Democracy Fellowship Call for Applications (Ukraine)

The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) is accepting applications for its Democracy Fellowship, a year-long in-residence fellowship program for highly qualified Ukrainian journalists and scholars who are unable to continue engaging in their profession due to Putin’s war. The fellowship will provide a critical lifeline to support Ukrainians who are no longer able to pursue their critical work as researchers and journalists/writers in their own country providing truthful information to counter disinformation, engaging in public debates, and contributing to greater understanding of the war, and the authoritarian threat posed by Putin’s Russia.

CEPA will select candidates based on their situational urgency, qualifications, and ability to contribute to the public discourse through writing, analysis, and commentary to be in-residence with CEPA in Washington, DC for one year (twelve months). Their contributions will broaden the public’s understanding of the conflict and the authoritarian threat democracies face.

This program will provide the selected Fellow(s) opportunities to deepen their expertise, sharpen their analytical skills, and build their substantive portfolio through research projects and publications. Through participation in events, professional development workshops, and mentorship initiatives from CEPA staff and fellows, the Fellow(s) will be able to expand their network, create lasting transatlantic relationships, gain exposure to the Washington policy community, and equip for future career opportunities.

The Fellow(s) will broaden the public’s understanding of the war and the authoritarian threat posed by Putin’s Russia through written analysis, expert commentary, and engagements with the Washington policy community. The Fellow(s) will also be paired with a CEPA Fellow who will provide mentorship, research guidance, and feedback, and facilitate integration with CEPA activities as well as other opportunities and connections in Washington.

Summary of Democracy Fellowship Activities:

  • Publish a short article each month on issues of interest for CEPA’s flagship publication, Europe’s Edge (600-900 words each), to inform the public and transatlantic policy community.
  • Engage in CEPA’s roundtable discussions and lead select public and private events.
  • Provide media commentary and speak at relevant policy engagements across Washington.
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship from an expert in their research field.
  • Engage and network with CEPA staff, experts, officials, industry leaders as part of professional development.
  • Before the end of the Fellowship, produce a policy paper (3,000-5,000 words) based on research and analysis conducted during the program.

Fellowship Stipend

The Democracy Fellowship offers a monthly stipend to support the Fellow(s)’ research and living expenses during their year in the US. In addition to the stipend, CEPA will cover all costs associated with the visa process as well as travel and provide in-residence office space at CEPA’s headquarters in Washington.


Applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered:

  • Be a Ukrainian journalist or researcher;
  • Demonstrated expertise in proposed area of research;
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Exceptional research, writing, and communication skills in English;
  • Eligibility to acquire a US Visa.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following application form in English. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The application requirements include:

  • Completed Application Form;
  • Resume/CV;
  • Answers to three (3) short application questions;
  • Contact information for three (3) references.

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Democracy Fellowship Call for Applications (Ukraine)

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