About UPG Sustainability Leadership

UPG Sustainability Leadership is a movement that mobilises individuals and organisations to support positive citizen leadership on sustainability.

It is a movement that encourages and enables citizens at all levels to take positive action. A movement inspired by the UPG’s commitment to do what we can with what we have, rather than wait for someone else to act. It is a movement that embodies the notion that everyone can do something to make the world more sustainable.

UPG believes that sustainability includes BOTH the usual “green” issues such as planting trees, recycling waste, managing energy, protecting the oceans AND other issues that have been central to our societies for a long time such as: education, health, jobs, gender equality, sustainable consumption, sustainable production and more. For those who are familiar with it, UPG uses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  as a guide.

The flagship activity is the #UPGSustainability Leadership training program for 500+ young adults from across the globe every year. There are also activities for schools and institutions as well as for companies.


Are you a passionate citizen, aged 18 to 35, that believes your actions can support your local community and that every small positive action can make the world a better place? Then you are welcome to apply for our 2022 Program.

In spring 2022 UPG commits to train and certify a minimum of 500 additional young leaders from all over the world by spring 2022. And to offer 60 of them an immersive 1-week experience on an island in the USA: the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then take action and apply.


Are you part of an organisation and would you like to support some outstanding young leaders to get a seat at the UPG Sustainability Leadership 2022 Class?

The support of the organisation strengthens their capacity to make an impact after the training – this increases their chances of being selected. And in turn, the organisation benefits in various ways by having an individual who has received training in positive citizen leadership on sustainability.

The candidate that you nominate will have better chances to get access to a global community of like-minded and highly motivated young leaders (aged 18 to 35).

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The following conditions apply to prospective candidates who are interested in becoming UPG Sustainability Leaders.

Personal Motivation

You demonstrate a strong motivation to become UPG Sustainability Leader combined with strong capabilities and you also have initial ideas that can have an impact.

Age Requirement

Your age is minimum 18 years or maximum 35 years by 1 October 2022. This ensures that all participants are within this age group for the duration of the training and experiences that are planned.

Selection Criteria

UPG is looking for young determined people from all different paths of life and regions of the world. From well-experienced professionals to freshly graduated students. The selection process considers four factors:
A. Your Profile – this helps us to strive for diversity
B. Your Motivation – we select the most motivated
C. Your Capabilities and
D. The Potential for Impact

UPG Champions

UPG Champions have an advantage in the process as they demonstrate the required motivation. UPG Champions that are part of a local “Community of Champions” or Champions who are from an organisation that is a UPG Champion also have an advantage in the selection process as this contributes to a supportive environment for their work.


If you are interested in being part of the 2022 Class of UPG Sustainability Leadership then get prepared as the call for applications will be open soon!

1 SEP, 2021

Launch of Applications

15 NOV, 2021

End of 1st Wave of Applications

31 DEC, 2021

Deadline for 2nd Wave of Applications

31 JAN, 2022

Selection Announcement

14 MAR, 2022

Start of 2022 UPG Sustainability Online Program

16 MAY, 2022

Closure of 2022 UPG Sustainability Online Program

5 JUN, 2022

2022 UPG Sustainability Commencement Ceremony

30 JUN, 2022

Invitations begin for 60 UPG Sustainability Leaders to go to Hurricane Island


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