I will continue to inform the international community about the corruption and the Nazi experiments made by the #Poles in the refugee camps!
and I like such answers as the #Danes! it’s an information from me to let the international community know about these crimes!
so far we have informed more than 600 accredited ambassadors in Canada, Poland, Switzerland and Moldova as well as MEPs from the European Union!
now I have started to inform the deputies from the national parliaments such as: #Denmark, #France, the #Netherlands, #Sweden and I will continue with all the deputies from the national parliaments in the #EuropeanUnion!
if those who did Nazi experiments think they will escape, they are wrong!
the day will come when you will be imprisoned for the rest of your life together with Americans, Moldovans, Romanians and it will also be known about the money received from the Russians!
those from the General Prosecutor’s Office in Canada as well as CSIS should know that this copy is sent in original to all 600 ambassadors and deputies of the European Union Parliament and it is also sent to all deputies of the national parliaments of the European Union!
you are complicit in Nazi experiments and corruption!!!!!!

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