what will do the FSB network from Moldova and Romania after I published the book?
Any information that appears on another site, including such as discussions with me but without video and these discussions on the phone that do not appear on my site but appear on other social networks, this means that those discussions are fake and are made by the network FSB from Moldova and Romania!
the official information about me is only on my websites!
if I give an interview, that interview will also appear on my social networks! don’t be misled by the FSB network from Moldova and Romania!
from the beginning of this video to the end of this video you will see my social networks! those who want to publish information about me, must indicate all my social networks!
Update August 12, 2023
it is already obvious that the Americans do not want the truth to be known because Americans, Poles, Romanians and Moldovans will end up in prison for espionage in favor of the Russians! I am coming again with the same initiative to pass the polygraph test in any EU member country, and all NATO ambassadors and military attachés must be good! it is enough to have 3 foreign ambassadors or NATO member military attachés! the Americans still want to earn money and be promoted in their career with the help of the Russians and still hope that the FSB network in Moldova and Romania will destroy me!
Update August 4, 2023
what will the FSB network from Moldova and Romania do after I published the book?
they will continue to lie and do everything possible to save the FSB network in Poland and America!
The publication of the book will change something!
Obviously yes! Everyone will know the truth! They will all know his strategies and their chances of following me and not being sanctioned / arrested for espionage no matter what pretext they find are next to zero!
obviously they will do anything to follow me but it’s clear when I say about all of them! without exception! if he is Moldovan or Romanian, it means he works for the Russians!
will they accuse me of being a Turkish or Russian spy or some other intelligence service: obviously yes and every time they accuse me as many times as I am available to pass the polygraph test and as many times, they will dodge and find excuses not to pass the polygraph test. because they are afraid!
and a very important thing! it’s not by chance that I published the links to my social networks on the cover of the book! if you find information about me on other sites and you don’t find it on my website or my social networks, it means that those social networks belong to the FSB network in Moldova and Romania
publishing the book only on Amazon and LuLu is an important but not decisive step and for the same reason that: the Americans stole my money from the sale of the book, I sent this book for free to more than 2000 diplomats, deputies. such as the accredited embassies in Canada, Poland, Switzerland, of MEPs and deputies from the national parliaments of Norway, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, France!
Update August 7, 2023
will the FSB network in Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA admit/ recognize that they are Russian spies?
obviously not! they will lie again and say that this is the plan, that I paid Andrei Plop and signed a contract, which is obviously false, that no one paid me and that no one has my consent to film or record me!
and when I say no one, I mean no one and I will share this text every day, and I will not give up the fight until I see the entire FSB network shut down! I have stated several times that I have no friends in Moldova and Romania! I explained why! and also the information that appears on other sites about me and does not appear on my sites, this means that those sites, social networks belong to the FSB network from Moldova Romania Poland and the USA!
I studied at three universities (one university in Moldova and two universities in Romania) with the aim of one day returning to Moldova and applying all the knowledge I have acquired!
I was pro-American and obviously I wanted Moldova to integrate into the EU, but if I get involved in politics, I will receive knives in the back from the FSB network in Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA!
If I had only the Russian Federation as an enemy, then I would have gotten involved in politics, but I have to fight with the entire FSB network in these countries, to which Germany is also added, another faithful ally of the Russians and the voice of Gazprom in the European Union !
From autumn I will start a master’s program in French at a university in Bulgaria and all I want is that the Bulgarians do not receive bribes from the FSB network! if even after I have written the second book there will be idiots who want to collaborate with the FSB network in Moldova, then it means that I have to go to another level of struggle! i will go out in press conferences and talk about idiots taking bribes from russians!
Update August 8, 2023
I am almost sure that the FSB network in Moldova will try to arrest me until September 28, 2023 and also the FSB network in America will try to block me on social networks like Facebook!
my YouTube channels have been blocked, my LinkedIn channel is also blocked and Facebook remains!
they did the same in 2017!
the FSB network from Moldova saves the Americans and the FSB network from America saves them the FSB network from Moldova Romania and Poland!
