I came to Canada for protection, I asked the help of the Canadian authorities to make a change in the Republic of Moldova,  But the people who had to protect me, they started to work with people who want to destroy me! and they started to do it for money! They have violated the law every day, and now that they understand they could go to jail! I became very dangerous for them!
All my fundamental rights have been violated,  the right to private life, the secret of correspondence, and the worst they have worked with the Russians for money!  ! My money was stolen from bank account!  any type of refugee registration outside official buildings is forbidden, it is illegal, and when the authorities do it for money and for foreigners.  I filed a complaint with the competent authorities on the illegalities committed by these people.And if an investigation starts, all the people involved should go  to jail.
No one has my permission, permission to shoot, record, photograph. I never signed such an agreement and never got money! I’m sure an investigation into these illegalities has started.
And after this investigation, we will find out that Canadians have collaborated with the Russians and this is a very serious thing! People who have received money from the Russians have begun to boycott the Canadian government. I look forward to the end of this process and that all the people involved go to prison.
I will come back later with details!

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