Am I a revolutionary? – the first chapter!  

 In the media, I was criticized by the opposition and the Communist Party. Each party had made a documentary film about the April 6-7 events and in each film I appeared!

On the evening of April 7, I had done my luggage and went to a friend. I told my close friends,  If someone will ask you, answer them that I am in Ukraine, that I am in the hospital, that I was arrested, etc. Having as purpose misinforming secret services while I was in a “forced journey” through Moldova. I was not in a place for more than a week.

When you’re not in search by the police, you almost do not see the cops! But when you know that Voronin’s police are looking for you! You see the cops from very big distance and your heart begins to beat you very quickly

There are also video films appearing in the media, In which each television came with a conspiracy theories And in this movie I also appeared! When I was traveling through Moldova, I tried to seem as discreet, calm and smiling, I was making jokes, but I was taken by surprise when a policeman came from a building and looked directly at me and he remembered he saw me somewhere But he can not remember exactly where he saw me! And he start went to me, there were only a few seconds in which I had to act! If I started running that moment, he realized I was the that  guy and obviously he will try to catch me!

He seeing me and he is heading for me, and I started toward him. I had a Rucksack(red)  while I was walking towards the cop’s direction with a hand I opened the bag and took out a Bible And I first ask the cop: if he does not want to get closer to Jesus?

He had a very aggressive reaction! He yelled at me and sent me in an intimate place! I was forced to practice all my artistic abilities and after I got away from this situation, I was glad I practiced acting and dances (sports and folk).

During that time, I was trying to cross the border in Romania, but at that time all the border guards were in the maximum alert and it was impossible to pass. Three youngsters (officially) died in those protests, but the special services were organized as that they committed suicide (although the whole body was hunted). In the evening of April 7 arrests began, People who have managed to flee, they escaped, Who have failed, Were beaten in police commissariats!

Is also called the ,,corridor of death”, on one side and on the other were cops with sticks in hand, and the people who were arrested and jailed in the commissariats had to go through this corridor and the policemen with sticks hit them from the left and the right so the protestors would only go ahead

It is a feature of the Communist regime to make arrests at night, I liked history, and the theme of my license was “the policy of repression in the USSR!” I was never a good student, I always leave the essays on the last day, but I always wanted to collect information from time and made notes for my work!

The bachelor’s work is  a scientific work, which I was able to write, and I wrote, but the information that seemed to me the most interesting I kept in my brain! After two months when the situation calmed down I returned home, I found out that the secret services were at home and they were looking for me! When I returned to university, the dean of the faculty, Ludmila Coa, and the secretary of the faculty told me that the security services were looking for me. The Science Coordinator said that when he was discussing in the licensing committee, Professor Pavle Parasca  with his humorous style said: he probably does the practice now and he understands better now what communist repression means!

The Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case because of the April 6-7 events! I understood the methods of functioning of the communist regime, but I did not understand the procedure in the case of a criminal case and how to defend yourself!

The lawyer warned me that now the prosecutor will will ask me a few questions! When you have to answer no, I’ll hit you under the table!

I was hit very often by the lawyer! Then I decided that I would still do a law school but outside the country

Then I learned that it is better to prevent some things, and what I have done so far has been to avoid some things to fall! The role of a legal adviser within a company is the greatest value to avoid coming to court!

 What is most important to us: The stones, the glass from which the parliament is built Or our freedom. Surely in any state these buildings are national symbols.

But we wanted to attract the attention of the international community, That here is a new generation And this could only be done through challenges. We were a small group of naives, romantics young people But keen to change in Moldova! Our advantage was that most of the secret service attention was given to opposition leaders. We knew that the elections in 2009 will be different from the previous ones, given that, after eight years of Moldova’s leadership by Vladimir Voronin (perhaps modified), the Moldovan youth did not want the Communist Party to lead us for another 4 years!

I was only 20 years old and if I could say I had 4 years of political experience!

I first participated in a political event when I was 16 and was in high school! The party that made the presentation was then very popular among Moldovan youth and organized the most anti-communist protests!

I started to participate in the events organized by this party. At the age of 18 I obtained my membership card (according to the Moldovan legislation you can become a party member only at the age of 18)

In 2006 When I received my membership card, I had my eye hunted after a beating. When my membership card was handed to me, the president of the district branch (with a very wide smile) tells the party’s president that he was fighting with the Communists! (We all laughed)

In 2007 I was a candidate for local councilor, and in 2008 I decided to go to another party! In 2009 on April 5 I was a candidate for the position of deputy in the Parliament of Moldova on the list of the party

It was an electoral campaign with many challenges, but for the age of 20 I was very smart, but I was lacking experience!

I activate in the party and within the group of activists! We had a pretty strange method to meet, one day, It was set an hour, In which everyone listens to the radio, An activist of the group, He had to call the radio and congratulate a person, anonymous, Whom he congratulates with birthday And invite her friends to birthday in a location!

I know that it seems unbelievable that some young people make a change, I would say it is impossible, because some people with more influence can not change in a country, why could they do some young people, especially when we talk about Communist regime!When I remember those events I find it funny but I must admit that we were very afraid because our life was in danger! The discussions we have had will never come out, it was an understanding that we had and we still respect!

Because they are effective methods of destroying a dictatorial regime and their publication would only make dictatorial regimes take countermeasures against all the challenges!

April 5, 2009 I spent it with members of the party, because it was the day of parliamentary elections and I was the youth president of a district branch! I was responsible for the observers and the representatives of the voting sections of the branch!

It was a new party and the electoral campaign usually starts when the last one is over! The slogan of the electoral campaign was Moldova without corruption, a good slogan but in a country like Moldavia where doctors, teachers are forced to receive the bribe, just for the simple reason they have to survive, they do not vote for a party with such a slogan , For the simple reason that she thinks it’s gonna come and they’re arresting us all while we’re talking about high-level corruption!

In the autumn of 2009 I began to give up arrears at the university,

After the Communist regime changed with a new leadership, called the Alliance for European Integration, it seemed to me that everything was calmed down!

I was in the last year of college, I was more concerned with studies! I participated in all possible conferences organized by the EU, the OSCE, NATO, and I started studying German as well (for the simple reason that most of them studied English and German was spoken by very few people).

The situation was different now because if you criticized the new leadership of the government you were immediately declared communist, although the new leadership received support in the international community they were only mimicking the reforms!

The people who worked in force during the communist government continued to work and some of them were advanced! Seeing the new leadership took over the communist practices, we, youth people, we decided to make a party!

But most of the population hated parties

 So we decided to make each person an NGO, to attract as many young people and then to attract them to the party! I tried to open two organizations.

A national NGO, ROOseveltMD and a branch of an international organization (Lions Club)! It was a brilliant idea but thats time, I was no longer an anonymous person, I was in the security spotlight!

We can not meet again no matter how much we try! We also had problems with obtaining financial resources, being ourselves students with limited budgets. I finish Faculty of International Relation, and I participated in an international field! In September 2010 there was a referendum in Moldova, where citizens were invited to answer if they want the country’s president to be elected by direct vote and not by parliament! .

