Article published July 21, 2018
How Gheorghe Petic will be destroyed!

Gheorghe, we support you, we are with you!
For all Bessarabian students studying in Romania, they are probably known as: if you go to any market in Bucharest you will find contraband cigarettes from Moldova!

And the people who trade these cigarettes are mostly ethnic peopleā€¦ so that I am not accused by other people of being racist, I practiced folk dances in school and I know how to dance gypsy dances too! (Most people who practice folk also know how to dance gypsy dances)

These people shout cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes … even if the gendarmerie is not far away!
Today’s Romanian secret services are at least 6 times more numerous compared to Nicolae Ceausescu’s security.

In December 1989, all the State Security Directorates, including the Internal Affairs and the Army, organized in the 6 Security Directorates, had a total of 14,500 employees.
The SRI, SIE, STS and SPP intelligence services have a total of 55,000 employees.

To which is added the famous Two and a Quarter in its various forms as well as the services of the army, it turns out that all the services in Romania have 85,000 employees! I have a respect for the Romanian army and I want to mention that: the Romanian army has the most professional and honest employees!
Hats off in front of the Romanian Army!
In fact, it is naive to believe that the Romanian state institutions did not know about the theft of one billion USD from Moldova, about the money laundering of the Russian mafia / FSB through the banks of the Republic of Moldova!

You have seen that the Romanian authorities intervene in some way to stop these illegalities! At least I didn’t see it! That they benefited from these thefts / money laundering from the banks in the Republic of Moldova! I do not know! Or I don’t want to know! That’s a very good question!

How naive to believe that the Romanian authorities are not involved in cigarette smuggling!
These services catch terrorists like Omar Hayssam and bring him back to Romania and I don’t know what is happening in Obor Square?!?!?!?!?!?

Silence before the storm?

Mr. Gheorghe, you went to a very sensitive area for the mafia groups on both sides of the Prut River! (from Moldova and Romania)
To the force institutions in Romania we must add those of Moldova! And their reaction will not be delayed!

You took the mobsters from Moldova and Romania by surprise
1) And that’s why there will be a period of collecting information about you!

Now all the people in your entourage are being analyzed! Friends, relatives, schoolmates, your students, colleagues you have worked with or people you have contacted.

From all these people they will find a person with skeletons in the closet! And those in the system will not hesitate to use them!
You need to know that when you are attacked! You will be attacked from all sides!
– The second step is discrediting!

One of your classmates or students might remember that you paid for some people! (Even if it’s not true)
One could say that you are using drugs / you have used drugs! There are so many options and they have so many resources that they will make your life a nightmare! (Pedophile, Gay, terrorist, sectarian, rapist, drug addict, communist, corrupt, paranoid, mentally ill, spy, etc.)

Step by step your friends will move away from you!
– It will destroy you financially!

They will try to limit you in your actions to find a job! To own financial resources, the people who will try to hire you will also suffer!

And the last step will depend on your condition!

If they manage to “burn your brain” with harmful substances we will have a suspicious death! If you are still lucid we will wake up with a fabricated criminal case!
One thing is clear: they will try to silence you in every way possible!

article published on January 17, 2022


Bălți Municipality Prosecutor’s Office officially apologizes to Mr. Gheorghe Petic /

As regards the final and irrevocable acquittal of the sentence, pronounced by the Orhei District Court, headquarters, on November 30, 2021, following the complete waiver of the accusation made by the State Prosecutor, the prosecutor in the Orhei District Prosecutor’s Office, Vadim Machidon, for the reason, that the imputed deed does not meet the constitutive elements of the offenses provided by art.171 paragraph (1) and art.179 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code, pursuant to the provisions of art. 12 of Law no. 1545 of 25.02.1998 on the manner of repairing the damage caused by the illicit actions of the criminal investigation bodies, of the prosecutor’s office and of the courts, I bring to Mr. Gheorghe Petic, official apologies on behalf of the state on behalf of the prosecutors and criminal prosecution officers who have investigated the criminal cases against you.
Prosecutor, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
of the Prosecutor’s Office of Balti
Alexandru Celac
January 17, 2022

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