The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is an impressive testament to the skill and experience of Mercedes-Benz and our Formula 1 partner McLaren in the development and production of high-Sportwagen.Der two-seater with the distinctive wing doors and styling elements of the formula1 Silver Arrows borrowed builds on the legacy of the famous SLR race cars from the 1950s Jahren.Ausgestattet with the latest technology and racing car ground-breaking new developments Mercedes, designed to ensure a high standard of safety and suitability for day-to-day use, sets the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren a distinctive image for itself as a 21st century Gran Turismo -.a thrilling synthesis of tradition and innovation 

The newly developed supercharged V8 engine has an output of 460 kW/626 hp and accelerates the sports car from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 Sekunden.Die top speed is about. 334 km / h.Die body of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as the Mercedes-McLaren Formula 1 race car is made of carbon fiber composites – lightweight materials which demonstrate exemplary energy absorption, thus ensuring the highest Insassenschutz.Der SLRis the world’s first mass-produced car to a front crash structure entirely gefertigten.Adaptive carbon fibers airbags, newly developed knee and side airbags, belt tensioners, high-performance ceramic brake discs and an automatically adaptive airbrake in the boot lid round off the range ofsafety equipment on board the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, setting new standards in this vehicle class.
technology way during his advance, and an abundance of power – these were the distinguishing marks of the legendary SLR racing sports cars in which Fangio, Moss, Kling and other Mercedes drivers spectacular victories achieved in all important road race in 1955.Der Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren shows the same characteristics, its groundbreaking technical innovations so as the Mercedes-Benz among high-performance sports car.

two side members made from carbon fiber composite material manufactured to absorb energy in a head-anKollision 

The 21thCentury Gran Turismo is created almost entirely from carbon fiber composite material gefertigt.Diese lightweight yet extremely rigid material in the air and space industry and also has its advantages in today’s Formula 1 race car to demonstrate gestellt.Der weight advantage of the high-techmaterial over steel is around 50 percent, and the carbon fibers upon impact by a four-to-use five times higher energy absorption than steel or aluminum besteht.Mercedes-Benz these properties through the installation of two 620-millimeter longitudinal members made from carbon fiber in the front structure of theMercedes-Benz SLR McLaren gemacht.Diese the total energy of the impact absorbing in a defined frontal collision so that the cabin is almost entirely made of carbon fiber also unbeschädigt.Es composite and therefore offers a very safe survival zone in side or rear impact.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced new material technology for the production of brake discs are made of fiber-reinforced ceramic zu.Sie and are characterized by high stability and long lifetime aus.In collaboration with the electrohydraulic braking system Sensotronic Brake Control (SMC™), the optimum delay values ​​and thus underlined the impressive racing heritage of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

460-kW/626-hpV8-Triebwerk with advanced compression technology

In the interests of optimum dynamic handling and high braking stability, the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren a front-mid-engined high Design.DerV8 engine, mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame that is at a low level, which allows a low center of gravity for agile handling, it is installed.

With its 5.5-liter engine develops the turbocharged engine has a peak power output of 460 kW/626 hp and delivers its maximum torque of 780 Newton meters from 3250 rpm – a figure that remains constant over a wide speed range fromup to 5000 revolutions per minute bleibt.Dies means that the SLR 8-cylinder engines are currently the most powerful production sports car in a street car ist.Dieser high-performance car takes just 3.8 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100km / h, it passes the 200 km / h mark after 10.6 seconds, and from a standing start it takes only 28.8 seconds to 300 km / h top speed is 334 away.The km / h 

Water-type charge-air cooling, dry sump lubrication and four metal catalytic converters are further special features of this powerful engine -.An engine that is already the stringent EU 4 exhaust gas regulations that are not carried into effect until 2005.

The 5-speed automatic transmission is standard, for high power ausgelegt.Es allows the driver can choose between three programs with different characteristics Verschiebung.Wenn “manual” is selected, the five speed levelseither through buttons on the steering wheel or the selector lever’s touch shift function sein.In this mode, the driver can also select between three shift stages – “Sport”, “Super Sport” and “Race” -.A significant reduction in response times even further for an even sportier driving 

aerodynamic concept uses know-how from the world of Formula 1 

The body design of the Gran Turismo with the Mercedes star takes classical styling elementsthe legendary SLR racing cars from the 1950s and combines them skillfully with the sophisticated, avantgarde design language of both the latest Mercedes passenger car models and modern Silver Arrow racing cars, the McLaren Mercedes team to Formula 1 World Championship glory was in 1998 and1999.Das Design’s concept, in other words, exciting a bridge between past and present, at the same time the way forward for the sports car designs of tomorrow while.

