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Admission SchedulePlease note that to be considered for admissions, we must have your completed application and all other required materials before the deadlines. Upon request, applications received after the deadline may be considered for the following semester.

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule
Semester of Entrance Spring Semester (Starting from March) Fall Semester (Starting from September)
Application Deadlines October 15 April 15
Examination of Documents 15 days 15 days
Documents Review 30 days 30 days
Notification of Admission Results End-November Mid-June
Registration of Admitted Students Early January Early July

Tuition Assistance (All students)

  • Tuition fully supported: 3,415,000 won per semester

※ The one-time matriculation fee of 680,000 won is charged to all newly admitted students to be enrolled. Some students may be exempt from this fee.

Monthly Stipends (All International Students)

  • Student allowance: 140,000 won per month for M.S. students, 295,000 won per month for Ph.D. students
  • Meal allowance: nearly 100,000 won per month

    ※Students should have completed at least 9 credits in the previous semester for the above two.

  • International student allowance: 120,000 won per month

    ※ GPA of 3.0 or higher (out of 4.5) in the previous semester

Research Assistantship
(All students participating in research projects)

Average as of 2019

  • 4,785,384 won per year of M.S.
  • 12,263,262 won per year of Ph.D

Housing (All Students)

※ The waiting time may take longer than expected.

※ The housing fees will be increased every year.

※ Utility fees are charged separately.

※ Additional costs may occur for wall papering or flooring.

  • Dormitory (as of 2020)
    Dormitory (as of 2020)

    Admission Schedule
    Room Type Monthly Fees Deposit
    1~7 65,000 won 100,000 won
    8 75,000 won
    (Double occupancy)
    115,000 won
    (Singly occupancy)
    9 95,000 won
  • Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2020)
    Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2020)

    Apartment for Married Students: Two bedroom apartment (as of 2019)
    Room Type Monthly Fees Deposit
    E~F 160,000 won 300,000 won
    G 150,000 won 600,000 won

Health Insurance (All International Students)

  • 80% of the private health insuarance is supported.

    ※Other options may exist.

  • Annual medical checkup

Flight Reimbursement (All Incoming International Students)

  • Reimbursement for a one-way flight to Korea

    ※For the first time use only.

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