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GIST Scholarships

Tuition Assistance (All students)

  • Tuition fully supported: 3,415,000 won per semester

※ The one-time matriculation fee of 680,000 won is charged to all newly admitted students to be enrolled. Some students may be exempt from this fee.

Monthly Stipends (All International Students)

  • Student allowance: 140,000 won per month for M.S. students, 295,000 won per month for Ph.D. students
  • Meal allowance: nearly 100,000 won per month

    ※Students should have completed at least 9 credits in the previous semester for the above two.

  • International student allowance: 120,000 won per month

    ※ GPA of 3.0 or higher (out of 4.5) in the previous semester

Research Assistantship
(All students participating in research projects)

Average as of 2019

  • 4,785,384 won per year of M.S.
  • 12,263,262 won per year of Ph.D

Housing (All Students)

※ The waiting time may take longer than expected.

※ The housing fees will be increased every year.

※ Utility fees are charged separately.

※ Additional costs may occur for wall papering or flooring.

  • Dormitory (as of 2020)
    Dormitory (as of 2020)

    Admission Schedule
    Room Type Monthly Fees Deposit
    1~7 65,000 won 100,000 won
    8 75,000 won
    (Double occupancy)
    115,000 won
    (Singly occupancy)
    9 95,000 won
  • Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2020)
    Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2020)

    Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2019)
    Room Type Monthly Fees Deposit
    E~F 160,000 won 300,000 won
    G 150,000 won 600,000 won

Health Insurance (All International Students)

  • 80% of the private health insuarance is supported.

    ※Other options may exist.

  • Annual medical checkup

Flight Reimbursement (All Incoming International Students)

  • Reimbursement for a one-way flight to Korea

    ※For the first time use only.

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