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Applications open from June 21stĀ to August 15th, 2021


Are you an entrepreneur operating in Africa or in Asia?
Are you working on a Sustainable Mobility project?


Sustainable Mobility,Ā defined as,Ā  green, efficient, safe and universally accessible movement of people and goods and services from point to point. Sustainable Mobility is a nascent sector that is gaining momentum.

How to Stop Missing Deadlines? Please Follow our Telegram channel ( @plopandreicom)

Like Energy, mobility is a fundamental catalyst for any economy. Mobility solutions are a prerequisite of social inclusion by providing access to jobs and essential services such as health care and education.

Developing countries, and particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, host 98% of the 1 billion people in the world without access to transport. Yet an additional 187 million Africans are expected to live in cities over the next decade, suggesting 1.5 million people will move to cities every month[1]. Developing countries will thus continue to confront the largest mobility challenges including access to, and safety of, mobility solutions as well as their efficiency and environmental impact. The most impacted populations are urban and rural low-income households ā€“ population segments which also typically lack access to energy. The nexus between energy and mobility can be leveraged to provide access to affordable and safe sustainable mobility services.

To support this sector,Ā TotalEnergies,Ā Enea ConsultingĀ andĀ Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)Ā are launching theĀ Energy Access BoosterĀ 2021Ā call for projects to support Sustainable Mobility entrepreneurs operating in Africa and Asia[2].

The 2021 edition targets projects at the development stage and companies focusing on the following sub-themes of Sustainable Mobility:

Successful applicants will benefit from one or more of the following support schemes, depending on their needs and the applicable eligibility criteria:

The call for projects opens to applicants onĀ June 21st, 2021Ā and will close onĀ August 15th, 2021.Ā  The selection of the successful applicants is scheduled to take place betweenĀ mid-August 2021 and November 2021.


[1]Ā The Sustainable Mobility For All (SuM4All) initiative.
[2]Ā For any project operating in a country under economic sanctions, the application will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the organizers.
[3]Ā Up to $5,000 of the financial contribution will be used by successful applicants to subscribe to a product & public liability insurance which complies with the international standards, if none is in place.
[4]Only if the project takes place in an eligible region: these are countries and regions that are categorized as ā€œnormal vigilanceā€ or ā€œenhanced vigilanceā€ by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.
See:ĀĀ andĀ
The strategic advisory missionā€™s aim is to position ventures on a path to profitabilityĀ  and growth. Enea Consulting will work with winning start-ups to identify issues that need to be addressed to grow their business. Enea Consultingā€™s support can include assessment of: operational, sales and distribution strategy, unit economics analysis, business model analysis, customer acquisition and retention, geographical expansion, among others.


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