meet standards to make the highest in terms of handling at high speed, directional stability and the cooling air requirements, who worked for high-performance cars of this kind, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren in the development of this model’s superlative aerodynamics, whichexemplary road holding, and was typically on the road safety standards for Mercedes.Nach extensive wind tunnel testing, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren a virtually smooth underbody with a special six-channel diffusor under the rear gegeben.Beide features make familiar design principles from Formula 1.Youthat the air flow is below the vehicle virtually unimpeded and that negative lift, drive, or are at higher speeds produziert.Die distinctive sidepipes on each side of the vehicle, the result of this high-performance sports car’s aerodynamic underbody concept.A conventional exhaust system would disturb the smooth line of the underbody have 

amHeck of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren a retractable spoiler sorgt.Ab additional downforce at speeds of 95 km / h, will automatically take a 10-degree position, increasing the contact pressure at the Hinterachse.Der spoiler also acts as an airbrake: when the driver brakes heavily, it rises to an angle of 65 degrees, not only ensuring increased aerodynamic drag but also shifting the aerodynamic center adds further to the hinten.DiesMercedes-Benz SLR McLaren excellent stability when braking from high speeds.

, functionality and luxury combined with stylish 

There is a very high level of functionality and luxury, is really the interior derMercedes-Benz SLR McLaren abheben.Individuell padded carbon-frame seats, a multifunction steering wheel with a racing cartype buttons for manual gear selection, clearly arranged chronometer-style instruments and high-quality materials define the atmosphere inside the high-performance sports car.

In addition to carbon and aluminum, the Mercedes designers have used “Silver Arrow” leather, specially for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which developed into the distinctive red of the legendary SLR racing car, 1950s.

Design: Spanning the gap between past, present and future 

legend and innovation – this is the order in which the body design of the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as itthe classical elements of style takes abdie legendary SLR racing cars of the 1950s and combines them skillfully with the sophisticated, avantgarde design language of both the latest Mercedes passenger car models and modern Silver Arrow racing car with which the McLaren-Mercedes team comes into Formula 1World Championship

The design’s concept therefore a bridge between past and present, and CRE-ates a car with a unique charisma – ..A Mercedes-synthesis of legend and innovation, which is impressive by any standard 

It is the front end, especially the singles from the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren as a direct descendant of the race cars that were so successful in recentTime: The center is the distinguishing mark, arrow-shaped nose dominiertdes Formula 1 Silver Arrow, and includes the Mercedes star on the front, a distinctive hallmark of manufacturing origins, the tradition.

under the nose can be taken a further typical styling element from the Formula 1 race found to cars, the McLaren-Mercedes took the championship crown in 1998 and 1999: the twin-fin front spoiler with the distinctively curved struts.As for the Silver Arrows, the wing fins are more than just a stylish distinctive features, they are actually crucial to the car’s’s Aerodynamik.Die high contact pressure to produce on the front axle has a key role in the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren plays’sure-footed, race car-like roadholding.

The fin design than anticipated recurring feature of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren’s appearance, so the main Taining a high degree of design consistency: separate ribbed sections of the head lamps from the nose, are the basis forthe two mirrors and adorn the rear light Rauf each side of the car, where the indicators’LEDs are positioned in two cantilevered fins placed one above the other 

Mercedes-breed design.Four-eyed face shapes distinguishing 

For the generously dimensioned air intake for engine cooling, the broad, flat bonnet, the rear edge is below the starting point for the A-pillars and allowing the deep design of Frontscheibe.Dies isAnother typical element from the world of motor racing, the driver is good visibility for high-speed driving needs taken.

The headlamp assembly is a refreshingly new version of the well known and equally successful one-to-face, which was the calling card of the Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles since 1995.In this SLR-style re-interpreted, if the allow beam and high beam are used together, they never Nevertheless, emphasized in its basic, distinctive oval shape successful tenants, the design team’s strong visual effect through the jacket powerful projection head lamps in housings, high-quality camera lenses, allhoused behind clear glass reinforced similar.

