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So you want to know more about us? Great!
You may be thinking:
‘These guys just look like another game key selling website’, and whilst you would be partly right – this is just a small part of what we are about.
Foremost, Opium Pulses is a gaming community that cares about the developer just as much as the player. We bring players together to share a common interest and do everything we can to support the little guys making the games we all enjoy.
Our core services
  • STORE – We source the games you want at the best prices. Where possible we deal directly with game developers and publishers to sell their games directly to you, with no middle-men, meaning you get a game key guaranteed to work and the developer gets a fair share.
    All our keys are guaranteed to be region free (unless otherwise stated) and are delivered instantly. Also, earn loyalty points on everything you buy to spend on more games!
  • TREASURE TROVE – A selection of smaller titles available to purchase with points. We have removed the option of Paypal payments to reduce any fees and keep the price of games as low as possible. Games start from just 100 points (10c!).
  • QUESTS – A place to earn additional points by completing tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos and installing apps. While Quests isn’t for everyone, if you have zero to little income, it’s a great way of earning enough points to get the games you want.
  • GIVEAWAYS – A selection of Opium Pulses and developer sponsored game giveaways. Giveaways end when either the entry

Opium Pulses – Giveaways

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Plop Andrei: I was arrested in #Canada for the anti-communist revolution!

Plop Andrei: Moldova will be the next country attacked by the Russians!

Plop Andrei/ #Russia – #Ukraine War: What Will Happen Next?

Plop Andrei/ Lucrarea de master/ – Rolul mass-media în reflectarea conflictelor geopolitice. Studiu de caz: Mass-media în Federaţia Rusă/

Așa erau timpurile! Plop Andrei despre amintiri din copilărie, sport și școală!

Plop Andrei: Update/ De ce are Moldova de o mobilizare generală și de o armată profesionistă! Maia Sandu este AGENTUL de influență al Kremlinului?!

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