No required number of votes has been accumulated as the referendum has been validated! After this referendum, I was called from the General Prosecutor’s Office as a witness on the events of 6-7 April 2009! This time I did not get a quote! I was warned that if I did not make false statements about Anatol Matasaru (an activist stood out as protesting with a pig dressed as a prosecutor) and Anatol Petrencu (the leader of the party I was part of).

On April 7, I took the flag together with other young people (4-5 meters and we had to take it to 3 people) we went to the Administration and Interior Ministry and protested, and later we went With this flag in front of the government! The protest was divided into two parts: one in government (peaceful protest) and the other at the presidency and parliament (aggressive protest)!

We loved what was happening at the presidency and parliament, for one day, we young people felt like the communists are afraid of us!

 I was warned that if I did not make these false statements, they would make me a criminal case, the prosecutor told me in a joke (a joke I could not laugh) what criminal case do you want? One of rape or one of drug trafficking!

I said to the prosecutor that I will make false statements but only if the prosecutor makes a quotation and if it is possible for me to come after my birthday 28.09 1988. I knew if I said no, they would start the trial right away, so at least I had time to act. If I went public and said the current government was trying to make a file, they declared me a psychic, paranoid, etc! In my Licence Work I understood the following fact: there were 3 types of getting rid of a person !!

1) making a criminal case!

2) referral to psychiatry!

3) Liquidating the person!

It was working according to the person and his / her status! One thing was common to all these facts – the discrediting! The person in charge of the regime was supposed to Discredited in front of the public community, in front of the family! If I refused, I had to choose one of those situations that should happen to me and the other side I had to destroy the lives of two innocent people! I am not the only case in which prosecutors have pressed, there are other cases! It is known that in the USSR there is the following quote: Let man be, as a criminal case we do!

September 28, 2010 I invited my friends to birthday. He was in a place next to Railway Station, and I had the luggage prepared with me! They were my closest friends, they had no idea what I was going to do, not even my mother and sister knew the true reason for which I was leaving!

To the question of where I go and why I have the luggage prepared: I say that I go to study in Belarus at the Faculty of Theology! My friends seemed very strange to me, but I explained to them that in August I was in a religious camp. In which young people from many countries participated. It was Organized by fridensgrund!

September 28th is the last day when I was in Moldova! On the train I met some girls from Belarus who were celebrating the last day of the trip to Moldova! Once I crossed the Belarusian border I called Alexandru, I met him at the Friedensgrund camp in Moldova

He was then a student of theology and I said that in 3 hours I will be in Minsk, please meet me! I met the whole team of the Belarusian who participated in that camp in Moldova! For four days I was in Belarus, I tried to open a visa at the German embassy, but the embassy gave me a negative answer.

second part – Am I the new Nelson Mandela?    

According to the legislation in force in Belarus you can not stay for more than three days in Belarus without registration, in the 4th day I bought a ticket to Minsk – Warsaw coach,

 Without a Polish visa! It was October 4, 2010! When I got to the border of Belarus, I put myself somewhere in the middle.

The border police check my registry document and say:

The policeman – You stayed for a long time in Belarus and you exceeded the legal term of 3 days, where will your registration be?

I knew about this fact that I had to register, but I decided to lie because in this game was my life and there was too much risk to tell the truth for two reasons:

1) in order not to be sent to Moldova

2) being considered one of the organizers of the twitter revolution in Moldova, there is a risk that my Belarusian friends who helped me, it is possible for them to have problems with Alexandru Lukasenko’s regime, which is known in Europe as a dictatorial regime and any form of protest is harsh grounded.

My answer was:

I did not know about these 3 days and about registration, all these 4 days I stayed in a student hostel of BGU (Belarassian State University) and I signed a collaboration agreement at the level of student senate between the International Free University From Moldova and Belarassian State University, if you want I can show you the contract that I signed (contract I did not have)

The policeman – No, you do not have to show me.

After which he looks into my passport

The policeman – you do not even have a Polish visa, how are you going to cross the border?

Andrei Plop –  I have an International Student Book, ISIC, You want to see? (It was a bank card with my back picture released by Moldova Agroindbanc and it was opened when I applied for the Work and Travel program).

The policeman – Yes!

He was looking at this bank card, after his reaction was something new to him!

The policeman – Is this card expired?

Andrei Plop –  here is not the month and the year, here is the day and date! In Moldova we have to return the card when we graduate to obtain the diploma!

The policeman – what is your purpose in Poland?

Andrei Plop- I was invited to attend an international conference at the University of Varsszszs … (I did not know Polish and it was very difficult to read)

The policeman – Warszawski

Andrei Plop – Yes, Warszawski and my presentation is called “Moldova’s Prospects for Integration into the European Union! (To which I also present a confirmation letter that I participated in a course organized by the EU and was signed by Wolfgand Behrendt

The policeman – but where is your invitation?

Andrei Plop – we are in the 21st century and all the invitations are sent by e-mail!

The policeman looks at the passport, looks at the card, looks at the confirmation letter, looks at me!

Andrei Plop. – If you do not believe me, can you call the university?

With the expression of an intelligent and superior man The policeman replies:

– It’s two o’clock at night, who will answer me now ?!

After which he puts my stamp in my passport and I go on as if that should be the case! (I was thinking then that it was a good thing I did acting and dancing at school)

At the border of Poland I asked for political asylum, here could not go like this in Belarus! They took me to a room and after a break of 10-15 minutes a policeman came and started to ask me questions, then he leave, after 5 minutes comes another and ask me all questions, go and come back both and again questions!

After checking out the carnet That I was a candidate for the post of deputy in the Moldovan Parliament

  I also received an answer from  The Embassy of Poland in Chisinau ant they confirms that you were a candidate for the position of deputy in the Moldovan Parliament and that you have been active in the Politics!

I was taken to Terespol, it was a train station! It was at 5-6 am and I had an interview again, but this time it was with a lady and I explained the reasons for asking for asylum and how I crossed the border! They were more interested in me than I crossed the border of Belarus, because there were cases when citizens with dual citizenship of Moldova and Romania (the EU member state could not cross the border of Belarus and I crossed the border with a bank card!

After I gave the little interview I was taken to the room and once more the Polish customs came along with the lady who took the interview (I heard their roar in the corridor) went into the room and asked the lady: that’s him ? That’s him!

Perhaps throughout her career they have encountered all sorts of situations but one like this was the first time! Some of them expected to have at least 1.80 meters, and others were fascinated, as one like this could break the entire Belarusian customs! The first thing I saw when I got to the asylum center was the fact that most asylum seekers were from caucasus!

I was invited to give an interview in details about why I ask for political asylum! I was surprised by the questions that they ask me. On the one part, it seemed to me that they did not know reality in Moldova, and on the other part, most states in the EU declared Moldova as a successful country. Those that I declared during the interview in 2010 proved to be 90% later.

I do not want to go into detail, but one thing that they smiled at me then was when I told them that the more they manage Moldova, the less the population’s interest towards the EU will drop! During my stay in a refugee center, I learned more about culture and traditions of caucasus! The pleasant surprise was the Georgians! We were very open to each other and created a friendship between us, we are sharing experience with each other! We heard all kinds of interesting stories!

