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Visa Super X 1980-1982

The Super X has only been on sale from late 1980 until 1982. Only a limited number were built and it is now a rare car. This model was the ‘performance’ model, the 1.2 engine being almost identical to the 1.1, except for different bore and stroke with correspondingly different carburettors, distributors and so on.
To promote the Visa, a ‘Trophйe Visa International’ competition was established in 82. The Super X was redesigned for this purpose and the model named Visa Trophйe.

Visa Trophйe 1982-1983

To promote the quality of the Visa, Citroen asigned Guy Verrier to establish a ‘Total Trophйe Visa International’ competition in 1981 with Group V Visa’s. The Super X was redesigned and the model named Visa Trophйe. To set even higher standards of performance, in 1982 the Trophйe was homologated as a Group B (class up to 1300cc) car of which 200 cars (82-83) were built in total. The Trophйe was a great success and won many rallies. The engine of the Super X was enlarged to 1299 cc, fitted with 2 carburettors. It produced in this form 100-150 bhp.
One of the prototypes for the Trophйe was designed by Lotus. Guy Verrier introduced a new formula every year. In 1984, the Citroлn-Total-Michelin Women’s Trophy attracted thousands of women. The Marque competed in Kenya, Mille Lacs, San Remo and Monte Carlo.

Visa 1000 Pistes 1983-1984

The four-wheel drive Visa Mille Pistes was meant as a follow-up to the succesfull Trophйe Visa International. Citroen released the Mille Pistes end 1983 as a Group B car, and 200 were built. The Mille Pistes was even more succesfull than the Trophйe. Even nowadays, the Mille Pistes competes in many rallies!
The car was based on the GT, but with 4 (!) carburettors instead of 2 and four-wheel drive. Two round headlights, extended wings, and a special badge in the grille: two Citroen chevrons with an ‘X’ in

Visa GTi 1985-1988

The successor to the GT. With its new generation 1.6 105 bhp engine with fuel injection, it was capable of astonishing performances. The interior was pretty civilised, but with a sporting dashboardand good seats. Lowered suspension, close-ratio 5-speed gearbox, alloy wheels, and subtle details like extended wings, spoilers and twin round halogen head lights. For 1987 the power was increased to 115 bhp.

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