As with all current Mercedes passenger cars, the oval Liniendes one-to-face form the starting point for modeling the hood and the Flügel.Die rounded contours of the headlamps are becoming mighty dome-shaped curves that deliberately associationswith the human anatomy: the curves are again on the wing as the sinewy muscles of a well-trained athletes and leaves no doubt in everyone’s mind that this car bristles.with the pure power of a sports superstar 

The contours – soft yet full of vigor and dynamism – to produce with taut lines combine to create a stunning, sculpted exterior form, a clear expression of the uncompromising way in which thiscar’s high performance credentials were verfeinert.Die car can flex its muscles, but obviously without any hint of aggression, with every fiber of his lithe body trimmed and taut, ready to start forward at any time.

The convex curves derivative of the inner pair of headlights Sweepnahtlos all the way back to the A-pillars and forms a smooth optical connection between the front end and the Fahrgastraum.Als they start with the long bonnet,gently rounded dome back in tight, clean lines, in turn, the occurrence of mold the A-pillars and the side line.Turn This is also one of the elements on which the characteristic, strong doses of SLR silhouette: the long hood, tight waist, compact cabin and short rear to create a conscious connection between the river of the SLR’s lines and the styling elements derMercedes-sports cars from years gone by, and symbolize the feeling of rising to the front, that courses through the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

The high-performance sports car exudes the same powerful, yet harmonious impression when from behind gesehenAuch.Dies is up to the elegant way in which the flow lines of the passenger compartment in the lid of the trunk, therejuvenate lean on the pillars, roof downwards geholfen.Im contrast to the SLR Silver Arrows of the 1950s, bent its tail slightly down, the boot of the Mercedes-Benz SLR is McLaren at the same high level, with the aerodynamic qualities. improve

The large rear lights are einsofort into Auge.Das distinctive, triangular shape of the transparent lenses, a typical feature of the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, has a wrap-around design that far into the side panels to the width of the bodystress extends.

Side gills and wide open doors 

It is especially the side profile of the high-performance sports car, which they as a car whose manufacturer has a long and illustrious motorsport tradition, with large,finned air openings breathing new life into the SLR Legende.Diese “gills” are far more than just a styling touch and then, and now serves as the designer of the ventilation of the Motorraums.Die Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren have, even more emphasis on this particularfunction conferred by increasing the surface of the plate toward the back of the gills, and by a clean cut line at the end of the fins, then on to the sweeping hintenum the styling add to the double doors.

If there is a special feature that the new Gran Turismo has adopted from the Uhlenhaut coupe, the coupe version of the legendary SLR racing car, designed in1955 by Mercedes’head of audit at this time, Uhlenhaut isit the doors.

In their modern interpretation, however, they attached to the front roof pillars rather than on the roof itself and swing to vornund up in a wide Winkel.Nicht less sensational than the gullwing doors design from the 1950s, this new conceptalso increases the input to the vehicle for easy entry and exit for the driver and front passenger.

functionality, and an inspiring view of defining the internal architecture 

The interior reflects every detail of the interior, the high-performance character of the Mercedes-Benz SLR you McLaren.Nehmen your seat on board, and you’ll feel the thrill of sitting in a purebred Sportwagen.Die on-board atmosphere is also a security and peace – core requirements focus, where, driving too fast 

The basic terms this is a simple yetvery emotional design language .. It takes almost the fin design and uses them consistently in the typical SLR Innenraum.Hier fins are in the air vents of the airbags and the instruments Siberian Husky profiles appear light and delicate, deliberately reduced the cockpitwhat is essential, in accordance with the Motor Sports Philosophie.Das design deliberately focuses on the essentials: the dynamic driving experience 

At the center of the interior is undoubtedly the center console with its high-quality aluminum trim .. A visual extension of the distinctively shapedhandle the Formula-1-dome hood, the center console like the transition between interior and exterior acts, while also picking up the powerful lines of the front-end design, not before it flows back over the transmission tunnel on the Schwanzdes SLR.Umthis clear view, the radio and navigation system are disturbing discreetly under a cover in the center console, the light in a graceful curve, when pressed opens untergebracht.Das instrument cluster surround and seem reinforced the impression of Macht.Die two tubes in the hood toplunge, make a visual connection with the Gran Turismo’s Stromquelle.Klar designed, circular instruments are centrally located in these tubes and perfectly positioned in the driver’s field of vision.

The design of the instruments based on the appearance of a high-quality chronometers basiert.Die large dials are specially lettered for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren developed eingeschrieben.Die rather stark appearance conceals the latest display technology.

