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We Replace Lenses At Affordable Prices

Cheaply replace old lenses with your updated prescription and keep your favorite frames! Keep your old glasses but update them with new lenses or add sun glass tinting. And do it by mail! It is cheaper at Lensabl and it is more convenient. As glasses wearers ourselves we know this is a pain. So we created a better way.


Convenience is key

lensabl No need to leave home, we’ll send you the box. No need to fumble with postage, we’ve got you covered.

them Get in your car. Drive to a strip mall. Find a parking spot. Enter the store. Wait to be helped… you get where we’re going.

Keeping your pockets full

lensabl We save you an average of 70% compared to optician prices by cutting out the middlemen, and their cuts of your money. Not only that, but our base lenses are 25% thinner than standard lenses. We’re cutting everything over here.

them They more than likely send your frames out to be filled at an off-site lab that they’ve never seen before. And you’re footing the bill?

Single Vision Lenses

Lightweight, single-vision prescription lenses correct one field of vision, either distance or near. We can fill prescriptions between -15.00 and +6.00 sphere. Or up to +/- 4.00 cylinder using the highest quality CR-39, polycarbonate, and high-index lenses.

Digital HD
Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses help you see near and far. Our no-line, progressive lenses correct presbyopia issues. Progressive lenses feature reading correction in the bottom half & distance correction at the top. There is a smoothing intermediate region too. Progressive Lensabl / Super affordable prescription lenses, without leaving home

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