TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program


International education and training has long been one of the TaiwanICDF’s core operations, among many others. Human resources development programs play a vital role in assisting partner countries achieve sustainable development, and education is a crucial mechanism for training workforces in developing countries. The TaiwanICDF provides scholarships for higher education and has developed undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs in cooperation with renowned partner universities in Taiwan.

The TaiwanICDF has established the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) with 23 partner universities, setting up an operational platform under this TICA framework to manage and improve the scholarship program. In 2024, there are 29 programs offered for TaiwanICDF Scholarship application. More information about each of the programs offered in 2024, please refer to their individual website.

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Applicants must complete an online application from December 1, 2023-March 15, 2024.

Please go to TaiwanICDF Scholarship Online Application System to fill in your application.

Please note that each applicant can only apply for one program at a time.
The applicant also needs to submit a separate program application to his/her chosen universities.

TaiwanICDF Scholarship Online Application System





Applicants applying for the TaiwanICDF Scholarship must meet both general eligiblity criteria and be a national of a country on the List of Countries Eligible for TaiwanICDF Scholarship. Applicants must also meet the Regulations Governing Visiting, Resident, and Permanent Residency of Aliens set by ROC (Taiwan) National Immigration Agency.

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Q1: Where should I apply for the TaiwanICDF scholarship? 
A1: Please enter and submit an application on the TaiwanICDF Scholarship Online Application System

Q2: Can I apply for more than one program at the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) universities?
A2: No. You can only apply for one program at one TICA university each year.

Q3: Do I have to finish the Online Mandarin Test? Where can I check my score?
A3: Your selection during the second review may be affected if you have not completed the Online Mandarin Test. Test results will not be open to the public or applicants. 

Q4: Does the TaiwanICDF have any requirements regarding English proficiency test?
A4: NO. The TaiwanICDF has no requirments regarding English proficiency test. However, you will need to follow the policies of your school and program, which may include academic or language requirements such as an English proficiency test. 
Please contact the school or program you are interested in for further guidance. 

Q5: Can I change my program during the application process?
A5: No. Once you submit the application, changing your program will not be possible. 
Q6: I am currently studying in another program in another country. Can I apply for and receive the TaiwanICDF scholarship?
A6: No. The TaiwanICDF scholarship is exclusively for students attending partner schools and programs within TICA.

Q7: Do I need to start from the beginning of the application even though I applied for the scholarship last year?
A7: Yes. Even if you completed an online application last year, you will need to redo the entire application procedure.

Q8: Will there be any charges for application?
A8: There will be no additional charges for the TaiwanICDF online application. However, each school and program may have its own policies regarding fees and expenses. 
For more information, please contact the school or program you are interested in.

Q9: Is there an age limit for application?
A9: No. We will evaluate all applicants comprehensively, rather than accept or reject them based on one single quality. All positive features will be valued and taken into careful consideration. 

Q10: If I receive admission to the university I applied to, does that mean that I have also received the TaiwanICDF scholarship?
A10: No. Receiving admission from the university does not necessarily mean that the applicant has also been given a TaiwanICDF scholarship. Only applicants who receive an acceptance letter issued by the TaiwanICDF can be considered recipients of the scholarship.

Q11: After I have been accepted for the TaiwanICDF scholarship, can I change my program to another program that is also part of the TICA?
A11: No. Should you do so, your scholarship will be canceled. 

Q12: I am already studying in Taiwan. Can I switch to a TICA partner school or program and be eligible to receive a scholarship?
A12: You will need to start from the beginning of the application. 

Q13: Am I allowed to have a part-time job?
A13: Yes. You may have a part-time job within the scope of employment law in Taiwan. For more information, please click here.

Q14: Can I work in Taiwan after graduation?
A14: Yes. For more information, please click here.

Q15: Can I also be sponsored by another scholarship that is funded by the Taiwan government while I am already a TaiwanICDF scholarship recipient?
A15: No. If you have already been accepted as a TaiwanICDF scholarship recipient, you may neither apply for nor accept another Taiwan agency-financed scholarship. 

Q16: Can I apply for a scholarship again right after I graduate from a TICA program?
A16:No. There must be at least a one-year gap before your next application for a TaiwanICDF scholarship. 

Q17: Can I extend the duration of the scholarship?
A17: No. You may not extend the duration of the scholarship. Any additional duration of study must be taken at your own expense.

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