A real case of a refugee that I probably will never forget! During that time, when Georgian leadership was Mihail Saakashvili, all EU leaders knew who Sakashvili was, and who said that human rights were not respected in GEORGIA and that Sakashvili is a dictator had no chance of obtaining refugee status so some Refugees have had to adapt!

Many have started to say they are of different sexual origin, for a very short period of time they started to receive documents, but after they got it, those who said they were of another sexual orientation, They were marrying! The majority who came from Georgia were trained by friends what he has to say at the interview.

So they started to interview them if they are sexually different or not! A Georgian not prepared for the new tactics of the Dutch,

He was a judo fighter And he used sport-specific techniques that he broke a few ribs on the Dutchman! The Georgian was deported to Georgia but the one who told me that history: He tells me that he did not do the right thing! I was thinking too much! But he continued: He could not say I did not change my partner!

Though you probably read this text, it sounds like it’s miserable. ! That situation can only be understood by another refugee! Because when you ask for protection you are put in a position to lie, the authorities are imposing you on your mind! Because otherwise you are still in a situation of being deported, and some of the people have sold their house, the car to pay for travel to the EU!

You have to bring a lot of evidence and there are also relations between states, when some states do not want to break their relations between states because of a refugee! State interests dominate human rights! In my case, I had a lot of evidence, both video, pictures and quotes from the prosecutor’s office! But according to their logic you have not suffered enough! You had to sit for about 3-4 years to be destroyed in prison, to get sick of all the diseases and then to come and ask for asylum!

Then what is the role of asylum since you are already a broken person! I stayed in a room with a Cuban citizen and he looks like Jazzy! We had something in common! We both hated communist regimes! I heard all sorts of Castro stories that seemed awful! We have problems with part of the Caucasus (Muslim) population. Biala Podlaska was a temporary center for asylum seekers, and friends I knew were assigned to other centers! We are left in this city! We asked for help from the authorities but they replied that they were not responsible for the relations between the refugees! I’ve been working with taekwon-do and I know how to fight, but I’m not a warrior alone on the battlefield!

Cuban, Mauricio Gonzalez was attacked one evening in a club by people who should protect him! Being forced to defend he used the knife! He seriously injured two people!

 After this case I decided to go to Germany, although according to the law I was forbidden to leave Poland until a final answer is given to me! Once in Germany, I went to a police station and asked for asylum!

I was in the city of Pasewalk a German city on the border with Poland! I was handed over to the border police! I have tried all the time to prove that I have activated in politics, but they have not even tried to give a search on the net to see who I am!

I did not sleep for two days because I was on my way! I did not take a direct route, I took several buses from Biala Podlaska (a city near the border with Belarus) and Pasewalk! And the third day when I tried to sleep, they came from time to time and they were checking the room, if I was asleep, they were pulling the door so hard that I woke up! I was taken to judgment the next day! I could not even say two words that I was very tired! And when the process is over, I woke up, I was clutching my hands! It was the first time I got kicked! It was a terrible feeling! I could not believe it

When I was in Poland and talked to other refugees about what to do if you went to Germany and how to act, I could not believe it! I told them not to lie anymore! Now I was in a different situation, I was listening to what the refugees said! When the Germans handed me over to the Poles they apologized, they did a search on the net and they saw who I was! What I thank him enormously! (F*ck You!)

I still had a lawsuit when I arrived in Poland in Sceczin! This time I had decided to appear to me regardless of the situation, and after answering questions for an hour, the judge told the clerk to remove everything and write that the refugee had nothing to stand for two months in jail! When we arrived at a Krosno Odrzanski closed-type refugee center, the other refugees knew that we would come, a few days ago!

Although we were still in prison in Germany! After two months they  give me another three months to stay in prison! The situation in this field was the following: they did not have the right to keep you for more than a year, but when you stayed for two or three days to be released, they woke you up at night and deported you! For three years only two people were released! I wrote a request for those from the international migration organization to be deported to Belarus, because in Moldova I could not go back! My request was accepted!

I arrived in Belarus with very little money in my pocket, I was very happy to be free and on the other hand I did not know what to do. I knew only one thing that I can not go back to Moldova. I decided to try again and ask for asylum in another country! From the money I had, I bought a Moscow-Casablanca ticket (with a stopover in London) the idea was that once I arrived in London to seek political asylum.

In Belarus I was staying without registration. Between Russia and Belarus there is no border control, it is kind of shengen to them! I bought a coach ticket and crossed the border smoothly! I spent only two days in Moscow, one of which night I slept in an internet cafe and the other at the airport. I also had a history that if they ask me what is my purpose in Morocco, I will answer that I’m going to marry a Moroccan girl whom I met in Poland!

I had spoken to my sister about the situation and asked her to buy an Estonian phone number from Sim Travel, which works everywhere and sells in moldova! And her role was that if someone called her from Russia she had to appear in English as my future wife! (Because the employees were English speakers)

I was the second in a row, in front of me was a blonde Russian woman with a very long red and yellow dress! The story I had prepared, and that girl had the same script, the same story! Exactly the same answers as I am! I was not ready for such a scenario! I did not have a B plan! I realized that they already know it all and if I call the next phone to my wife one question in Arabic and everything comes to the surface! Because my sister does not speak Arabic!

I was very tired after my experience in Germany and Poland, and now I was in a difficult situation too. The question that I asked myself! How the hell they found out! The only thing I was thinking was that they could have listened to my sister’s phone! I tried to open a visa at the Romanian Embassy in Minsk. When I presented myself at the embassy I was taken to ambassador questions!

 He saw that I did not have a Polish visa but there was one entry stamp and another one stamped out, he asked me:

Ambassador – what did you get into Poland!

Andrei Plop – I was a volunteer in charity and I had an invitation from the Vatican, so I did not need a visa, and when I left Poland I left the document at the Warsaw airport!

Ambassador – why do not you open a visa in Chisinau?

Andrei Plop – I’m here in Minsk to a friend of Belarus at a wedding, and the wedding will be this Saturday, and next week is the holy of Andrew in Romania, and I was a very religious person and I decided to visit the church of Andrew the holy Romanian! And if I try to open in Moldova I just do not succeed.

I had made an online hotel reservation in Romania. The Ambassador checked and he gave me the Romanian visa!

Now there was another problem for me how to leave Belarus lawfully considering that I have no registration!If I crossed the Belarusian border with Ukraine, I did not have that registration and I was most likely to be asked, why did you spend so long in Belarus?

What was the purpose?

Who did you stand for?

And if they could see the Polish stamp in my passport, I woke up with criminal case like a spy in favor of Poland!

The relationship between Poland and Belarus is not one of the best! Then came the idea to leave Belarus through Russia because there was no border control, and in Moscow I buy a ticket to Kiev! I arrived at Russia’s border with Ukraine. Russians asked me to show them  registration, but I said that only today I arrived in Russia and that I can stay 3 days in Russia without registration, I also had the ticket bought Minsk-Moscow.

