JE Design finally got around to releasing their program for the 958 Porsche Cayenne. JE Design fitted a new bodykit, aerodynamic upgrades, cosmetic tweaks and a range of performance upgrades. The entire Porsche Cayenne range can be fitted with the upgrades, from Cayenne Turbo to Cayenne GTS. The bodykit has two different front bumper variants, one with a set of LED lights. The new bonnet features three air vents, a set of side skirts are included along with fender extensions, a new rear bumper, a rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler. The price for these conversions is €15,470 which includes tax and shipping. Power upgrades boost the power up to 610hp

An air suspension module has also been fitted. This can be controlled through an iPhone app and the exhaust system also gets an upgrade with four 100 millimeter tips. Two different 22 inch wheel options are available. The first is named SUV-Select, with a five spoke design. The second is named Scorpio with a split five spoke design. Several different finish options are available ranging from matte silver to matte black. Prices range from €392.70 per wheel to €690.20 per wheel. Spacers are available for €409, these increase the wheelbase by 60mm at the front and 80mm at the back.. 

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