Head of Sector – Digital Infrastructure / Reference – (21/EJ/06) Temporary agents (TA) Information Management Unit –  Deadline for applications – 06 07/09/2021/  apply
Head of the Corporate Communications Unit/ Reference- (21/EJ/07) Temporary agents (TA) Corporate Communications Unit/ – Deadline for applications – 23/09/2021 apply
Human Resources Officer/ Reference– (21/EJ/08) Contract Agents (CA) Human Resources Unit  / Deadline for applications – 15/09/2021/  apply

Working for a safer Europe is a challenge and a privilege. Eurojust is the ideal place for that, with highly skilled staff from across the EU, state-of-the-art facilities and a premier location in the heart of The Hague’s International Zone.

Working at Eurojust is stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding. Eurojust’s staff members come to work each day with a strong sense of purpose, knowing their work helps to create a safer Europe for its citizens.

By joining Eurojust’s team in The Hague, you will be part of an engaging, collegial and diverse environment, working closely with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Eurojust’s modern, custom-built premises in the heart of The Hague’s International Zone are designed to encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing, providing bright, open communal spaces, where people can get together and exchange ideas.

In the following tabs, discover what makes working for Eurojust special, which benefits we offer and how pleasant life can be in The Hague.

Eurojust strives to provide candidates with a simple, fair and transparent application and selection process, the different stages of which are outlined in the tabs below.

Should you have any questions about the process, please contact recruitment@eurojust.europa.eu. You may also consult the Applicant Guidelines for further information on the application requirements and the wider recruitment process.

Please note that the following information refers to vacancies for Temporary Agents and Contract Agents. Should you be interested in the position of a Seconded National Expert or in an internship, please see the respective pages.




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