They asked for Belarusian registration, but I told them that the registration remained in Belarus! I did not think you needed her! From Ukraine I arrived in Romania! And in Bucharest I asked for asylum! I was already accustomed to the reaction of Poland and Germany to the democratic path of Moldova, although the situation has become clearer! I was expecting the same reaction from the Romanian authorities too!

I have deposited the documents for Romanian citizenship (it is a possibility that Moldovan citizens who had grandparents or parents and who were born between 1918 and 1940 when Romania was part of Romania could obtain Romanian citizenship). I filed the papers for law school!

When I was admitted to the Romanian-American University in 2012, I was still an asylum seeker! Later I got Romanian citizenship! In 2013 I was admitted to the Master of International Relations, Analysis and Conflict Resolution! Also in the summer of 2013 I was in Cyprus and I worked in a nightclub as a security student to pay for university studies!

I have become quite a good analyst not only on the ex-Soviet space but also on the European Union! I started learning Polish at the Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest!

  While I was an asylum seeker, I filed a criminal complaint against a girl with the Oprea family, having a relationship with a former Minister of Defense and a former Minister of Administration and Interior! But I quickly understood how things are, so I quit this request very quickly .   

third part – Discreditation

The Russian embassys in Moldova has more than a thousand employees, more employees than the presidency of the Republic of Moldova, although in the recent scandal between USA and Russia the number of diplomats in both Russia and USA reached 750. The US population has 300 million Of citizens, the population of Russia reaches 140 million citizens, the population of the republic of Moldova has 3.5 million citizens! The logical question is: why are they attached to many Russian diplomats in Moldova? On the one hand, we have the Russian military base in Transnistria, the 14th army, and the second is that Moldova has the common border with Romania and speaks the same language!

During the Cold War, when Romania Socialist was a member of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, the Soviets obtained the most information from their Romanian partners. The public statement of the Ceausescu when the Soviets entered the Czechoslovakia with tanks did nothing else but to increase the sympathy of Western states over Romania! With the disappearance of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, Russia’s interest towards Romania has not fallen, and since its membership in NATO, interest in Romania has increased.

While I was studying in Romania for two years, the Americans did not have an ambassador in Romania, and the US military base at Deveselu (Romania) is totally supervised by Americans, the Romanians having no access to American technology! A state like the US has no right to say no ambassadors prepared for Romania, it was a diplomatic gesture open to Romania.

In all official statements, both Romania and the US declare each other they are strong allies. One of the most effective methods of recruiting Romanian diplomats by the FSB branch of Moldova (SIS – Moldavian Security) is the girls! One case is that of Ambassador Ion Nuica, when he was posted on the Internet when he was in a relationship with a Moldavian girls. Although these cases are not publicly used or publicly posted, they are used as blackmail tools.

  Let’s say that a diplomat was filmed with a Moldovan woman having sex with a foreign diplomat, In the immediate aftermath, he becomes aware of this fact, in return for protecting the secret of this filming, the diplomat will have to fulfill some favors, will be offered money and prospects for career growth in his home country, for he Is not the only case in this situation, such people who spent the nights with the beautiful Moldovan girls are very many!

It is enough to watch the press statements of the Russians and their affiliates in Romania and Moldova will come up with reactions! The next question that needs to be put. he’s an affiliated person or a useful idiot! Another case of discrediting is that of former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. First, a pro-Russian politician from Moldova, Renato Usatii comes with documents in which he reveals methods of money laundering, maybe stupidly or because he is inexperienced in the press conference that he has obtained this information from Romania !, Probably from affiliated people who now have to make favors!

The grace was given to the former prime minister when a video was published on the net when he had sex with the mistress! Thus destroying the family, and then closed for tax evasion! It is a classic KGB method, although some cases use tools such as rape. In the ex-Soviet space, if you go to prison for rape, you become the doll in prison for the detainees!

The question is for the Romanian Intelligence Service if they analyzed these leaks! Maybe they will still do an internal investigation! . Such filming is public only when the politician no longer has any value or becomes a public danger to other agents! The same method was used by Vladimir Putin against a prosecutor when he investigates the affairs of the Eltin family! That prosecutor has become a danger and appeared at the right time video material as he had sex with two Russians! When you start working in politics in the ex-Soviet space, you have to dedicate yourself to the family! , And if you are not ready for For this you either do not work in politics or do not make your family! When I started to work in politics within the opposition, being also an anticommunist, I started carefully to choose my girlfriends! I never slept from the first day of my acquaintance, I invite a few times in a place, I would also make some selfies for any eventuality with that person so as not to be blamed for rape! Better masturbate than to go in jail! At the end of 2013, the beginning of 2014 in Ukraine began protests against Yanukovych’s regime! I will not go into the details why they started! But in January following a debate with other 40 people on the events in Ukraine, I made the analysis that the Russians will most likely start the force against Ukraine after the winter games, and if I were instead of the Russians I would get the Crimea (Where there is a military base)

This course was supported by the then President of Romania’s security adviser on security matters! It was about getting kicked out of the master program! The worst seems to me that I was right, because after the Russians took the Crimea I started to have very big problems that reminded me of the Voronin regime! I was lucky to have been selected for an internship in the Polish Parliament in the National Defense Commission!

For three months I felt very good in Warsaw, now I was no refuge, I was a intern in parliament! It was the most wonderful program I attended! And most of the trainees had 2 higher education and they spoke at least 3 foreign languages! I also had a very good friendship relationship with the interns from Germany!

I had as a mentor a deputy from the parliament of Poland who was a member of solidarity, she is also called the general lady in the skirt! Being one of the people who had a special role to play as a member of NATO! Towards the end of the internship I met with a fairly inerrant situation, I met an Armenian girl two times on the same day in Warsaw, and after a few days I met her again at the church. Later I learned that she was admitted to an internship at the Armenian Embassy in Warsaw!

When I was in Poland I was admitted to an internship at the Romanian Ministry of Defense, but when I arrived in Romania, They told to methat I was no longer accepted! The logic was that I would come to Romania and that the Poles would not offer me a job and stay forever in Poland! I have to admit it was a pretty good plan! Once I came back from Poland, I started to work on the master’s role Mass-Media in reflecting geopolitical conflicts!

Studying the role of Mass Media in the Russian Federation! It was rather an introduction how to revolutionize the Russian Federation in 2018 in the presidential election as well as an analysis of a conflict in Ukraine! Again, my discrediting started using abusive, aggressive techniques! It was very difficult to initially say the classic story of making a rape and a drug case!

First of all, I was not a public person, I was not known to anyone, I was very careful in choosing my girlfriend! I was so careful that they all started to blame me for being GAY! In both Romania and Moldova the majority of the population is of Orthodox Christian religion, if you say GAY you have no chance to work in politics, you are a political corpse, and in gay parades in Moldova, people with different sexual orientation are met With punches and stones! . Even with drugs I could not blame, because I did not even smoke, and I spent all my life in sports for six years I started Judo (one year), later football, sports and popular dances and the last practiced sport is taekwon-do!