Despite its racing character, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren has a high quality, in-viting Gefühl.Dies is due to the stimulating interaction of selected carbon and Materialien.Aluminium contrast to supple “Silver Arrow”Leather that has been developed specifically for the new high-performance sports car was spectacular, and sets standards for quality and Materialstärke.20 different colors to choose dates to choose from, including the same bold shade of red, the new trends in the 1950s, asIt was featured in those legendary, memorable sports cars, the SL and SLR was chosen: the result is automotive tradition can be two-tone interior Siewirklich fühlen.Ein both high functionality and exquisite atmosphere Bord.In many areas, the different materials combinedare schaffen.Ein to visual Islands fine hematite-colored frame, for example, embedded in lush leather surrounds the center console aluminum 

inside.Harmony of shapes and materials 

The combination of luxurious facilities and a strong SportPKW style creates a unique atmosphere, charming atmosphere on board the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.Exklusives soft “Silver Arrow” leather, specially developed for the SLR, and select materials such as aluminum and carbon, in striking contrast to the pure functionality of a vehicle whose roots lie in the world of Motorsports.Herausragender comfort and a conscious focus on the pleasures of refined driving dynamics 

Despite the focuson.Inside as the exterior, the racing heritage with the clear advantages of a classic Gran Turismo combines luxury and comfort, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren’s internal dimensions are clearly those of a high-performance Sportwagens.Im consistent with extremely high requirements in termson dynamic handling, the cabin is compact, whereby an individual Haptik.Dennoch there is a feeling of space inside the two-seater, thanks in part to the low seating position that allows a low roofline, while lowering the center of gravity, the dynamic handling benefit kommt.Dieback of the seat Carbon fiber is set at an angle of 28 degrees on the seat cushion, instead of 25 degrees, so a sporty riding position.

Generous dimensions ensure a welcoming Interieur.Der SLR exceeds the shoulder and elbow width dimensions of the many luxury and mid-size sedans and provides its occupants with a lot of personal Freiraum.Die main interior dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren: 
Inside length: 1006 mmHeadroom: 919 mmShoulder-height width: 1371 mmElbow Width: 1443 mmSeat cushion height: 565 mm 
seat cushion Removable for a personalized fit 

take after the wide-opening gullwing doors, driver and front passengertheir places in an easy, one-piece carbon fiber seats, the basic design features of which have proven their advantages prove to the world of motorsports eingetragen.Dank the multi-layer carbon fiber composite structure, it is easier not only 25 percentas a conventional car seats, but also offer ergonomic advantages: a set of two cushions modules in three different sizes, the seat contours provides individually customized werdenan the anatomy of this page Fahrers.Drei sets padding modules are available, so that the seats in theoptimum upper body and hip width for the driver can be customized offers made-to-measure Seitenhalt.Die individual modules, based in semi-aniline leather, are bolted to the carbon frame.

The one-piece carbon fiber composite frame at four points in an electric seat adjustment, which are used to adjust connected istSitz’s forward and rear position (130 mm), height (by 41 millimeters) andangle (up to 9.6 degrees) for personal Anforderungen.Als result of one-piece design of the carbon fiber composite material seat frame, the angle of both the seat cushion and backrest simultaneously.Set 

high-class chronometer look for the cockpit 

Even the process of inserting the electronic ignition key with a compelling was imbued with a unique feel SLR: a starter button on the solid metal knob onthe tip of the lever on the center tunnel immediately starts to rot glühen.Leichtem pressure with the thumb, and the grid-style door opens to provide access to the illuminated key geben.Ein pressure with the thumb brings the enormous power of the supercharged V8 engine to thelives.

The interaction of various well-designed interior details underscores the character of the whole blood-SLR with all Zeiten.Dennoch the cockpit design is deliberately focuses on the essentials, in accordance with the Motor Sports Philosophie.Leicht legible characters ondark background, which were created specifically for the SLR define the instruments’attractive, classic chronometer-design – a design that also signals at first glance Präzision.Sie outstanding record set by a matte chrome surface and accompanied by other indicators,which the coolant temperature (left) and fuel (right), as well as warning lights and warning lights that light up only when the ignition is started or when an error 
The brightness of the backlight dials automatically to the prevailing light conditions in the interior of the gullwing-door Fahrzeug.Ein Another unusual detail., When the engine is started, the spring, the needles back to their original position 

State of the artdisplays at the bottom of the speedometer and the tachometer is an information center for a number of dienenFunktionen.Das aim of this control and display concept to distract the driver of the operating condition of the vehicle, without his or her attention from the road to informieren.Wasmeans that at the push of a button the driver’s personal list of stations that are chosen CD – appears directly, the two central displays are available with the multifunction steering wheel and the car radio, telephone and navigation system gekoppeltim phone book or navigation information indriver’s field of vision.Can 

multi-function steering wheel with buttons for quick gear changes 

Eight backlit buttons on the multifunction steering wheel, the driver A or its requirements to be specified – genügt.Sie ​​a light tap with your thumb offer a simple means of regulatingthe volume and the adoption or termination of calls.

