Scheduled to become a success of the national project, the Republic of Moldova has increasingly become the most authentic failure: the economy has remained rudimentary, the citizens have been impoverished, one third of the population has left home for work abroad , power was seized by an incapable autocrat, and democracy dies.

The only thing that still links the territory between the Prut and the Dniester of Europe is the stubbornness of Bucharest to force a European destiny for hundreds of politicians who despise everything that Europe represents.

Everything here is in the midst of a failure, unique in scope and generalization on the European continent.

Situated somewhere between positions 130 and 140 in the world ranking of economic performance (according to GDP / inhabitant, PPP methodology, comparable prices), crushed in that ranking between Samoa and Tonga, the Republic of Moldova (5.660 USD / inhabitant) lost contact with the platoon of the former Soviet republics of the GUAM group (Georgia-Ukraine-Armenia-Moldova), ahead of Ukraine (8320USD / inhabitant, 118th position in the world), Armenia (8.640 USD / inhabitant, 114th globe) / inhabitant, 108th position on the globe).

Belarus defies the entire GUAM group from the 72nd position on the globe, with over $ 18,000 per capita, and Bulgaria (the weakest country in the European Union) is far off on the 64th place with over $ 20,000 per capita! What to say about Romania, which with the 24,500 USD / inhabitant has reached the 60th position in the world.

The Republic of Moldova has thus reached, after almost three decades of independent existence, Europe’s codice, the poorest corner of the continent … The trade deficit is almost one-third of GDP ($ 2.5 billion deficit to a GDP of about $ 7 billion ) and the amount of debt to the gas supplier, Gazprom, is equal to GDP (almost $ 7 billion)!

Disaster has become the new normality in the Republic of Moldova: although newspapers and televisions are struggling to report new and new “achievements” of the economy, the confidence of the population in such news is so high that one third of citizens have already gone abroad, the fact that 54% of the remaining people are planning to leave. Let’s not forget that the “Republic of Moldova” brand is so strong that 30% of the citizens (about 1 million people) took the citizenship of another state (Romania, where they are right, they are not even foreigners).

Democracy has completely disappeared from Chisinau, in its own right. Four to four years are holding elections, the outcome of which no longer matters: practically some people are picked up, then bought or blackmailed by the Republican chief in order to divert the meaning of the popular vote.

Here, for example, what popular vote shows at the last elections, those of November 2014, and as it turns out today, at the conclusion of the four-year electoral cycle, the Parliament of Chisinau:

Republic of #Moldova: The End of History Republic of #Moldova: The End of History

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