It seemed to me strangely the calm position of the Russians throughout the protest of the maidan, in the presidential elections between Yushchenko and Yanukovych, the Russians were very active, but they understood that no matter what no one will do or will say no Will take their actions seriously, and then they have changed strategy! Ukrainian oligarchs and the state department will finance the protests and we will reap the fruits.

It’s enough to look at the map to understand what Russia’s foreign policy is and if you still have a search on the net and see that they have the military base in the Crimea everything becomes very clear! Very few analysts have been able to predict this event, and I, a poor student who has only knowledge and nothing else, had the nerve to do this analysis and give a handful to all the secret services in Romania and they are 6 in number!

The number of employees in secret service in Romania exceeds the number of employees of Germany and of France in one place!

Analyzes of the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s policy of making them permanent, without gaining any cent! Until they started to register and publish my analyzes on the net! The problem is that Russians have access to the net, and if you publish that analysis on the net, it is obvious that the Russians will take countermeasures and develop another strategy! Since then I have stopped doing such analyzes!

But my question is why they do it and do not use it. Some people try to use me in their political games, and in this game many very prosperous Moldovans who have been active during the Soviet Union KGB and GRU, the most obvious case is a former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Who worked in GRU and who likes “elephants”.

Those who are analyzing the ex-Soviet space and especially Russia are aware of the fact (perhaps also because of the profession that its president had once become a security services , remain a security services for the rest of his life. This diabolical game has come in and the Russians affiliates in Romania!

In a Europe of multiculturalism, where human rights are respected especially in the founding countries of the EU, to my surprise in 2015, I was invited to a human rights conference in Slovakia by an organization based in Brussels. The aim of the organization was to promote multiculturalism and defend human rights regardless of their ethnic origin or sexual orientation. When I found out that I was invited to this conference, you covered from Romania and Moldova started blaming me for being a Nazi, and especially hating Gypsies and Jews. If you go to any market in Romania you will find gypsies selling smuggling cigarettes from Moldova.

The smuggling of cigarettes is tolerated by both Romanian and Moldovan authorities. If the Moldovan authorities violate some commitments to Romania then the smuggling cigarette trucks (without documents of origin) are stopped at the customs of Romania and they give all the posts in Romania this flagrant! It is just a message for Moldovan authorities that they have to respect their commitments. They did not try to cross the border if they were not sure that the Romanian customs officers would cross the border! In most such cases you are taken by surprise. Following this contraband, both Moldovan and Romanian authorities have won. Private individuals trying to smuggle cigarettes are immediately caught and arrested!

It’s impossible to find cigarettes in the car’s tires And do not find yourself in a truck full of cigarettes, and having a cutting-edge technology at customs! In other words, people trying to compete with the state are harshly punished. Obviously, the mafia from the highest level has found all sorts of characters to blame for racism.

The discredit, humiliation of a person is accomplished by the young generation from Moldova, Romania and the children of those who gain from the smuggling cigarette sales! Moldovan millenarians working in Romania and their Romanian affiliates propose to these young people to work in an elite NGO, they are given enormous amounts of money and career growth prospects! This young generation from Moldova and Romania whom I call Chamberlain (useful idiots in which I do not understand what game they entered!)

They discredited me so much that the organizers of the conference in Slovakia asked me why I hate gypsies. And one of the guests was a gypsy deputy to have my reaction!

  The people who invited me did not know whom to believe me or the Chamberlain. During this seminar we had excursions. One of them was wine tasting.

I have seen that the participants are in a good mood. I downloaded a song from the net from a gypsy movie (the Gypsy camp goes to the sky). I invited a girl to dance (although she could not dance, I told her they had nothing to do, and I was going to dance you in your jury! In Moldova those who practice folk dances learn to dance and dance gypsies, and I have I started dancing around the girl’s gypsy dance!

I danced at weddings in Moldova both popular and gypsy, it was a form of earning money in free time! . Throughout the seminar, I have not asked any questions about why I hate gypsies, but have such questions raised if I am anti-Semitic? I had no way of being an anti-Semite since I was living with a Jew in the room for more than 6 months!

When I returned to Romania, all kinds of accusations followed, and my friends were sent all kinds of messages on the social networks depending on the person: if my friend was an Orthodox Christian they were sent messages that I am gay, if My friend was a Jew He receive a messages that I was a terrorist, if he was Arab he receive  to be Jewish or mossad, if he was American I was a Russian spy, if he was Russian they sent that  I am an American agent. Some have begun to believe, others have proposed or proposed to work in this elite NGO.

They were proposing a lot of money from a few thousand to tens of thousands to record our discussions to give inciteous, provocative questions and some talks were broken under the context and only the message they wanted was sent to me in which I appeared in a Pretty bad position! I found out that among these characters there were quite close friends, some of them bought apathy, among the close people there was my sister who recorded me and sent information to information services

Everybody won huge money, but I did not have to win any cent, even as I try to win immediately I was blocked! The question I was asking is to send them in intimate places or to mislead them. If they realize that I have learned that they will destroy me, so at least I had the chance to survive and live freely!

I decided then that I would be lying 24/24 hours, I would use all my political abilities to mislead them, believing that I would play by their rules but actually they played according to my rules. If a person was sneaking in front of me, I never try to prove to him that I’m smarter than him!

I gave him the feeling that he was manipulating me, as he leads me, not knowing he dances by my rules. Some Romanian parties have started to use me to win political dividends, I try to play when on the other side. Keeping to some extent a neutrality! Some secret service was trying through such methods to win a bigger budget for the service he was running!

No one has or has been allowed to register, film me, or use my name for advertising purposes! My analysis includes the National Defense Pact proposed by President Santa Claus (do you know who is the president of Romania) Brexit in 2015, the possibility that Le Pain could be elected and thus lead to the destruction of the European Union, the election of Trump as president. 

I’m the one who invented that Russian tanks will invade Moldova (in this case I sent e-mail in December 2015 a Romanian presidential administration and the defense ministry that contained the following information that protests will probably take place next month and it is is possible. the Ukrainian scenario in Moldova.

My logic was the following: at the leadership of Moldova there was the so-called alliance for European integration (which had nothing to do with the values of the European Union) and that they discredited as much as possible the EU. Most EU delegations say in press conferences that Moldova is a successful country!

Even after one billion euros was stolen Moldova, but European diplomats declared Moldova a successful country! The people who prepared the protests did not do the most important thing and to inform the people in Brussels! the governments in Chisinau and Bucharest was to declare a coup d’etat and the persons guilty of organizing this protest were to be arrested! When you steal a billion euros and have so many enemies across the continent, the pimp does everything possible to stand in the hands of the state, including crimes! The leadership of Moldova was also President Timofti, who was not a communist! And the image of the Moldovan oligarch was like a promoter of democratic values fighting with the Russians!

After the presidential elections in autumn 2016, diplomats from the EU opened their eyes and began to openly criticize this government! Let’s say I was not right! But I just sent an email that I did not receive from the presidency or the defense ministry. To all this I add that I have never been employed by any public institution!

