GPE filter reduces chlorine taste and smell, remove 97% of lead and 24 contaminants. Purer, healthier and great tasted water are our GPE filter’s commitment to everyone.

    What does GPE filter
    – Color, Chlorine, Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Lead.  

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2.More Economical, More environmentally friendly

-GPE Filter: each filter provides 200 gallons of filtered water and 6 months filters life.
-Bottled Water: at 240 gallons of water about 1800 bottles per year– around $450.
-Drinking filtered water instead of bottled can help reduce plastic waste. In one year you can save
1,800 disposable bottles from landfills and oceans with just 2 Long-last filters.

8 Top Reasons To Choose Us

  • 200 Gallons Filtered Water

  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

  • Pure PP Plastic

How to Find a Cheaper Replacement Water Filter for Your Refrigerator

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