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UNITAR Social Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Women in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan

The UNITAR Social Entrepreneurship Training  Programme for Women aims to empower women with the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship and mentor them to develop self-led entrepreneurial initiatives and solutions (social or commercial) that will harness digital technologies to address socio-economic challenges in their respective countries.

The target audience are passionate and potential entrepreneurs from the Horn of Africa including members of Small and Medium Enterprises, government agencies and academic institutions. This programme is open only for women from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan.

Please read this Call for Applications for more information (PDF 1.5MB) – Call for Applications

The programme is being conducted with the financial support of the Government and the People of Japan.

How to Stop Missing Deadlines? Please Follow our Telegram channel ( @plopandreicom)

Application Process

To apply for this programme, you will need to complete the below steps:

  1. Create a SurveyMonkey account (if you don’t have one already)
  2. Complete the Eligibility Criteria Survey
  3. Start, complete and Submit your Application Form

Eligibility Criteria

Participants will be selected through an open call for applications based on specific criteria including: 

  • Female and aged (between 18 and 40);
  • Geographical and sectoral representation within the country;
  • Deep interest in entrepreneurship and frontier technology; 
  • Good oral and written English skills; and
  • Keen passion to learn by doing and highly motivated to succeed to provide positive impact to the society.

We strongly encourage and welcome all those women with solid understanding in engineering or technology. The application process is open to anyone living inside the target countries, however, preference will be given to locally situated nationals of the target countries. The programme will be delivered in English and consists of two phases covering the full cycle of idea to market entrepreneurship stages by providing training, mentoring, pitching, operationalization plan, and outcome evaluation.

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