No one was forced to believe me! At least now to give them free analysis! You want analyzes – money in my bank account! I’m not forced to do the volunteer when somebody earn a huge amounts of money! And to all this the tries to destroy me! The difference between the 2009 protest of the twitter revolution was that there was a communist regime in power in the 2015 it was considered by Europeans to be a democratic ! Nobody likes when someone tells him that he is not right, I understand that very quickly that even until today I bear the consequences!

I studied at 3 universities, all of them private universities, I paid a lot of money, and I lost a lot of time in the library to get to the level of analysis I am at! If Andrei Nastase was arrested now, Moldova do not will have any form of protest in Moldova!

Now the Moldovan president is Dodon who is a pro-Russian, no one in the EU dares to say that the current leadership is pro-European, and the voting by the group led by Plahotniuc and Dodon has only opened the eyes of diplomats, even And under these conditions there are diplomats in Washington (through lobby Podesta) and in Brussels (especially those lobbying from Bucharest) that Plahotniuc is the last instrument in front of Dodon to reach the government!

I do not even know how to make this happen! Probably the best solution is to say No comment !!! The change had to be made following democratic elections, which took place in autumn 2016! I remain at the idea that Nastase should not withdraw from the electoral campaign, I appreciate the gesture, but did not have to withdraw from the electoral campaign! Any woman working in politics knows that it is easier for them to get votes from men than women!

fourth part –Did I work for interpol?

Any soldier involved in military conflicts is a little scared and this is normal.

Because only sick mental people are not afraid. Any actor who comes out on the scene has little emotion and this is natural! Every politician needs to take protective measures. According to an English diplomat quote, a politician must survive until Friday afternoon and a diplomat must develop a strategy that will be valid for years too!

When you have crossed the red line you become an incompatible person you have to expect that in the environment in which you are working you will probably be called paranoid! In diplomacy, everyone plays according to agreed rules and whoever breaks these rules is harshly punished! Countries with nuclear weapons can afford to cross these red lines many times, and the most common example is Russia, which does not play according to agreed rules. I never talked about the following information, and from me will be more better if I do not talk about this event if I will speak I will be declared a paranoid person!

The only ones who can confirm this are the Hungarian authorities only, suppose for a moment that they will confirm this event, the media reaction in Romania will be that it is a challenge of Hungary and that the aim is to discredit Romania, they will also be brought to the discussion Anything related to transylvania in what context it does not matter anymore!

Very often I went to the National Carol Library in Bucharest, it was a nice place with many books! One of the best books ever written by any Romanian author is Pacepa’s book, “Red Horizons,” but this book is also not to be found in a public library, for the simple reason that Ceasusescu has declared the enemy of the people! You can order it online on the net in several languages!

 As Ceausescu says: the Germans and the Jews are the best merchandise for export! In 2014, romanian ( etnic German) was chosen as President, and I like to call him Santa Klaus (look for his name on the net and you will understand why). For those who have worked during Ceausescu’s time and their descendants, it is very difficult to accept that a romanian ( etnic German) (who was once the export merchant) is now leading the country!

The president’s wife was opened criminal files, and the president himself is invited by the descendants of those who have activated in the communist regime in court for some houses! It is a classic process to put pressure on your loved ones and to have a pressure tool on the President of Romania!

For almost three years, President Santa Klaus did not have a space for maneuver in Romania because of security And their blackmail methods, when he wanted to make a change that disturbed the former security guards, Santa Klaus was invited to the courts to remind him that he was vulnerable and did not bother them, Only in the summer of 2017 with a great effort of people want to make a change in Romania and obviously the president of Romania gave them out of key posts of people with a dubious past!

This steps has not yet ended! Following that others who hold the teeth of these posts will be released!

Reading the book of Pacepa had the feeling that it was a Deja vu for me,

 The same strategies that were used in the time of the Ceausescu are used successfully and nowadays among the best known methods are the Nazi terms,

Terrorist like security loved to listen to special technical devices any discussion and watch online porn without the actors knowing that they are being watched! The right to private life and the secrecy of correspondence were totally violated.

In order to listen to or watch online porn, security requires a judge’s permission, but in order to obtain such permission you must declare that the porn star is a terrorist or a foreign spy! I want to point out that no individual or legal person has, did not have permission to record or shoot me! And if someone has such signatures please immediately notify the competent authorities for false in private signature papers!

In the summer of 2015, I was supposed to support my master work, which was a more gifted form of how the West could introduce democracy to the Russian Federation with the help of the media, and also provided some aspects of how the Conflict in Ukraine would be assessed.

But the work was not accepted on the grounds that I had grammatical mistakes, I admit that I had for myself always important content and not the form!

Being a student at two faculties at the same time and having to think permanently how to do the challenges, I felt the need to rest outside!

There were promotions on the Bucharest-Budapest train tickets, one of the conditions of the promotion is to buy the ticket three days ahead! I bought the cheapest Bucharest-Budapest ticket with a Czech destination! Whoever traveled with trains in Romania can confirm with a very low speed, with poor quality seats and without air conditioning, this was the place reserved by me in a couchette! In Bucharest we were just two people in this cabin, we were in the last wagon.

After Cluj there was added a wagon, (my wagon was not the last one). They were climbing all sorts of characters in the cabin that was already full, they stood on foot and smelled awful but the last wagom was free and no one was going! After crossing the border with Hungary I saw that the wagon is free and in the cab in which I sit is full and barely breathing I asked the Hungarian conductor if I can move into this free wagon! I was allowed!

It was just me and the Hungarian citizen! I started the computer and started looking at movies I downloaded from the torrent in Bucharest. A Romanian Roma (so as not to be blamed again as a racist, I explain things as they were) went to the back of the wagon! But he did not see him come back and I did not see him on the back seats! After 10-15 minutes I went to the back of the bathroom and I saw that the toilet was free and the open door opened! I announced to the Hungarian conductor that the outside door is open! The Hungarian conductor announced the competent authorities and at the next station two police officers came to me and asked if they could take a seat next to me! Stopping in station took longer! I was seeing all sorts of people checking our wheels, and above me I heard the steps!

When someone came into the wagon, the cops put their arms on their arms, and after their attitude and look I realized they were ready to shoot! From the discussion I had with the cops I understood that they had obtained information from the competent authorities and that they were ready for any emergency situation! I was advised by police officers not to get on the trains, especially those in Romania, because the Hungarians like only new year and Christmas fireworks. It was the first time I started to respect the cops!

On December 1, 2016, a Romanian of Hungarian ethnicity was arrested by the competent authorities and was accused of terrorism! December 1 is a national day, and it is a very important day for Romania, and the Hungarian ethnicity was blamed for preparing a fireworks bomb! Following this arrest, a Romanian intelligence service has increased its budget!

 I was thinking about the situation I was going through and the challenge prepared for the Hungarians of the former security! I was lucky, and I temporarily escaped death but not that citizens! Taking into account that the regime’s followers have a problem with ethnic Hungarians, who have to face them constantly with security challenges. The vast majority of ethnic Hungarians voted Santa Claus and enjoyed support from the president! At any meeting of the president with ethnic Hungarians is harshly criticized by the media loyal to security! As the presidency has to cope with the internal challenges of security, and then it has to cope with external challenges!

