It takes a discerning eye to spot an Audi RS 5 in the wild, but not necessarily a discerning ear: its high-revving V8 gives this all-new sports coupe a sound and character like nothing else.
To complement the engine’s vigor, the engineers at quattro® GmbH gave the RS 5 upgraded suspension and brakes, along with quattro® all-wheel drive in its most potent form yet. Combined with its luxurious interior, high technology quotient, and all-weather capability, the RS 5 makes other performance coupes seem one-dimensional.

Because a machine with such refined, ferocious performance deserves a body to match, the Audi RS 5 gets the royal treatment. Adaptive xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, widened fenders, and a silver diamond mesh Singleframe® grille create a sophisticated, toned, muscular body. Its 19-inch ten-spoke forged wheels enhance the side profile, and massive oval tailpipes blast the glorious V8 soundtrack to other motorists as you pass them by. As you crest 75 mph, a rear spoiler deploys automatically to maintain high-speed stability.

The cabin in the RS 5 is the result of taking the best in materials and technology, then laying it all out with the elegance inherent to the Audi approach. Because the RS 5 means business, a monochrome color scheme extends from floor to ceiling, while red instruments and LEDs hint at its underlying passion. Exclusive RS 5 carbon inlays highlight the center console and doors, with Nappa leather enveloping the twelve-way sport front seats. The signature Audi flat-bottom steering wheel falls readily to your hands, and you’ll find gadgets like Audi advanced key, an MMI® interface, and an available iPod® integrated 14-speaker Bang & Olufsen® stereo at your disposal once the journey is underway.
With a 4.2-liter V8 sourced from the Audi R8 roaring under the hood of the RS 5, its supercar performance should come as no surprise. 60 mph can be yours in 4.5 seconds, and the S tronic® dual-clutch transmission provides seven speeds to make the most of the 450 horsepower, firing off rapid-fire shifts at your hand’s command (or its own).* Of course, a key reason for such speed is the inclusion of Audi quattro®, which gives the RS 5 the class-exclusive advantage of all-wheel drive. Besides helping channel so much power to the ground, quattro® works in concert with a lowered suspension, 19-inch wheels, and a torque-vectoring rear sports differential to deliver outstanding handling and grip. Consider the RS 5 proof that speed with stability leads to greater results — and greater rewards.
When it comes to passenger protection on the RS 5, Audi left no stone unturned. Six airbags help keep occupants protected from the front and sides, while Electronic Stability Control with sport mode complements the natural traction of quattro® all-wheel drive to help secure your trajectory at all times.

4.2 Prestige. Includes 4.2 FSI® Premium Plus features and the following feature highlights:

RS sport suspension

Compared to the Audi A5 and S5, the RS 5 features the most performance-oriented shock absorbers, springs, wheels, and tires for flatter cornering and greater grip.
Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system with sports differential

Besides enhancing traction under all conditions, the quattro® system on the RS 5 sends 60% of the power to the rear wheels by default for a sportier feel. In the same vein, a sports differential sends extra power to the outside rear wheel in hard driving, helping you tackle corners with more speed and enthusiasm.
Speed-deployed rear spoiler

Exclusive to the RS 5, this spoiler automatically deploys at 75 mph to enhance high-speed stability, then retracts on its own after slowing down to 50. A manual override provides full control with the press of a button.
Flat-bottom three-spoke multifunction sport steering wheel

The signature Audi flat-bottom steering wheel puts essential audio controls right by your thumbs, and shift paddles within reach of your fingers.

Audi music interface with iPod® integration

Unlike a simple auxiliary cable connection, the Audi music interface provides full iPod® integration, enabling operation of your player through controls on the stereo and steering wheel.
Power & Performance.

Fuel Estimates: 16/23 MPG

0-60 MPH: 4.5 sec.

Top Speed: 174 MPH

Horsepower: 450 hp @ 8250 RPM

Torque : 317 lb-ft. @ 4000 RPM

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