Senior Officer, Science & Technology (S&T) 220636

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Salary (Pay Basis)

 : 8,206.40Euro (EUR) Monthly

Grade NATO Grade G20


The mission of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) is to help position the Nations and NATO’s S&T investments as a strategic enabler of the knowledge and technical advantage for the defence and security posture of NATO Nations and partner Nations, by (a) conducting and promoting S&T activities (b) contributing to NATO’s ability to enable and influence security and defence related capability development, and (c) supporting decision-making in the Nations and NATO.
The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) is chartered to provide executive and administrative support to the Chief Scientist in fulfilling his/her roles as the Chair of the STB and the senior scientific advisor at NATO Headquarters.
Accordingly, the Chief Scientist has a Chartered responsibility to be the senior scientific advisor to NATO leadership, and is mandated to ensure that appropriate and timely S&T advice is provided to NATO senior decision makers.
The Senior Officer, S&T Advice, provides support to the Chief Scientist in his/her role of scientific advisor to NATO leadership. The post requires the proactive identification of opportunities for the provision of advice (often in the form of written papers and briefings) and well as responding rapidly to requests for advice from NATO leadership.
The advice section in the Office of the Chief Scientist is small, and the post of Senior Officer will involve both the ability to work independently, and also in collaboration with others.
Deputizing for the Branch Head S&T Advice.
Performing other related functions, as directed by the Chief Scientist.
The functions involve irregular working hours and frequent travel abroad, including on weekends.
The incumbent must :
  • hold a University degree from an institute of recognised standing or an equivalent qualification from a defence/military institution,  in a scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical discipline, or relevant field;
  • have at least 7 years, of experience in a Science & Technology environment, in progressively responsible positions, at different management levels;
  • have 3 years of experience in working in an international environment with demonstrated the capability of working in a multinational and multicultural environment with scientific and military personnel at all levels;
  • have knowledge of research and development organisations;
  • have thorough knowledge of strategic planning concepts and methods;
  • have knowledge of programmes and activities within NATO member states’ S&T communities;
  • have broad operational knowledge of military technology;
  • have practical experience in the conduct of international relations and demonstrated ability to work effectively in an international environment with scientific and military personnel at all levels.
  • have working knowledge in office word processing, spreadsheet, graphics presentations and database software;
  • possess the following minimum levels of NATO’s official languages (English/French): V (“Advanced”) in one; I (“Beginner”) in the other;
 The work in the STO is mainly conducted in the English language.
  • experience in operational research and analysis, or related scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical discipline;
  • practical management experience in planning, programming and budgeting;
  • working knowledge of analytical or mathematical software;
  • coding experience;
  • a state or university post-graduate degree in a scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical discipline of interest to defence and/or security;
  • a higher level (II or above) of French and/or knowledge of other NATO Nations’ language(s).
In coordination with and in support of the Branch Head Science & Technology Advice, the incumbent is responsible for:
Expertise Development
Supporting the Chief Scientist in advising on policies in the scientific and/or technological domains. Providing strategic scientific assessment on scientific & technical matters.
Conducting S&T foresight activities relevant to security and defence, and developing appropriate methodologies.
Supporting the Chief Scientist in systematically integrating S&T-based advice in NATO decision-making processes, including political, military, and enterprise.
Policy Development
Assessing the development and impact of emerging technologies and their potentially disruptive effects on military capabilities and associated policy choices.
Representation of the Organisation
Participating actively in fostering knowledge exchange on S&T matters with the Nations, disseminating NATO S&T results to NATO and Allied as well as Partner Nations.
Financial Management
Supporting strategic programme analysis and budget planning.
    • S/he works closely with the Chief Scientist and other staff members in the OCS, who are International Military Personnel or NATO International Civilians.
    • The incumbent deals with high-level scientists, engineers and military personnel from NATO and Partner nations.
    • Co-ordinates activities with members of the NATO Science & Technology Board, National Co-ordinators, Chairs of the STO Panels and Group, and Directors and Staff of the STO Executive Bodies.
Direct reports: N/A
Indirect reports: N/A
Achievement: Creates own measures of excellence and improves performance.
Analytical Thinking: Sees multiple relationships.
Change Leadership: Expresses vision for change.
Impact and Influence: Uses indirect influence.
Initiative: Is decisive in a time-sensitive situation.
Organizational Awareness: Understands organisational politics.
Teamwork: Solicits inputs and encourages others.
Contract to be offered to the successful applicant (if non-seconded): Definite duration contract of three years; possibility of renewal for up to three years, during which the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite duration contract.
Contract clause applicable:
In accordance with the contract policy, this is a post in which turnover is desirable for political reasons in order to be able to accommodate the Organisation’s need to carry out its tasks as mandated by the Nations in a changing environment, for example by maintaining the flexibility necessary to shape the Organisation’s skills profile, and to ensure appropriate international diversity.
The maximum period of service foreseen in this post is 6 years. The successful applicant will be offered a 3-year definite duration contract, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years. However, according to the procedure described in the contract policy the incumbent may apply for conversion to an indefinite contract during the period of renewal and no later than one year before the end of contract.
If the successful applicant is seconded from the national administration of one of NATO’s member States, a 3-year definite duration contract will be offered, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years subject also to the agreement of the national authority concerned. The maximum period of service in the post as a seconded staff member is six years.
Serving staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Régulations.
Please note that we can only accept applications from nationals of NATO member countries.
Applications must be submitted using e-recruitment system, as applicable:
  • For NATO civilian staff members only: please apply via the internal recruitment portal (link);
  • For all other applications:
Please note that at the time of the interviews, candidates will be asked to provide evidence of their education and professional experience as relevant for this vacancy.
Appointment will be subject to receipt of a security clearance (provided by the national Authorities of the selected candidate) and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser.
More information about the recruitment process and conditions of employment, can be found at our website (
NATO is committed to diversity and inclusion, and strives to provide equal access to employment, advancement and retention, independent of gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, cultural background, sexual orientation, and disability. NATO welcomes applications of nationals from all member Nations, and strongly encourages women to apply.
Building Integrity is a key element of NATO’s core tasks. As an employer, NATO values commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector. Selected candidates are expected to be role models of integrity, and to promote good governance through ongoing efforts in their work.
Due to the broad interest in NATO and the large number of potential candidates, telephone or e-mail enquiries cannot be dealt with.
Applicants who are not successful in this competition may be offered an appointment to another post of a similar nature, albeit at the same or a lower grade, provided they meet the necessary requirements.
The nature of this position may require the staff member at times to be called upon to travel for work and/or to work outside normal office hours.
The organization offers several work-life policies including Teleworking and Flexible Working arrangements (Flexitime) subject to business requirements.
Please note that the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium is a non-smoking environment.
For information about the NATO Single Salary Scale (Grading, Allowances, etc.) please visit our website. Detailed data is available under the Salary and Benefits tab.
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