I arrived in the Czech Republic and I stayed in a student hostel! I did not come to believe what happened in Hungary, I needed two weeks to come back and accept that it is possible and such situations!

After this event, the Chamberlain’s actions were doubled against me! Spending huge amounts of money for my denigration! Only this time I’m in the Czech Republic and they have wronged the country! The Czech Republic with two revolutions against the Soviet regime quickly understood what is happening! I felt support from the Czech authorities, because the denigration actions against me reminded the Communist repressions against Czechoslovakia, and some who failed then to revenge on the communist system did it with the guys who followed me in permanent!

So the authorities decided to give them a lesson! I do not know the people who supported a football team in Prague (that they were civilians) met with the Chamberlains and they explained nicely what the boxing rules were, all the football echoes participated in this theoretical training “With a lot of knockouts!” The “theoretical” lesson was very quickly understood so that for two months I stayed quietly in the Czech Republic!

The Law School lasts 4 years in Romania and I only studied 3, and at the Masters I did not support the master’s work! I have studied a lot but I did not have documents confirming that I have studied! After the Bucharest-Budapest train case, I had no desire to go back to Romania, especially because I did not have the money to buy a plane ticket! I do not care what the security guards will be after the train failure and the “box theoretical” lesson in Prague! It was a difficult situation for me! I had to find a solution to finish my studies!

After the events of 6-7 April 2009 (Twitter revolution), I was starting to resume! And now I have to run again, to stay hidden! Then I decided to change my strategy! Due to the fact that I was photographed with a radio station (some found shields, other helmets because they were stoned by protesters) and in every documentary I appeared as a provocator! When I came back from the “forced journey” (I stood hidden), many people blamed me for being a provocateur!

 I was already tired of all the insults and accusations that were being made to me then! No matter what I said, they all thought I was a cop! That at one point I exploded and told a person to be silent, that I would take him to prison right now! That person silently, apologized!

Then I thought: If they still consider me a cop, why do they use that? When someone started insulting me, it did not start well and I was already going to threats that I’m going to open a criminal case now! (Inventing an article, depending on the situation and saying: according to the article … provided in .. is punished with imprisonment!

People who were trying to harm me were calming down very quickly, and some were beginning to apologize! It was much more pleasant to me than the situations when I had to explain: I found the station on foot, I was not a cop, I was not provocative! I had the picture saved on an email address, and I decided to publish it on a social network (knowing that it would be taken over by colleagues from the group who were touring and that they would forward it) both the image and the content of the text was That I work in the International Police (Continue Interpol) in the Counterterrorism Department and in the period from 2010 to 2012 (when I was an asylum seeker) my mission was to get as much information from the Arabs!

The fact that I was a refugee was a well-known fact that there are very many Arabs in refugee camps, and the radio station image seemed to tell the truth! I returned from Prague to Budapest by train, and from Budapest by coach I arrived in Oradea and Oradea in Bucharest! The attitude of the Chamberlains changed radically, and the policemen who knew me with a very wide smile gave me a special greeting to the job! To the question of being specific to the cops? I never said yes, and I never denied!

Especially after I met the two Hungarian policemen and the fans of the Czech team, I started to respect the policemen for their hard work! It is known that in most states, regardless of whether democracy or dictatorship is a competition between security and police! Security works for their own interest, to put their people in a key position in the states’ leadership, while police officers work in the best interests of the citizen. The security did not stop to denigrate, they continued to destroy me even more, and some became so obsessive to destroy me that people around did not understand why those people are hating me! Some people blame me for being a Nazi (suppose I am a Nazi for 5 minutes) does this mean they have to destroy a person? It is clear that the reason is quite different! They invested so much to destroy me that they started to hire more people to to destroy me!

My talks were recorded by colleagues, friends, and besides the fact that they were in charge, they also earned a lot of money! In a very short time you saw that the people who registered me bought cars, apartments! Everyone around me wins out of me! Some records seemed to be published by me, although I have never recorded anyone! In this misery, Romanians from abroad were also drawn, and in turn, their friends from the respective countries! Companies were also attracted, advertising in different forms! All the information, recordings or pictures on the net do not belong to me!

fifth part – I’m still alive

In the spring of 2014 I spent three months in Poland, in the summer of 2015 I spent two months in the Czech Republic, and in 2016 I had to go somewhere to rest from all the mistresses of the Chamberlains so in October 2016 I applied for the program Work and Travel in the US. Although I applied very early, in May 2016 the agency to which I paid all the program fees did not prepare the necessary papers to present me to the embassy!

Although I was 27 years old, I wanted to go to the United States with this program yet, but because of the revolution I have not left! Those from the agency were taking time and I did not understand why, and when I realized it was already too late to apply to another agency. The person responsible for preparing the documents was of Roma origin, and I did not know that the business was just a money-laundering method! And on the other side, chamberlaini feared that if I went to the US I would never go back to Romania.

I was nauseated by all the chamberlain pigs and we could hardly resist! On May 7 I was at the US Embassy in Bucharest, and I deposited all the copies I collected for the Work and Travel program and also contained a letter with my wish to participate in the program, to get acquainted with US democracy as well as a small analysis of the elections to be held in autumn 2016 in Moldova

Most likely in Moldova, Dodon will win, but next question we will do after the elections! I remember exactly that day, because it was a Saturday, celebrating in Romania the day of the European Union! I sent a fax, I called the embassy but they did not come with any reaction! I supported my master’s thesis in the third attempt, and in law school I was in the last year and I had the licensed work but because of a backlog I did not support it. Probably because of the same reason: since I will have all the documents I will leave Romania and I will not return!

So at least I had a pause and I had to stay in Romania for another three months! I was admitted to a volunteer program in Denmark! It started on 1 August and I had to learn and work in Denmark for one year, then 8 months in Africa as a teacher for children and another 4 months in Denmark! I bought a Bucharest-Berlin flight ticket for July 28, 2016.

In 2016 I participated in a contest about refugees. Most of the participants were from the faculty of law! I was asylum seeker in three countries, I knew the Romanian legislation as well as the European directives on refugees better than the organizers and the culmination is that I have not passed the last exam!

A very experienced teacher looks at the student and 80% can make a feature without the student saying anything, and if he holds a lecture and looks into the eyes of the students he realizes whether the student understands something or not, if Has prepared the theme or not! I was not a teacher but I studied in three universities and spent a lot of time in the library but looking in the eyes of the students I saw that some people do not understand what it is but passed the test!

At the beginning of July, I was still in the student camps of the university and I had to wait another three weeks until my departure from Romania to Germany, and from Berlin to Denmark by coach!

Law colleagues organized the graduation ball, which I was supposed to attend (even if I did not graduate) but I told them that rather than paying for this ball I’d better drink it on the beach in Bulgaria. In the middle of July I woke up with a very good mood, I told the manager of the home that I was leaving and for three hours I was on the border with Bulgaria!