The three-spoke steering wheel, which has a diameter of 380 millimeters, has been specifically designed for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren can reach entwickelt.Es to be adjusted by 60 millimeters and its height is about 2.7 degreesvaries it should.At the back of the spokes are buttons that use the driver for transmission in manual mode, no change can take his hands off the wheel -.A familiar feature in Formula 1 

aluminum panel with buttons for Luftbremseund shift program 

The center console made of high grade aluminum, is another eye-catcher on board the high-Sportwagens.Es not homeonly the car radio with navigation system, but the climate control unit and a few new switches, which activate and control a variety of innovative technical features on board the SLR.

One of these switches operates the airbrakes aufder Kofferraumdeckel.Ab a speed of 95 km / h This extends automatically to provide more downforce, and if it rises more slowly at a steep angle for optimum delay sorgt.Die SLR drivercan also use the switch here to the air brakes, if necessary.

The two rotary switches on the center console is another Besonderheit.Sie ​​let the driver be used to select between the automatic transmission’s three shift programs: “Manual”, “Comfortline” and “Sport”, the driver.can also use the right knob on the speed of switching.

The radio and navigation system are also located in the center console, covered by an aluminum cover to distract not the operator bestimmen.Unter are the radio / navigation unit has two ergonomically designed aluminum knob for controlling the air conditioning.

Material concept emphasizes elegance and sportiness 

In the two-tone interior that uses only selected Materialienwie high quality leather and fine Alcantara for the entire headliner and elegant pearl velor for the carpets, the dash to disruptivereflexes to avoid dark, while the seats, door panels, tunnel trim, rear panel and the rear shelf come in a contrasting color 

There are many details inspired.the high-quality integrated speakers in the door panels, for example, a grid-cover, which form the styling of the air outlets on the sides halltdes Fahrzeugs.Die back of the grille surround is the doorknob, while a simple leather strap is at the top of the door as a separate door handle – antraditional feature of the legendary Mercedes-Benz motor sport vehicles abgeleitet.Die uncompromising, clean-cut interior of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren also has aluminum pedals with rubber studs.

Large trunk and roomy storage compartments 

An exceptionally large, salon-style highlights the boot that this is a thoroughbred grand tourer, designed for long distance service ist.Nach to the VDA measuring method hasIt has a capacity of 272 Litern.Selbst when the trunk is fully loaded, are still protected the residents free access to the CD changer, which is housed in the trunk.

In addition to the spacious trunk, there is plenty of storage space in the interior total 46.1 liters, including a 42.5-liter storage compartment under the Hutablage.Weitere compartments in the rear wall of the center tunnel console and can be found.

The switch for the adjustment of the seats, the electric window buttons and door opener are conveniently positioniertund between the sill and the seat provides another example of the sports car’s consistent use of space and ergonomic design.The handbrakeis in a shaped recess on the right side of the center tunnel.

, automatic climate control with sensors, which is the position of the sun, the air quality and humidity 
Despite his uncompromising motor racing character, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren with a state-of-the-art climate control system that provides the ulti-mate ausgestattet.Die in power, functionality and controllability both grippy aluminum dials the air conditioning control unit in the center console, a separate temperatures for driver and passenger side enables to select -.The new target is illuminated on the aluminum dial 

In the automatic mode, a microcomputer monitors the functions of the automatic air conditioning, receiving and processing a wide range of Daten.Dazu includes information on the battery voltage, coolant temperature, engine speed and ground speed andthe position of the doors and the Seitenfenstern.Sensoren provide further important literature: 
Two sensors continuously record the temperature in the Innenraum.Ein solar sensor on the dashboard measures the angle of incidence and intensity of the sun’s rays, so that the temperature, quantityand distribution of air are blown into the interior adequately regulated kann.Ein dewpoint of the air conditioner’s intake recorded moisture and provides economic regulation of the refrigerant compressor.A pollutant sensor in the automatic climate control system’s intake detect any increase in the concentration of carbon monoxide

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