Union or an accession/candidate country (a very limited number of traineeships to nationals of other countries can also be offered);
  • hold a university level diploma;
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the official EU languages and a very good knowledge of a second (citizens of non-Member States must have a very good knowledge of either English, French or German);
  • provide an eligible criminal record;
  • not have worked, or have benefitted from any other type of traineeship, for more than two consecutive months in an EU institution, body or agency;
  • not have carried out a study visit at the Secretariat of the European Parliament six months prior to the beginning of the traineeship.

How to apply?

In order to apply, please visit our traineeship application page:

  1. select and apply for a maximum of three traineeships;
  2. if you are shortlisted, you will be required to provide certain supporting documents to prove your eligibility;
  3. if you are selected, you will get an official Admission Letter via email.

The Schuman traineeships are awarded for a period of five months:

  • Traineeship period 1 October-28/29 February
    • you can apply from 1 to 30 June
  • Traineeship period 1 March-31 July
    • you can apply from 1 to 30 November

Spontaneous applications will not be considered.

Anything else that I need to know?

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Please contact us for any additional information about the Schuman traineeships:

Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament may offer paid traineeships at their offices in the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels (or Strasbourg) based on an agreement with the European Parliament.

Why should I apply?

A traineeship will enhance your education and your vocational training. It will allow you to better understand the working methods of the Members of the European Parliament.

The MEPs’ traineeships may be undertaken in a wide variety of fields. The Member of Parliament who awards the traineeship will assign specific tasks to be completed during the traineeship.

Can I apply?

Members freely choose their trainees. However, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

  • be aged 18 or over (derogations from this age limit can be granted in response to a duly substantiated request);
  • be nationals of a Member State of the European Union or an accession/candidate country. Nevertheless, Members may offer a traineeship to nationals of third countries, provided they comply with visa requirements;
  • have obtained a secondary-school leaving certificate corresponding to the level required for entry to university, or have followed a higher or technical course of study to an equivalent level, or have obtained a university diploma;
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union;
  • not be party to an employment contract or any working contractual relationship during their traineeship;
  • not have carried out a previous traineeship with a Member, nor have previously worked as a parliamentary assistant to a Member, whether local or accredited.

How to apply?

To submit an application, it is necessary to contact directly the Members of the European Parliament.

The duration of the traineeship is between six weeks and five consecutive months, and is decided on by the Member of Parliament who awards the traineeship. It can start at any time during the year.

Trainees are awarded a monthly grant of between EUR 816 and EUR 1 339 for a full-time traineeship.

Additional information

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