Those who will give the order to arrest me and those who will arrest me will be part of the FSB network from Moldova!
it’s the FSB’s last chance to arrest me! their spy network is discovered and all those who followed me in Georgia, Poland and Canada are part of the FSB network (all without exception) and also those who allowed me to be filmed, recorded especially when I was an applicant of asylum in Poland or Canada!
I will share every day and the FSB network has no more solutions and no chance! because they are totally discovered!
Update August 9, 2023
the FSB network from Moldova, Romania, Poland and the USA have been discovered and now they have no other solution but to shut me down on September 28, 2023! to put me in jail they need corrupt cops and corrupt prosecutors and also a corrupt judge! one out of two police officers is corrupt and the same situation is at the prosecutor’s office and with the judges in Moldova!
to find corrupt policemen, corrupt prosecutors and corrupt judges is really not a problem in Moldova! the order will come from the highest level to the policemen and prosecutors and judges who will carry out the mission to arrest me! they will arrest me and they will also create the impression that they want to help me so that they will not be suspected by the international community of being spies!
they do the same as Hitler! after Hitler gave the order to kill General Rommel, Hitler also organized the funeral of this general and blamed his enemies for the general’s death! after I will be arrested, they, the FSB network from Moldova will organize a suicide in the prison where I will be and they will blame that I was weak in character and they will invent all kinds of situations and create the impression that they are wanted to help me!
those who will arrest me and those who will give the order to lock me up will be part of the FSB network from Moldova! the FSB network in Poland Romania and America is in danger and for that they will do everything possible to have me imprisoned and killed!
Update August 10, 2023
the nazi experiments are still going on! the Americans help the Russians and the Russians help the FSB network in America, Moldova, Romania and Poland!
The Americans still want to earn money and be promoted in their career with the help of the Russians, and the FSB network from Moldova, Romania and Poland will go all the way, including the liquidation of inconvenient people! when it comes to a network, for example, only in Moldova, it is easier to discover and destroy, but the Russians understood that their network becomes stronger if their spy agency in Poland unites with those in Romania and America, and any attempt to have discover and destroy is minimal! that’s why they aggressively continue to carry their plans forward and when I mean aggressive ways I mean rape of women, torture, liquidation of people, abuse of office and falsification of evidence on file!
FSB network use all methods to liquidate their enemies! if they’ve pathetically killed presidents, you think they can’t get away with a blogger!
the information that I have published in this article is current!
I am already 34 years old and I was not married, obviously not divorced! I have no children! In this article I will write about women and about the strategies of Russians to recruit girls that I want to meet or discredit me in front of these girls!
If there is a Polish girl, a Romanian girl or a Moldovan girl who will tell you that I have children or that we are engaged, you should know that they are lying! I will never marry a Moldovan, Romanian or Polish woman and if SHE tell these lies it means that she was paid to say something like that or she works for intelligence!
I’m not engaged and now I don’t have a girlfriend!
even if these girls from these countries are beautiful: I will never marry a girl whose country was part of the USSR or the organization of the Warsaw Treaty!
even if some of these countries are NATO members, the Russians almost completely control the intelligence services such as the Polish or Romanian ones!
Poles, Romanians and Moldavians you will not escape from prison!!! it’s my way of protesting.
I am not a member of any organization, that no one has the right to record, film, speak on my behalf or my signature and any person (and when I say any person I mean everyone without exception) who says otherwise or who will follow me, must be arrested immediately for espionage in favor of Russia!
– If someone tells you that we are relatives, that we are friends or that we know each other and that he has the right to register me, to speak on my behalf, to sign, that I said so, that this is the plan, Please remember that person is a Russian spy, it doesn’t matter if he is a relative or a friend or if he will show you pictures together or if he will tell you that it is about another person and not about him and also his nationality does not matter, You should know that he is a Russian spy! because no one has my consent to register, film or sign on my behalf!
I, Plop Andrei, am not a rapist, I am not gay, I am not a terrorist, I’m not a pedophile I am not a spy, and I have never worked for any institution in Romania or Moldova. I’m not paranoid, drug addict, communist, I don’t even smoke cigarettes and those who will blame me or arrest me for some previously mentioned actions, you know that they are Russian spies! The Russians are corrupting most of my friends, family members, they have discredited me and will continue to discredit me and now they just have to arrest or kill me.

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