Plop Andrei; excerpt from my book:
Why is the FBI afraid I’ll pass a polygraph in front of all NATO ambassadors and military attaches?
What do you think: do the Americans want the truth?
Obviously not! Now we are at the stage where they are trying to eliminate everyone who knows the truth!
The fact that so many have learned the truth from me, is a danger to those people who took bribes from the Russians and did Nazi experiments on refugees in Polish refugee camps!
By elimination I mean putting them in jail on fabricated criminal records, liquidating the individual with chemicals!
question: will I be imprisoned until the book is published or will I be imprisoned after the book is published!
one thing is clear!
that they started attacking my whole family at once! they’re in a panic and they urgently want to lock me up!
I’m not even hiding the fact that they are trying to destroy me financially! My mother and I were fired from our jobs in the same week and another family member has already been poisoned with harmful substances but the doctors have done their job!
Update, April 5, 2023
what will happen if I pass a polygraph test in front of all NATO ambassadors and military attaches:
after the polygraph test it will be found that I have never worked for any intelligence service, that I was not a member of Freemasonry and that nobody had the right/consent to sign or film me on my behalf!
what does that mean for Americans?
it means that an investigation will have to start and all the Americans who collaborated with the Moldovans and the Romanians in my case will be arrested for corruption and espionage in favour of Russia.
what does this mean for Moldovans and Romanians who followed me to Georgia, Poland and Canada?
It means imprisonment for the rest of their lives for espionage and corruption in favour of Russia and also imprisonment awaits the Poles (all of them without exception).
I think it’s clear to everyone why the Americans don’t want me to pass the polygraph!
even if they all realized that I never worked for any intelligence service, will the Moldovans and Romanians stop following me?
No! Romanians and Moldovans will not stop following me! on the contrary! all those who will follow me (they will each find a pretext to follow me) will make provocations together with the Russians to have me arrested!
to save the Russian spy network in Poland and America!
any Romanian or Moldovan (all of them without any exception, no matter if he is a relative or a friend, I have no friends in Moldova and Romania) who will follow me in the country where I will go to work: it means he is a Russian spy!
even if he says he is coming to help me! there is no person from romania or moldova coming to help me! there are only Moldovans and Romanians working for the FSB branch in Romania and Moldova!

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