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The Mercedes-Benz C112 was an experimental mid-engined sportscar created in 1991 by Mercedes-Benz as a test bed, similar to the later versions of the Mercedes-Benz C111. Despite using the same number, it was not related to the 1960s Mercedes-Benz W112 series of limousines and coupes of the 1960s. The C112 also was a road-legal counterpart for the Sauber-built Mercedes-Benz C11 Group C prototype race car for the 1990 World Sportscar Championship.

The C112 which also featured gullwing doors was equipped with the new 6.0-litre V12 engine, with the standard 300 kW (408 hp) and peak torque of 580 Nm. The major systems tested on this vehicle were:

Active Body Control

This was designed to control the vehicles stability through a combination of active springs and hydraulics at each wheel, plus sensors that monitor the vehicle’s movements. The vehicles computer assesses the information from the sensors and adjusts the suspension accordingly.

Other systems

The most recent updates in anti-locking braking (ABS) and anti-skid control system (ASR) which split the braking pressure between the front and rear wheels

Active Aerodynamics

This was provided through the cars front spoiler and rear wing which could be moved to ensure the optimum combination of low drag and high downforce. The rear wing was also used to improve the car’s braking in emergency situations. Although this was not seen in production until the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

Even though Mercedes-Benz received 700 orders for the car it never went into production

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