I was sure I would cross the border because one of the documents required for the Work and Travel program is if you have restrictions to leave the country and you are allowed to travel to the US! I was sure about to pass and I passed! But instead of going to sea I bought a ticket to Sofia. Getting the next day in Sofia, I sat down on a chair in the park, took my sandwich out of my backpack and started to eat.

It caught my attention that two dogs smelled my backpack but when I smelled my backpack and a German Shepherd I thought something was wrong! I checked all the clothes and it was okay, just left the laptop! . I found inside her packages of white matter! The idea was that I had to be arrested at Otopeni airport on July 28 when I had to go to Germany, but even if I did not return to Romania, I was already arrested at Sofia Airport as a drug dealer! But because we crossed the Romanian border with Bulgaria and the backpack did not pass through the scanner I crossed the border! .

If I was not in the park and I was not smelled of dogs most likely arrested me in Bulgaria and who was to believe me that they are not mine! I threw the white packets into a toilet, bought a Sofia-Milan ticket at Wizz-Air and crossed the border! I was damn happy! I prayed to the lord all the flight! I met a Moldovan friend in Trento, with whom I have been attracted to taekwon-do in Moldova.

I had heard from many people that my sister pours me to security and that her mission is to destroy me! But I received confirmation from this friend that she was receiving money for any talk recorded on skype. Getting money from her! Being the most insistent person in the group who wants my elimination! And that she talks with a vice-director of a secret service in Romania! And money comes from different companies both in Moldova and Romania!

 (This deputy director was replaced in 2017)

If anyone believes that this whole project was possible without the support of Romanian security, it is badly mistaken! I know her possibilities, I know why she is in a position and why not! I told my friend that we would have a few talks on skype, lest someone suspect you told me that we would end any discussion!

I arrived at the Danish organization a week later I explained to them that I am anxious to start the program and that I could not wait for another week! When we were in the Czech Republic we were talking with only one person, in Denmark we talked with many volunteers and to my surprise, the misery in Romania was exported to Denmark! It has reached a different level, many companies, interest groups, corporations, but who did not know the real motive of this game were attracted! All volunteers received messages according to religion, country, membership! I could not blame someone publically for being immediately opening a criminal case in Romania (although I was only studying in Romania). The organization in Denmark where I volunteered to learn Marxist ideology. Something I did not like, but because I wanted to help some African children I said I would give up some principles temporarily! I had a scandal with the teacher right on my birthday! After this conflict I decided I had to go!

That I have no reason to stay in this organization. I had to make a change, end this miserable circus! The question I was asking is whether I will resist or not! (I will remain free or alive!) 

I spent only three months in Denmark, after which I decided to go to a more exotic destination, for me it was important that the next destination was to be Orthodox and to take off at sea and where human rights are respected and where I could Live from my minimal resources so I do not die of hunger.

I chose Georgia! Throughout my life, the Georgians helped me, a country with a very religious population, very sloppy and with a character! There was a problem, as in October was the electoral company in Georgia, and my revolutionary reputation was declared “non-grata” even at customs. The biggest advantage in Georgia is that all EU citizens have the right To stay on Georgia for one year without any registration.

And if I wanted to organize an international training, it was very easy for most states to have no restrictions on traveling to Georgia! If I went to Georgia during the election campaign, Georgian leadership would have thought I was a Saakashvili messenger or at least theoretically a new revolution! Regardless of why I would have told the Georgian authorities they would not have believed me, I still did not think if anyone was telling me! I bought a Berlin-Athens ticket and Athens-Yerevan (Armenia) According to Armenia’s current law, EU citizens have the right to stay in Armenia for 21 days without a visa!

After 20 days in Armenia, I went to Georgia! I met a very old Georgian friend, I suddenly felt the hospitality of the Georgians. A very friendly people, with very old traditions, with very tasty food and very, very beautiful national dances! I got the attention of Georgian police professionals! I would say that according to their level of training and professionalism they are clearly superior to those of the European Union! It returned very quickly to the misery of the past, but the Georgians quickly understood what was happening!

I enjoy the support of the Georgians. The situation in Georgia is a little different, Georgia wants to be a member of the European Union and has to play the rules imposed by Brussels. In all the blame that was being brought, the Georgian population was being nauseated by such actions. Although their tendency was to denigrate me it is totally the opposite! I was also at the German Embassy in Tbilisi where I filed the papers for an internship in the German Parliament! I had decided to organize a training on human rights, multiculturalism, racism, xenophobia! There were a lot of people at the event.

So I had where to choose! The secret of correspondence has been violated again! And the people who participated in the event in Georgia received emails from other people who were offered to take part in seminars, trainings in EU member states, providing accommodation, transport money and pocket money!

My initial idea was to organize an event with the slogan “I am a participant, I am an organizer! “

In which each participant in this training did not have to know who the organizers are! Among the participants were my friends too! I received that information from them! Some of them went to other trips for free! Others, in their capacity as participants, had to come to the Georgia event, in which they themselves had to pay their flight ticket, accommodation, tickets for city transportation and what they ordered at the restaurant!

Very many participants quit the project, I could not cope with the competition, and there is the possibility that among those who remained at least one chamberlain! I had no way of knowing everything from inside. Or what challenges I’m getting ready for! When I got the information they wanted to destroy me from the Georgians, I decided to speak publicly in video on social networks.

In the next step, all my social networking accounts have been blocked, including a 105,000 page where we promote different opportunities for students to attend seminars in more countries!

Knowing the methods by which they could eliminate me, I decided to talk about them on youtube! The information from the Georgians informed me that a request for arrest has come to me and that they will have to arrest me!

Although in Georgia I was 9 months old and the last time I was Romania was 12 months ago 2016! I bought a Kutaisi-Munich ticket on July 22, and I announced it at the end of June! Georgia is an Orthodox Christian country.

Hearing an oligarch from Georgia! The Chamberlain’s stupidity was that they blamed me for working in Interpol, they were so convincing that border police believed them! And I did not even deny it! They probably wanted to demonstrate to the participants that I am not a human rights activist and I am a police officer on duty! I bought a Kutaisi-London ticket in early July and the same day we left Georgia! I was greeted with respect by the Border Police with a salute specific to the profession! I admit that I have lied many times and besides all this I am also an Orthodox Christian.

But why do I have to tell them the truth of some people who want to destroy me, I do not want to ease their lives! I’ll lie 24/24 hours to these people until they leave me alone! Why I have to do free analysis on what occasion. Until my arrival in London I’m trying to hide or stay away doing my best to see me! I stayed for two days in London in two different airports, and the reaction I was expecting from the Chamberlain was at hand! The Londoners, especially the employees, wondered: what the hell did you do, they hate you so much! What have you done wrong? But we will find out very quickly!

From London I went to Aarhus (Denmark) from Aarhus to Copenhagen (here I was only 6 hours) was an attempt to steal my bag, but I recovered it very quickly! And at 6 am I left Bla Bla Car to Hamburg where the G20 summit took place, I only stayed for 2 hours, after which I took the Hamburg-Berlin-Frankfurt train! I crossed the border of Poland through Slubice where a cycling contest took place!

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