Application Overview


Eligibility People who have full of skills and knowledge, and are currently living in either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China and
having the nationality of either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China. ※ If you have already applied for 2016~2021 programs, you cannot apply in this time.
Recruitment numbers 200 interns
Application period Summer internship: the middle of May, 2022~the late of June
Winter internship: the middle of August, 2022~the late of September
Place where interns do the internship ■The place of internship: Intership company in general
Disgnated facilities such as overseas’ University due to the internship program types.
Internship period
(To be arranged)
Summer :
①1st August 2022~9th September 2022
②22nd August, 2022~30th September2022
Winter :
①31st October 2022~9th December 2022
②7th November 2022~16th December 2022
Application requirements Applicants must meet all the following requirements:

  • □Understanding the purpose of this program and having the will to contribute to the host company’s activities with his/her skill and knowledge
  • □Living in either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China and
    Having the nationality of either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China
  • □Being able to work as an intern for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, Monday through Friday in the place agreed, in the case of the Course-A, a designated workspace.
  • □Having language proficiency in Japanese (JLPT N3 or higher) and/or in English (Business level).
  • □Submitting the following document(s):
    →For Students of University or Graduate School: a letter of recommendation by his/her academic advisor
    →For Graduates: a graduation certificate of university or graduate school
  • □Submitting a certificate of useful qualifications for internship (if applicable)
  • □Being able to attend the Pre- and post-orientation
  • □Being able to follow the instruction by JIP office and the host company.

Note: The applicant cannot apply if he/she has already participated in this program from FY2016 to FY2021.

How to Apply
  • □For those who want to apply this project, we would like everyone to register new account from the website below.
  • □Please click the link below and create your account from [SIGN UP(Free)] button. It takes around 10 mins to fill up all your information.
  • □After registering account, please open this page again with logged in, then click [Apply Status] and [Apply] button below.
Main support for interns For all course:

  • 1. Insurance coverage during the activity period
  • 2. Interns can borrow communication device such as laptop, LAN, and mobile phone etc.
    ※If you are the type of visiting Japan, we cover your expense for visiting Japan.
Main responsibilities of interns
  • □Developing an internship plan (intern’s role, goals, etc.) in cooperation with a responsible person of the host company.
  • □Participating in pre-training, Kickoff training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.
  • □Engaging in internship during the designated period.
  • □Being able to follow the instruction by JIP office and the host company.
  • □Keeping regular contact with the host company during the internship period.
  • □Keeping appropriate behavior required as a recipient of public funds from Japanese government.

※This internship program does not offer an actual employment but work experience within certain period in Japanese company.

Internship Process

  • step1 Recruitment & Matching
  • step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures
  • step3 Running Internships

step1 Recruitment & Matching

1. Information
Summer internship: the middle of May, 2022~Thursday, 30 June
Winter intership: the middle of May, 2022~Friday, 30 september
  • Applicants must be Living in either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China and
    Having the nationality of either country on the OECD/DAC List except People’s Republic of China.
  • Information sessions for interns will be held online. Applicants can apply for the internship even if he/she did not attend the information session.
  • Information sessions for host companies will also be held online.
  • Applications is accepted online through the entry form on JIP office website.
2. Selection / Matching
Summer intership: July, 2022~the middle of August
Winter internship: September, 2022~Octobber
  • Based on the content of the application, JIP office will check various elements, such as applicant’s aptitude, motivation, experience, skills, etc.
  • JIP office will conduct a document screening, first interview and second interview.
  • The applicant may be asked to submit additional documents for reference, such as a certification of certain skill which may be useful for internship, during the selection process.
  • JIP office will select and recommend the appropriate candidates to the host companies, according to their applications, along with their expectations and preferences.
  • The result of the matching will be informed to both the host company and the applicant. The matching will be established if both of them can accept the result.
  • Once a matching is established, you are not allowed to decline.
3. The


  • The Screening Committee approves the matching.
4. Notification
of results
  • After approval by the Screening Committee, a notice of acceptance will be sent to both the intern and the company. Based on this notification, the company and intern will begin to prepare for the internship activities.
5. Finalization of contract
  • Contracts will be signed between JIP office and the host company, and between JIP office and the intern, defining the rules and obligations regarding the acceptance and implementation of the internship.

step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures

Important Points to Confirm

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions before applying.

  • 1. Submitting an application does not guarantee your participation to this program.
  • 2. JIP office will not respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or reasons for acceptance/rejection.
  • 3. Even if the Screening Committee approves the application and the matching is completed, there is a possibility that the application will be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. natural disaster).
  • 4. After the matching is approved by the Screening Committee and is under mutual agreement, cancellation is not possible.
  • 5. Once the internship starts, it cannot be interrupted for the convenience of the company or the intern.
  • 6. As this is a government-funded 2022 internship program, the results of the internship will be published on the website, including the name of the company or institution, a summary of the internship, and information from interviews.


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