Hey guys, I will be putting a lot more relevant content on this blog soon, but please bare with me for a few more days.  I am going to be playing (as usual) Virtual Stock Trading games as well as managing my own portfolio.

When I get some more posts ready, i’ll post them here.  They will be related to finance and ways to keep money in your pocket.  Been spending too much lately anyways, need an incentive to save and grow my money in different ways, and blogging about it keeps my mindset a bit sharper.

Anyways, this post is about the Hottest Teacher in China.  What does this have to do with finance… Well nothing really, but in the near future the posts will have something to do with finance!

C H I N A ‘ S   H O T T E S T    T E A C H E R

“Almost overnight, a graceful, sweet-faced and trendy 30-year-old elementary school teacher in China has become an internet celebrity, with netizens wildly spreading her photographs and videos. She has created such a huge buzz that she has been dubbed “China’s sexiest female teacher.”

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